4 comments on “How the Rise of the Manosphere Ruined Dating for Millennials

  1. Dude…I started reading this and realized it’s too long for me to finish in the time I allotted for it, 🤣. Consider breaking posts into parts of 1500 words.

    That said, before I go off to teach young minds (I’ll have to finish this later), I want to say I appreciate that you included this:

    Think about your female friends, cousins, sisters, co-workers, are any of them like the ones you see in these videos?”

    The answer is no.

    The real world is a much better place to gauge reality. Yes, western women in aggregate are mostly a major project, but not all.

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  2. Good stuff Rock.

    Not long after Dalrock opened shop around 2010 the PUAs and Gamesters showed up, selling their ‘expertise’ and personality-cult wares. It was obvious to me that these men were — and are — a direct threat to the young, inexperienced men they target with their sales pitches. And that they diluted the very important messages that Dalrock and certain commenters were delivering.

    The gang always shouted-down my objections . . . rather like a screeching group of pussy-hat wearing fembots. Many of these people were Dalrock’s buddies, and darned if they didn’t rage at me and seek to injure or dox me at every opportunity . . . right up ’til the place closed a few years back. lol!

    I pointed out, repeatedly, that Scripture prohibits promiscuity, and that by selling their silly Game Techniques and negs and frame and all the rest of the adolescent lingo, they were misleading young men, and deepening the strangle-hold that Institutional Feminism already had over the West. The highly sexualized society is, always and everywhere, a highly gynocentric and gynocratic society.

    I tried to argue that the way to real development for young men is gradual self-improvement (spiritually and otherwise), making incremental accomplishments, and by that method females being attracted to you will occur automatically by your late-twenties or early-thirties. Then you will never have to consult the Game Guides or Game Gurus again. Your confidence, including confidence before females, will be internal and will never need pick-up ‘secrets’ and expensive ‘dating coaches.

    Didn’t have any luck with my POV but I did my duty to my brothers by telling them the truth. And as I expected, the manosphere soon exploded with every type of game grifter, personality guru, and poseur on the planet. As a result, now it is VERY difficult to steer boys and young men away from the ubiquitous Andrew Tate types, who seem so macho and cool to young doods.

    The elites and the gynocracy ended up getting exactly what they desired, which is a fractured manosphere, teeming with narcissistic idiots and hucksters, while the profitable advice available from the Holy Book is ignored. I am glad to see you working diligently to rectify that error.

    It is true that not every woman is an Abortion Enthusiast, yet it is likewise true that the vast majority of anglo-nation females are feminists . . . no matter if they claim otherwise. I no longer counsel young men to get married in anglo nations, not even marriage before God, because although you may ‘find the right woman’, you are still going to be subject to her will, because you live in a satanic gynocracy that is not going away until Parousia. I know a lot about the civil, criminal, and family court systems in America, and they are feminist to the core.

    Also, I must disagree with your assertion that ‘some single mothers do a great job raising their sons’. Women cannot raise boys into being complete men. It takes a man to make another man. Single motherhood is evil, and in the Millennial Kingdom, it will be almost unknown for a woman to be ‘independent’ and not under the direct authority of a man — whether husband, dad, family member or otherwise. Likewise, Christ will look VERY dimly on any boy who is being raised without his dad or, if dad is not present, by another trusted male authority. To put it mildly, the King is not a fan of single motherhood, nor of the Western gynocracies in general. To say the very least.

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  3. Lol, I couldn’t finish reading the whole thing, either, Rock, but I read a good deal of it. I do like what you said about men who “put pressure on good decent women. Fellas…this is where we should be leading.” I have thought for a long time that the dating “tradition” of the man trying to get as far as he can and its being up to the woman to stop him is so wrong, not just because of the immoral activity, but because it makes women responsible for setting the boundaries, and as you say, the men are the ones who should be the spiritual leaders.

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