Godly Men Don’t Care About Money

Last month, I read an article where men were blamed for the decline of the marriage rate. Aside from the plethora of reasons raised over the past five years about how horrible we men are, this one had me taken aback…The complaint of the day is that “Men are not economically attractive.”

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Godly Men Don’t Care About Money – A Theocratic Essay
By Rock Kitaro
Date – October 14th, 2019

And I know what you’re thinking…

“There are rich, Godly men out here. I’m Christian, and I care about money. I’m God-fearing and I care about money, so what’s good?”

Don’t worry. I’m going to get into it. We live in a society. We all need money to live comfortably. However, I encourage you to consider Proverbs 30: 8-9, and then watch this video to see what I’m talking about.

It really does make me smirk because I get it. If you’re a woman, you have every right to seek men of equal or greater economic value. Everyone has a right to their sexual preference. Go for it. Why not?

Just one question though…if you’re one of those women who were taught to put so much emphasis on your education to get that high paying job, then you battled it out for years to attain said job, and now you’re out here making that high five-figure or even a six-figure salary…what are the odds of you actually finding someone of equal or greater economic value…who also happens to be single, of good moral fortitude, and interested in someone like you? I say that with affection, I assure you. I’ve had to ask myself the same questions, given my own circumstances.

“Yeah? Well, maybe men simply need to get right. Men need to step it up.”

“Why should they?”

Honestly, if a man is loving life with his 40k salary, why should he “step it up” to make himself have equal or greater value just because someone else seems to care more about having a higher salary than him? Even when I was 27, my ex would constantly be on me to apply for other jobs in my company because they paid more. And when I’d tell her, “No, I love what I’m doing. I don’t think I’d be happy with those role.” she’d seem disappointed.

Well, Rock. Maybe she’s thinking about a family and knows that you’ll need as much money as you can to raise them!

That’s a valid argument. Truly, it is. I don’t blame her for making those kind suggestions when it came to my career growth. In fact, my own parents will tell you that it’s been my philosophy to work as hard as I could in my 20s to create a stable financial foundation for my future family…

But a lots changed in the past five years. My priorities have shifted. I picked up the Bible and cultivated a strong relationship with God. I learned the Truth that I feel compelled to share with you. But first things first…I got to get you thinking. If you’re not used to thinking, it’s alright. Take your time. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you’ve been told your whole life what to think and how to think it. Baby steps. You’re reading the words of a rebel, the path I walk is narrow.

Have you ever stopped to consider why you’re doing anything that you’re doing? What’s the point? What are you getting in return? Why put yourself through such an ordeal? For what? I get that sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do in order to succeed, but is it worth your peace and happiness? You only get 60-80 years and that’s it. We’re only tenants on this earth. When we die, we take nothing with us, except the deeds by which we will all be judged.

What I think it boils down to, is that women like the ones addressed in that video, are disappointed not because men are “poorer,” but because men don’t value the same things the women value. This should make sense because men and women are different, but alas…this is the reality the mainstream media is trying so hard to deny. And if they’re wrong about this…what else are they wrong about? If they’re wrong, then who’s right?

I’m calling this a “theocratic essay,” because the logic I’m about to expound on comes from the Christian values. It took me two years to read the Bible in its entirety, and I’m in the middle of the MacArthur Study Bible, just finished Matthew, about to get into Mark.

When asked the question, “Why should we?” I think we all know the essential answers, right? By “essential,” I’m talking about the bare root of what we’re all looking for. Everything else may or may not come along with it, but essentially, we’re all looking for love and companionship. But from who? What kind of person are we looking to attract and marry?

Depending on who you are, the answer to “Why should we?” could range from answers including:

“That’s how you pull the hottest female.”

“Women need to be entertained.”

“Women are taught to seek the highest value male”

“All women are looking for money, status, and resources. That’s hypergamy.”

I’m not a woman. But logic and observation tells me there’s some slivers of truth in all those answers. Forgive me if I am wrong.


And it makes sense. This isn’t to knock women. The truth is, for generations, it was the duty of a man to protect and provide for women, for his family. For generations, women typically chose men who possessed qualities of doing just that.

And it’s not just humans. Nearly all creatures on this planet with the instinct to procreate have possessed this intuition to seek out a mate who will give their offspring the best chances of survival. Lions, bulls, bears, even whales. Fast forward 2,000 years and we’ve entered the age of technology…where bravery and brawn isn’t needed so much anymore.

Now, it seems brains is more important… And this isn’t to complain. But rather, to point out how it’s stripped away a man’s opportunity to display those masculine utilitarian qualities they once demonstrated on a daily basis.

So then, how is a woman to choose the right mate? If strength and courage no longer matters, it only makes sense that they’ll seek the ones with the higher status, money, and resources, no?

I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. Because while I’ve heard that said, I’ve also seen beautiful women shack up with some of the most broke-ass thugs I’ve ever met. It doesn’t make sense. Thus, I do what other men do. Sit back and listen. Observe. Respect. And by “respect,” I mean that I acknowledge the power a woman truly has. Just because they aren’t aware of their power, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Just recently, there was an interview where K. Michelle was talking about how all men are bad people. In the interview, there’s a guy talking about how women know how to manipulate and it was argued that, “No they don’t. It’s just that men want to have sex with them.”

…Yes, that’s correct…That’s how manipulation works. Anytime someone has something you want and they can give, they possess the ability to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do. Even if it’s as innocuous as a smile. If a man’s into you, seeing you smile is a simple, lovely reward for making you happy. Again, this isn’t to complain. One can make the argument that employers are out here manipulating employees for the reward of a paycheck, and they’d have a valid argument. But I opine that it’s only manipulation when the person’s acutely aware of what they’re doing.

The point here is power. Employers have a degree of power over their employees. Men have power over women when a woman has to rely on them for food, shelter, or transportation. And women have a degree of power over the men who love and want to have sex with them. It would be wise to respect this. And so I do.

However…there’s a difference between me and most men. As much as I love women…And I really do believe they are the most beautiful creation on earth. I credit them with inspiring me to lose 178lbs, I credit them with motivating me to join other things like boxing and wing chun, and I credit one woman in particular for being the perpetual fire in my heart, spurring me to write numerous books and expand my horizon as a writer…

As much as I love women…I love God more.

In my “Paramour” story, I wrote… “If it is true that women rule the world…it’s because men have come to love them more than they love God.”

That, on its face, sounds like a controversial statement. But should it be? When I was growing up, I never understood the concept of “putting God first”. GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY, was the motto in the South where I was mostly raised in a military family. God comes first. How? Why?

Even in my college years, I confess, a deep resentment swelled in my heart when a family member was “disfellowshipped” by other members of the family because he committed a gross sin in the eyes of their religion. I thought to myself… “But still! He’s family. What the hell kind of religion is this where we’d put the organization over our own flesh and blood!”

The fury was real. But still…my fury wasn’t with God, but the religion. I’ve long since come to have a better understanding of that religion, and even the one who was disfellowship took ownership of his error and persuaded me not to hold it against them. As you might have guessed, I’m talking about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

And while I’m not a baptized Jehovah’s Witness, I am a devoted Christian. The foundation was embedded in my heart at a young age and even though I wandered aimlessly with no direction, refusing to pray or even touch the Bible for a number of years, I never turned my back on God. I resisted temptation and opportunities that would have led me down irreparable paths. I maintained my virginity, refrained from letting my temper get the best of me, and declined to join another religion that I felt was guilty of idolatry.

I did all of that before I even picked up the Bible to read it for myself. But when I did…everything started to make sense. People like to say that religion and logic don’t make mix, but that’s because they don’t know any better. That’s not to sound condescending, but truly, if all you’ve got to go on is what someone else has told you when the source is right there, free for you to read for yourself…

It is a blessing to know God’s grace because it makes living in this world more bearable. I know what’s happening. Why it’s happening. And I know what’s going to happen. All I have to do is endure, remain faithful to the end and do my best in this politically correct world to be a fruitful and productive tree, spreading what I know to others in an attempt to save them the way I was saved. Thus…I write essays.

“If it is true that women rule the world…it’s because men have come to love them more than they love God.”

I’m conflating Feminism to the Breakdown of the family unit because I genuinely believe the two are linked. Men are meant to be the head of the households. This link is a whole page of Biblical scriptures that prove how God feels about the roles men and women should have in a relationship. We are charged with honoring our wives, protecting and providing for our families, steering our children in the right direction. Wives are to submit to their husbands.

All of that sounds archaic doesn’t it. A bit quaint and old-fashioned. Ew! Submit?! I don’t know about that one…

Such thoughts are frowned upon and the hypocrisy would be funny if it wasn’t’ so sad. In that K.Michelle video, she declares @4:14, “This submission stuff, I’m not submitting to nothing but my bag, and my kids, and my career!”

Then in the same video, when confronted with the question of “Why would I marry you” @9:05, she goes on to say, “You supposed to be the head of the household, you supposed to be the head of everything, you supposed to be the head of a relationship, how can I do anything to you to make you not stand on your own two feet to have my back.”

Now, I don’t think for one second that K. Michelle represents the majority of what women are thinking. Just want to make that clear right now. But rather, the point I’m getting at, is that I believe a lot of women are looking for men of Godly qualities…meaning a man who’s striving to do what’s good in God’s eyes to the best of their abilities.

We as imperfect humans will fail time and time again, but that “shame” that society’s trying so hard to love and embrace as “positivity,” Godly men are taught to use it as a humiliation tool to improve from our mistakes. Thus, I believe women are looking for a man who has a strong code of ethics.

Which code of ethics? Some are looking for the ones who adhere to the Leftist code of Political Correctness, that much is obvious. However, inevitably, I believe that as much as they talk about equality and the abolition of old Judeo-Christian traditionalism…that’s still exactly the kind of men a lot of women are looking for.

The problem is, they’re unaware that they’re even searching for this kind of man. I know that’s a lot of presumption on my part, but like I said…the best I can do is listen and observe. The K. Michelle video aside, Medium.com is chalk full of articles where women are all basically saying the same thing. Oxymorons. For instance, K. Michelle claim she won’t submit to anything, yet believes a man should be the head of the household. How is a man to lead if his wife won’t submit to his leadership? Or a woman who says she wants a wealthy financially successful guy but also doesn’t want him to be obsessed with work. How do they expect to find a man who’s rich, if he isn’t working long hard hours to attain his wealth?

I’ve even read where some women claim they want children, but they don’t want to be a mother. I was like…dude, what!? Things are getting out of hand, because she must have had over a hundred comments where others were agreeing with her.

The reason why I wrote, “If it is true that women rule the world…it’s because men have come to love them more than they love God.” is because unfortunately, this is what happened with the breakdown of Judeo-Christian values in this country. You hear it more and more, God has no place in politics. God has no place in the classroom. God has no place here or here.

That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve heard. How are we going to tell the one who created everything that there’s no place for him in it? The Bible explains time and time again that if you listen and obey the Word, good things will happen for you…but if you disobey and do what you want, bad things will happen.

Adam and Eve are a classic example of this. They were told not to eat from the Tree of Life. Satan deceived Eve and Eve convinced Adam to eat from the tree.

I know it might sound like I’m picking on women, please believe me when I say I’m not. Men are just as culpable. Just like when Adam was faced with the decision to believe Eve or obey God, we’re constantly faced with similar decisions every day. And when we stand before God on judgment day, Romans Chapter 14 tells us that we well will be judged for our own convictions as individuals.

If we were fooled or misled, we are still responsible. Because if we put God first, if we put our love and fear of God before the love of pleasing humans here on Earth, we wouldn’t have been fooled and we wouldn’t have disobeyed. This isn’t just about being “misled” by women, but even other so-called spiritual leaders, whether its David Koresh or Jim Jones.

I used to feel bad for those who were misled until I read the Book of Jeremiah again and learned that it was by the people’s own wickedness that they allowed themselves to be misled. Meaning, they were enticed by what they heard. And the only way to be enticed is to have heart of wicked leanings to begin with.

Which brings me to the title of this here essay. Trust me, it all comes round. The marriage decline is blamed on men for not being economically attractive. And by economically attractive, this means that they’re not of equal or greater financial value with the women who are looking for suitors to get married.

The irony here is that these are the same ones pushing for equality and the abolition of traditional values, such as men are to be the head of the household, honoring their wives, whereas it’s the role of a wife to submit to her husband. This is what we as good Christian men are taught.

However…nowhere in the Bible does it say we should place such a high value on riches and material wealth. Instead, Jesus tells us to store up our treasures in Heaven. He tells us, to give up our earthly possessions to follow him. He preached a life of modesty, of service.

Even in the Old Testament Proverbs 30: 7-9 talks about how we shouldn’t want riches or poverty, the extremes of either. If we get too rich, we may be tempted to stop depending on God. If we get too por, we could be led to stealing and profaning the name of God…like looters and hood gangstas who profess they love Jesus but they’re robbing their neighbors to provide for they kids.

Even aside from what the Bible teaches…thankfully I am a man who’s blessed with no desire for material things. I don’t care to pop bottles or go on exotic vacations or ride around in fancy cars…I like to work. I’m addicted to production and I get my high off of accomplishments. God knows I work my butt off to attain what I have. Nothing was ever handed to me. And I like it that way. If I won the lottery tomorrow with the purchase of a single ticket, I’d give 90% of it away. Why? Because in Matthew 10:8, Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely you shall give.”

I’m not perfect. I have my flaws like any other man, so I’m not trying to sit here and convey that I’m holier than thou. How could I possibly know that? Instead, what I am saying…is that Godly men don’t care that much about money. It’s nice to have, yes. We should provide for ourselves and our family, yes. But to work so hard and attain it for excess and extravagance is going too far.

I would say, “if that’s what you want to do, go for it. To each his own…” Instead, I’d encourage you to think, “What does God want you to do?”

That’s what it means to put him first, to consider him in all aspects, every major decision of our lives. Enjoy life, yes. We’re taught that the fruit of our labor is our reward. And even in Proverbs it says, “Diligent hands create riches, idle hands create poverty.” But money shouldn’t be our everything…

So in conclusion…if you’re a woman who’s worked hard to get where you’re at with your Ph.D and high salary…all power to you. Congratulations, I know it was no easy feat. But if you’re looking for a man of equal or higher status while possessing the qualities of a Christian…I’m not going to say he doesn’t exist, because there are a lot of successful Christian brothers out here…

Let me put it this way…currently, there is a woman I know who’s gorgeous, worked hard to get her Ph.D, and she probably makes more money than me…that doesn’t mean I as a man can’t or won’t be the provider. Nor does her having more money than me mean that she is now the head of the household and I will be submissive to her. But if we’re to follow the Bible principles as best as we can, she’d acknowledge me as the head and I will honor her as my wife. Her making more money than me won’t change that. It could, if I let it. But I won’t. And if she tries, she won’t be my wife. I’d have spotted that during the dating period.

And I know…this all sounds like some naïve, simple, blue-pilled nonsense to the uninitiated. It sounds like I’m setting myself to be taken advantage of and taken to the cleaners in an inevitable divorce. But my faith is strong. When I pray, I always include, “God, let your will be done.” I could be wrong about everything in this essay. But no matter what, I know the future is in his hands.

Instead of worrying about controlling others or worrying about what I don’t have, I smile, comforted by the fact that I know…I’m doing my very best to please God first. And if my wife’s a strong Christian, she’ll value that about me so much so that money and material things won’t even matter.

If the two of us crash landed on a remote island with nothing but the two of us…we’d be alright for years until we were rescued, enjoying each other’s company, working it out through thick and thin with an optimistic attitude that all’s going according to God’s plan.

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