2 comments on “She Hates You, Because She Likes You – A Romantic Theory

  1. Just the concept that a person might think you are out of their league (in any way) so the only way to be connected is to be irritating to you, or negative, really made me think. I can’t imagine myself being out of anyone’s league! Yet, this potentially explains a lot…both on my end and theirs!


  2. I have said it before and I will repeat it until I die to anyone who asks. No one has to love anyone. No one has to respect anyone, either. It is not love that is hurt when we are not loved by someone we do not really know. It is ego. We wonder why we are not “good enough” and vilify them instead of granting the other person the right to be an individual of free choice who is not a bad person for their lack of love of us. Great post.


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