The Boys from Racetrack Road

The Boys from Racetrack Road – Episode 1

In our first episode…

we’re introduced to the world of Maxwell Blaz. It isn’t an easy one, and right from the get-go he’s put in a risky race through a suburban neighborhood. Consequently his skills catches the eyes of Mirror, the vice-head of the Bronze Tigers race team. In dealing with his friends and time-consuming sisters, Max has his hands full on Good Friday and the night hasn’t even started yet.

Act 1 – A Little Humility

Act 2 – Casa De Gallagher

Act 3 – Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

Episode 2 – Coming Soon

In the upcoming episode, Max begins his Friday night shift at the Pizza Shack and the fun begins. Joined with his delivery/racing buddies Eric and Robbie, a competition ensues for who can collect the most tips. Add that with the non-stop bickering between shift leaders Jon and Chris and you have your typical night working for a pizza delivery joint. Then of course there’s Mirror. Completely captivated by Max’s reckless driving skills, Mirror’s determined to see for himself if Max’s previous win was a fluke or something more…

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