Race Track Road Characters

“The Boys from Race Track Road” Character Bios

Potential Theme – “Mixture” by Dragon Ash

Corbin Blue as Maxwell Blaz

Maxwell Blaz – 19 years old, potential cast, Corbin Bleu

Max has been driving since he was 10 and delivering pizza since he was 15. His father was an auto mechanic and watching his older brother street race got Max hooked into driving at an early age. Max drives a customized 99 Alero that he calls “Berserk. His own nickname is “the Jedi” due to his quick thinking and natural feel of the road. He has an extreme awareness of his surroundings on the road and knows just when to let off the gas and let momentum do the work for him. With a number of his wins, he’s often been accused of cheating. But its not cheating. Max is just too clever for his own good. He obeys the agreed upon rules of the race but almost always finds a way to win, even if that does mean blowing out his own tires or kicking out a seat in midrace just to reduce weight.

Max has always been a charismatic smart-ass who likes to act arrogant especially when he feels that people expect him to be. He has quirky habit of dramatically overstressing about problems that haven’t even happened yet, but when he’s under pressure, Max has nerves of steel. He revels in pressure. The more challenging the obstacle, the better. And even though, Max pretends to have an overinflated ego, his friends know him better than that. He cares about others, even those he’s met for the first time. And letting down his friends is a huge taboo for Maxwell Blaz. Whoever so believeth in him, shall not be disappointed. Threats and others doubting him is what he hates the most. Anyone who looks down on him, Max instantly targets as an enemy and goes to great extents to prove himself. Anyone who threatens him is promptly asked to put up or shut up. Max just isn’t the type to back down unless its extremely beneficial for him to do so.

T.O.P as Mirror Murata

Ken (Mirror) Murata –  20, Potential cast, Choi Seung-hyun, T.O.P

Mirror is the vice-president of a Tampa based race team called the “Bronze Tigers”. A high-school drop out despite his immense intelligence, Mirror works as an assistant manager in an auto-shop during the day and acts as promotional street racer during the night. Losing his parents at an early age, Mirror is a level-headed positive person in front of his baby sister. There’s not many buttons that can piss Mirror off, but one of those buttons is mispronouncing his name. Mirror’s always hated the name Ken due to its Barbie reference, and when he has to clarify his name multiple times for someone to get it right, it comically sends him over the edge.

Mirror drives a black and silver Nissan Skyline and usually wears apparel to match its color. Mirror is one of the best street racers in the city but his world changes when he sees Max in action. Ever since then, Mirror’s tried to involve Max in the Bronze Tiger’s activities much to the dismay of both Amy and Mirror’s cousin, Saito.

Alexis Bledel as Amy Ennis

Amy Ennis  – 19 years old. Potential cast, Alexis Bledel

Amy is a Goth girl in appearance, but actually appears that way just for the style, music and attitude that comes along with it. Amy and Max met in second grade and knows him better than anyone. She was always treated like an outcast for her appearance and ridiculous habit of pulling a switchblade, but Max never minded any of that. And even though Amy usually pretends to be annoyed by Max’s reckless tendency to go all out just to prove a point, she knows that there’s no one on earth has more of her respect.

Amy aspires to be a criminal defense attorney and is always surprising her friends with unheard of state statutes and legal regulations. Max constantly gives her a hard time that she’ll one day have to shred that Goth appearance, and she knows it. Amy has a very fearless personality and won’t hesitate to pull out her switchblade on any conceivable threat. While Chris acts as Max’s manager, Amy acts as Max’s guardian. She constantly bumps heads with Chris over what they think is best for him, often putting Max in the middle to chose between them.

Melissa Molinaro as Camille

Camille Gallagher – 18 years old, potential cast, Melissa Molinaro

Blessed with popularity and ridiculously gorgeous looks, Camille is a future basketball player’s wife and the oldest of Max’s half-sisters. Now a senior in high school, Camille is a constant thorn in Max’s side. She jumps at any chance to blackmail him, usually forcing Max to keep all of Camille’s dastardly deeds to himself. Everyone in the subdivision knows about Camille and Marisa, and Max’s gotten into several fights with suitors acting too big and brody and refusing to believe that she is his sister. Camille’s yet to distinguish between love and lust, a folly that leads her heading down a path of after-parties and local celebrities unless Max has anything to say about it.

Seychelle Gabriel as Marisa

Marisa Gallagher – 17 years old, potential cast, Seychelle Gabriel

Like her older sister, Marisa is also blessed with popularity and good looks. Unlike Camille however, Marisa is more of a follower, listening to Camille and coming along for the ride. Marisa has a good heart and usually falls for the weird lonesome ambitious types more so than the flashy model playboys. But being a good sister however, Marisa acts as Camille’s perfect wingman and is always there to help her out.

Parker Posey as Angie

Angie Gallagher – 15 years old, potential cast, Parker Posey

Angie is the youngest of Max’s half-sisters and the jewel in his life. If guys wanted to go out with Camille and Marisa, Max would be like “Best of luck to ya, pal.” But when Angie enters as a high school freshman and the boys come running, they stop when they see Max, Eric and Robbie. Angie is the innocent smart girl type who shares Max’s penchant for smartass quips. Angie’s also a tennis player and she loves listening to k-pop music. She’s a whiz kid with online forums and the internet, often providing Max with research that Amy isn’t able to dig up.

Chris Meister – 23 years old, potential cast, my good friend Chris Vickery

Chris is a college drop-out working as an assistant manager for Pizza Shack amongst his array of many odd-ball jobs to support his mother. Chris speaks and acts like a country-bumpkin but he’s not. He’s a jolly young adult who’s quite knowledgeable about the most trivial topics. If it involves th pursuit of money or women, Chris is full steam ahead.

Chris and Max have been best friend since Max has been delivering for Pizza Shack. Chris admires how good-natured Max is for his age and genuinely wants to see him succeed more than anything. Chris acts as Max’s manager in a lot of situations, but mostly gets Max into holes that he has to dig himself out of. In the end, Max never resents Chris because he usually learns something valuable from each of those tribulations.

Robbie Reynosa –  24 years old, potential cast, football player, Maurkice Pauncey

Robbie is one of Max’s friends, fellow street racer and pizza delivery driver at the Pizza Shack. Tatted from his arms to his back, Robbie has a laid back easy going attitude but hustles at a comedic pace when shit hits the fan. Despite his large size and intimidating appearance, Robbie is very sociable and tolerating. He has over six girlfriends in which none of them knows he’s cheating on them. Robbie is just as clever with his sarcasm as Max, but more subtle in nature. Dependable is what Robbie is.

Robbie drives a tan suited Honda Civic built and his expertise is in drifting. He’s the youngest of four big muscular brothers and three saucy sisters. Needless to say, his whole family is a memorable cast who deserve their own little sitcom.

Eric Kennedy 19 years old, potential cast, Ryan Scheckler

Eric is one of Max’s friends, fellow street racer and pizza delivery driver at the Pizza Shack. Eric has his diploma but has no desire for higher education. Eric has a very outgoing, go-getting personality who always finds the humor in even the most tragic and grave situations. He’s a drummer in a punk rock band and has high hopes of making it big.

Eric drives a customized gold and black Mustang with neon lights and is a demon on straight-aways. Even Max has trouble keeping up with him on a straight downward slope. Eric has his own circle of friends outside the Pizza Shack circle, but Pizza Shack takes priority. Whenever Max or Robbie need anything, whenever they need any additional help, Eric’s band mates and groupies are always there to help them out as an “ace in the hole”.

Sam Lee as Hagrid

Hagrid Tsu – 21, potential cast, Sam Lee

A tattooed spectacled geek with a fearless mouth and a one of a kind attitude, Hagrid is Mirror’s childhood friend and acts as a sidekick, often providing the dialogue that Mirror would say but doesn’t. Hagrid has terrible racing skills but is a genius mechanic. He’s able to observe and point out the flaws in others with ease…Everyone hates him for it, because nine times out of ten, he’s right.

Michael Ealy as Jason Blaz

Jason Blaz – 28 years old, potential cast, Michael Ealy

If Maxwell is “The Jedi” then Jason is “the Sith”. Jason is Max’s older brother. When their parents divorced, the father took custody of Jason while Max stayed with the mother. Although the brothers didn’t live together, they grew up together, constantly visiting one another. Jason was a popular jock in school, but with low grades and a fiery temper. That temper cost him a scholarship when he nearly killed a teammate who raped his girlfriend.

Bitter at the time of his graduation, Jason created his own street racing gang and built a respected reputation amongst other street races. He became well known and feared for his reckless reputation and over the top dangerous stunts, but more so his ability to stand up and fight while out being outnumbered and win. Despite his extensive gang activity, he was eventually arrested at age 22 for assault against a lawyer who was abusing a woman at a bar Jason frequented.

The relationship between Max and Jason is complicated. Jason cherishes Max. But Max slightly feels some disappointment towards Jason’s choices. Jason has never provided Max with excuses or reasons for his actions and it broke Max’s heart to see Jason lose his scholarship. Though Jason has no regrets and always looks to the best of a situation, he knows that Max looks up to him. It’s a secret burden Jason carries in his heart, believing that Max’s contempt for him will only help Max to avoid the path he followed.

Leon as Tymone Blaz

Tymone Blaz- Middle-Age, potential cast, Leon Robinson

Tymone is Jason and Maxwell’s father. His obsession with cars and racing has been past down to his sons. He works as a supervisor for an airplane engineer company. Tymone has a laid back, super confident, know-all personality. He’s a womanizer who would also be an alcoholic if not for his selective taste in only a specific brand.

When Max used to visit Tymone on the weekends growing up, rather than being a traditional father figure, Tymone was more like a best friend to his sons. He often allowed them do reckless things and let them talk to him anyway they wanted. That being said, Tymone wasn’t easily bothered. Max confides in Tymone when he’s too ashamed to talk to Amy or Chris. And while Max looked at Tymone as a cool person, he could see why his mother divorced him. Everytime Max would visit, Tymone had a different girlfriend with him. The girlfriends were always young, and always looked like they came straight out of a hip hop music video.

Tony Leung as Saito

Saito Kurogane – 28, potential cast, Ken Leung

Saito the leader of the Bronze Tigers and is one of the best underground racers.  Drives an Acura NSX. His father was in the yakuza and died leaving him a fortune inheritance. So Saito owns several properties, notably a warehouse and the garage Mirror works in. Saito is all about appearances and tradition. He’s the responsible type who sees opportunity and genuinely likes helping other Asians achieve their desired level of success. The only people he has left is Mirror and his little cousin. Max eventually hooks him up with an actress from the class, for which Saito would be indebted to him.

Saito appears to be cold and resentful, but somehow he manages to throw some of the best parties and attracts the most influential promoters. He’s a business man with impulsive tendencies and a low tolerance for disrespect. Saito and Jason Blaz used to bump heads a lot back in the day, but they share a mutual respect towards each others talents. That may be the reason why Saito tolerates Max’s nonstop barrage of sarcastic comments…It may be a reason why had hasn’t shoved a wrench down Chris Meister’s throat.

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