Feelings of Inferiority and Equality

Feelings of Inferiority and Equality

By Rock Kitaro

Date – November 2011
Do you think feelings of inferiority are more so 70% mental than it is a reality? When I say mental, I mean that all those terrible things that happen to them, happened because they mentally feel there’s nothing they can do about their predicament to either stop or prevent it. So they either don’t fight it, or just accept that this is just the way it is and all they can do is moan and complain about it without ever actually stepping up to their oppressors.

What I’m trying to say, is that, yes, females are generally weaker and less aggressive then males. But if strength is the major difference between us, as a human being who constant strives for self-improvement, I cannot accept that women cannot push themselves to grow stronger or learn to defend themselves with some art of fighting.

I feel that society, and freaking centuries of tradition have constantly put women in a class that’s several feet below men. And it really does infuriate me that people have let it go on for so long. Even now…I don’t tell my peers in real life this, but I really hate going to strip clubs or watching movies and music videos that project women as stupid groupies all over any male who just so happens to be popular or a celebrity.

Yeah, I get that everyone has a choice. If you like dancing with hardly anything on, with that as your idea of a good time, then by all means go for it. But at the same time, don’t be shocked when you’re seen you as less than an equal because of the choices you made.
They say, one shouldn’t judge. But screw that nonsense. Whether you call it judgment or discernment or simply making a decision about something, I think it’s a sense everyone that all humans are born with. At its most basic level, people call it instinct or intuition about a person. This is just human nature. I think the fact that so many have given it such a negative connotation, that most think it’s morally wrong to do so. I think it stems from the, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone” saying. But I’m not talking about judging if others are “good” or “bad”. I’m simply talking about coming to a logical conclusion about a person’s personality based on the evidence presented.

“Well Rock, how do you feel when others judge you?”

I say fine. Let them judge me. If they’re right and I like the person, I won’t be too ashamed to admit it. I think some of my old forum friends can attest to that. But if the person’s wrong and comes to the wrong conclusion about me, this too is extremely beneficial for me. The fact that they’ve come to the wrong conclusion, tells me a lot about the person. Even the details surrounding the conclusion that the person came to will tell me a lot about the person.

I know that sounds incredibly arrogant and chauvinistic on my part. But I honestly think it just sounds that way. The point is that the life-changing mistakes people make while they’re young will follow them forever. I’m always hearing about people getting DUIs or being arrested and those charges being on their records forever. People now in their 40s and 50s cry and weep, wishing they could go back in time and make those changes. It breaks my heart to hear people say that.

Just last month, I had a girl give me crap because I didn’t even want to give her a chance and go out with her because she had a daughter. She was only 22! Why is that my problem? Why don’t people think about the future anymore? Everyone lives for the moment, the here and now. It’s a popular sentiment nowadays. We’ll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes, is what they say.

And while they throw back the drinks, getting intoxicated and going home with the first guy who throws a glance their way, the few decent men and women working hard to provide a comfortable secure future are made out to be the bad guys when we don’t even give these people a second glance with all their excess baggage.

So I ask of thee this….

So something terrible has happened to you…now what? And I don’t say that coldly. I really say that with a heartfelt tone. So you’re young, and you’ve made a terrible decision. A decision that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life… Now what?

Do you…

A) Blame everyone else for what has happened to you.

B) Make the world pay, dealing out the same hardships that have happened to you, spreading bad cheer wherever you go because you’re in a shitty mood. 

C) Make everyone else feel like crap because they have a hard time dealing with/understanding your mistake.

D) Accept it. Embrace it. Deal with it.

I say D. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve had hardships and felt the searing pain of regret, depression, failure and heartbreak. But I welcome the pain with open arms. In life, if you can breath, you can think and you’re mobile then it doesn’t matter what mistake you committed. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen. You can always get back up. There’s always room for improvement. You can always get better than you ever thought possible.

The problem is, most either don’t know how to or don’t even know that their down. Then there are the few unfortunate souls who get comfortable staying down because they’ve gotten used to not doing anything about it.

A lack of self-awareness is a handicap that prevents so many from ever reaching their potential.

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