05. The Weaponization of Women

This one gets a bit political. I know it might sound like it’s unrelated to how Millennials date…but ladies and gents, most Millennials are now grown adults in their 30s. We pay attention to what’s happening in the news. If you don’t think the constant sex scandals haven’t played a part in the way we think…you’re sorely mistaken.

Here, I expound on the fifth of eight main points I’ve personally observed to help explain how one thing after another has sabotaged (ruined) my generation. And at the end of each section, I’ll try my best to provide a solution because, I know…these sound like excuses. But I haven’t given up. I still have faith.     

  1. The Hook-Up Culture (Non-Monogamous Dating) 
  2. Tinder (Dating Apps) 
  3. Cat-Calling and False Accusations 
  4. Gynocentrism – The Worship of Women
  5. Brett Kavanaugh and Weaponizing Women 
  6. The Rise of the Manosphere 
  7. The Sisterhood 
  8. Leaving Christianity at the Door 

This entry is a little different than my entry about Cat-Calling and False Accusations in that this one focuses on the bigger picture. It’s about the deliberate attempt to bring down a man and using a woman to do it. What happened with Brett Kavanaugh was just one clear example of many we’ve seen over the years. Aziz Ansari. Chris Hardwick. Tory Lanz. Gervonta Davis. Johnny Depp. It’s not just about the MeToo Movement, it’s not just about false accusations, it’s about how the culture is clearly using Women as a weapon to ruin and take down the men they don’t like.  

To be clear…I don’t think you’ll find a single guy who refuse to acknowledge that there were some positives that came from the #MeToo Movement. Harvey Weinstein. Bill Cosby. Matt Laurer. Louis C.K. It was a great thing to empower women to come forward. Sickens me that so many men were able to go on making victim after victim for decades because the first one to afraid to speak up, or when she did, no one took her seriously. 

That being said…ladies and gentlemen, let’s be honest. The MAIN reason why the MeToo Movement gained traction and was backed by the mainstream media wasn’t because of their love for truth, justice and the American way. It was out of their hatred for a man named Donald Trump. Let me break it down. 

Beginning in 2008 when Obama took office, there was a paradigm shift in our culture. Identity politics, social justice, political correctness rose to the surface. Racism, sexism, bigotry…it all got worse. But why? It’s not like these things didn’t exist in the 90s or early 2000s. All of these bad things have always existed. But when Obama took office, I’d argue that the left found a way to monetize, capitalize, and exploit victimhood status. If you were able to portray yourself as a victim, it was like you now had a badge and were granted a license to stand on some moral high-ground where you could dictate to others what was right and wrong.  

I saw NBA campaigns where players preached how we shouldn’t use the F-word for homosexuals. There was a stop-bullying campaign (which, I guess Draymond Green didn’t get the memo). We saw the rise of safe-spaces and how something as trivial as a microaggression could get you in trouble. I saw how using a word that we’ve literally tolerated for decades, just using that word could get you canceled, your livelihood ruined.  

For eight years, everyone was walking on eggshells, worried about what you could or couldn’t say. Back then, I even considered myself a male feminist…until 2012. It was during that year where Obama was up for re-election that I saw clearly how Hollywood, Social Media, and the mainstream were acting like the popular kids in school. Where their way was best. They decided what was cool or lame. Actors like Samuel L Jackson told audiences to “wake the f*** up” and vote the way of Hollywood.  

And there, during that 2012 election, I saw how everyone, the media, celebrities, even my peers, whether they were political or not, they just regurgitated the Leftist talking points about how Republicans were racists who wanted to control women’s bodies. I remember specifically talking to a love interest who hated Mitt Romney and Republicans because of this fervent belief.  

And for some reason, that didn’t sit well with me. I grew up in a religious household where many in my family had a similar false dilemma fallacy, where if you didn’t worship Jehovah Witnesses way, then you were wrong. With people like my lady friend, it was the same. If you were a Republican, then you were a racist, sexist, bigot. I hated that.  

After four more years of increasing racial tension and social justice warriors having all the power to ruin and cancel anyone they didn’t like…Trump announced he was running for office. At first, I didn’t care. I was never a fan of his shows nor did his money or fame impress me. But, for my job, I had to cover the late night talk shows. And once again, I saw how people like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert consistently made it known that they disliked Trump and thought anyone who’d even want to vote for Trump was an idiot. This was back before he even won the primaries.  

The overwhelming hate that he got, it’s what prompted me to pay attention and secretly root for him. Because honestly, who the f**k does Hollywood think they are that they should dictate morality and values to us? And then…one day, I saw a clip that blew my mind.  

When I saw that…so badly, I just wanted Trump to win. I was so sick of social justice warriors and Hollywood telling us how we should live or vote when you know they’re just as, or even more corrupt than we are. Again, the casting couch had been going on for decades. Drugs, sex, taking advantage of minors…all of that happens in Hollywood, but they think we should lose our jobs if we don’t agree on issues like Gay Marriage? 

A lot of people like me saw in Trump the hope of ending Social Justice and Political Correctness. For him to say that about Rosie O’Donnel on air, it showed that he wasn’t afraid. There was nothing the “swamp” or Hollywood could do to hurt him. He didn’t need their money. He didn’t need their support or their favors. All who stood for progressivism and the breakdown of traditional values DID NOT want Trump in office. They wanted a continuation of Obama-like policies and cultural shifts. So, they backed Hillary Clinton (which is ironic, if you’ve never heard how Hillary spoke about her husband’s accusers). 

And because they couldn’t control him or get him to support a woke agenda they’ve been pushing since 2008, they hated him. They had already used every attack in the book and Trump just kept gaining speed. So, what else could they do to attack? Women. 

In October 2016, a month before Election Day, the Washington Post reported on a leaked tape of Donald Trump talking about grabbing a woman by the p***y. This was a PRIVATE CONVERSATION Trump had on a bus with “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush. The conversation was recorded back in 2005. People knew about this tape for years. But to HURT Trump’s chances at getting elected, this tape was used to attack Trump. As in, “look how he treats women. Despicable!” 

I remember seeing dudes like Tom Hanks saying, “There’s no place in this country for locker room talk.” I’m like, dude this is America! Who do you guys think you are? Jimmy Fallon got roasted for having Trump on as a guest and treating him with decency. And Billy Bush’s career took a major hit because the Twitter mob felt he should’ve rebuked Trump for his comments.  

Again, the conversation happened in 2005. Everyone acting like men AND WOMEN haven’t had worse conversations than that was BS and a lot of us were tired of the lies, the hypocritical grandstanding and virtue signaling. Everyone and their mothers predicted Trump would not win. But he did. I’ll never forget that night. In November 2016, Donald Trump was elected to be president of the United States…and hell hath no fury.  

Do you see where I’m going with this? Just a day after Trump’s inauguration, they had that Women’s March where women came out in their p***y hats and Ashley Judd read a poem about being a “nasty woman.” They used Donald Trump’s win as the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. And it wasn’t until then that SUDDENLY, a flood of allegations came pouring out and any man who wasn’t an ally or in support of the new Gynocentric order was a threat who needed to be taken out.  

This was the rise of the MeToo Movement. The wave of outrage against men spread everywhere and anyone who ever took hurt/abuse/took advantage of woman regardless of how long it’s been, they came toppling down one after another. It wasn’t because people suddenly cared about women. It was retaliation for Trump’s win. Again, I’m not defending those men who abused women. I’m attacking the people who used that abuse for their own gains.  

Kinda like how the Democrats exploit every police shooting against an unarmed black man to churn up hate against those dastardly Republicans. Never mind, how the highest homicide rates of black men happen in cities run by Democrats (Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis, New Orleans). 

During Trump’s term in office, I remember how one accusation after another kept coming, like cannons battering the beach before a landing. One of the most infamous accusations came from a porn star named Stormy Daniels. She claimed to have had an affair with Trump and the media ate it up.  

Her attorney was this sleeze-ball named Michael Avenatti and this guy was everywhere, from Times Magazine to the View. The media loved him so much that there were talks of him making a presidential run. Of course, Avenatti was eventually arrested for domestic violence and convicted for extortion and fraud, but sssh! No one likes to talk about that now.  

When the #MeToo movement gained momentum in 2017, it was astonishing when I saw how almost every woman I knew on Facebook was posting #MeToo followed by a description of how they were personally sexually harassed or taken advantage of by men. Some of their descriptions…, let’s be honest, a lot of their descriptions were not criminal. The men weren’t breaking any laws, but in the court of public opinion, they were monsters.  

Classic example of this was Aziz Ansari who was accused of Sexual Misconduct for behavior that could pretty much describe every man’s one-night stand (which is one reason why I oppose premarital sex).  

The problem with the MeToo and BelieveAllWomen and TimesUp Movements is that it’s become less about ending abuse against women, and more about things like gaining clout as a survivor, supplanting men or hurting men in straight up open misandry. 

Believe it or not, I have seen plenty of Twitter comments that say along the lines of, “Who cares if this hurts the innocent men!” or “So what if a man’s falsely accused. Compared to the millions of women who are actually abused, men can just deal with it.” …as if they don’t have any brothers, sons, fathers or male friends at all. 

Ladies, if you really believe a “Rape Culture” exist, I have questions about your community and the people you’re surrounded with. Because make no mistake, it’s easy to have that mentality if you really are living in such a culture. It’s just erroneous to assume most of America is like that. 

A sad joke comes to mind. “There’s a reason why Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin don’t trust any men. They think every man is like their husbands.”  

Ladies and Gentlemen, bad guys already know what they’re doing is bad. They don’t care that laws or rules exist. They don’t care if it hurts you or offends you. That’s why they’re called Criminals. Most men hate these guys…historically, men have always hated these guys, at least the men with Judeo-Christian values.  

Off the top of my head, I can think of two Biblical examples where the men took up arms and unleashed violence to avenge a woman who was dishonored. One was the incident of Simeon and Levi who went and killed all the men of the town of Shechem after their sister Dinah was raped. Another was a horrible event where a Gibeonite woman was raped. Her body parts were dismembered and sent to the other tribes of Israel and it caused a civil war where the Tribe of Benjamin was almost wiped out. 

Most men are not rapists. Most men were raised from birth to treat women like princesses. Never hit a girl. Be mindful of their feelings. Treat them with softness. Open the doors for them. Etc. So when Women like to counter with, “Well, y’all need to talk to the men to get them to act right! Because these men out here…” 

Most of us guys are like, “Who dafuq are y’all talking about? Point them out!” Because I remember posting a tweet where I warned what would happen. This was back in 2017. I said, “be careful about who gets hit by that wave of outrage. You should focus it where it belongs. Not on the innocent men.”  

No one liked that. Instead, it became more and more acceptable to embrace Misandry. Everyone’s heard the term “Misogyny” which is a hatred for women. But astonishingly, they don’t believe it’s possible to exude hatred for men.  

The good honorable men see all of this. We see the wave of false accusations that have destroyed careers and ruined reputations. We see how Women aren’t being held accountable for their own choices and the decisions they’ve made, how the courts put most of the blame on men. How a woman can say “yes” today, but three weeks later pull back her consent and claim she was drunk. 

Even in situations that should be private, the media blows it up and we as men take notice. Such as the divorces of Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, and Dr. Dre. The settlement, the amount of money they had to pay their ex-wives…doesn’t matter how rich they are, we as men see this. 

Brett Kavanaugh’s case was ridiculous. To this day, I’ve run into women who state, as a matter of fact, that Brett Kavanaugh is a rapists, despite no evidence, no witnesses, and the only account coming from a woman about a single incident that took place over 30 years ago. 

For those who don’t know, Brett Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court Justice picked by Pres. Trump to sit on the court. Before he could be confirmed however, an allegation came forward by a woman named Christine Blasey Ford, where she took the stand and accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers back in 1982. 

Everyone and their mothers could tell this was an obvious smear tactic designed to ruin Pres. Trump’s nominee and discredit Trump himself. This wasn’t the first time Women were used liked this.  

In 1991, a woman named Anita Hill accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. Thomas was picked by sitting Republican President, George H.W. Bush. During Hill’s testimony, she claimed she was sexually harassed when Clarence Thomas continually asked her out and described offensive sexual topics.  

And “when questioned on why she followed Thomas to the second job after he had already allegedly harassed her, she said working in a reputable position within the civil rights field had been her ambition. She said that she only realized later in her life that the choice had represented poor judgment on her part.”…dude… 

In November 2017, Roy Moore was a Trump-endorsed politician running for Alabama’s Senate. Suddenly, multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault and misconduct. Roy Moore had served as a judge and chief justice in Alabama for over 20 years. The accusations supposedly happened in the 1970s. Do you see a pattern? 

After Moore ended up losing that Senate election, the public inexplicably lost interest. No charges were filed against Moore. People stopped caring about the women who were supposedly victims. And surprisingly, Moore ended up winning a defamation lawsuit against a DNC super-pac to the tune of $8.3 million. Go figure. 

Bringing us to Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford in 2018. Here’s how you KNOW Women are being weaponized. Let’s say, we believe Christine Blasey Ford. Let’s say all of her accusations are true.  

  1. Brett Kavanaugh was announced as Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court on July 9th 2018. 
  1. Prior to this, Kavanaugh had served as a Judge for the US Court of Appeals for twelve years.   
  1. Several days after Kavanaugh was announced as Trump’s pick, a letter written by Christine Blasey Ford was sent to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault.  
  1. The Allegations against Kavanaugh were NOT made public by the media UNTIL September 16, 2018, just four days before Kavanaugh was set to be voted on by the Judiciary Committee. 

Do you see? If that’s not using this woman’s assault as a bullet in a loaded gun, I don’t know what is.  MeToo was in full swing back in 2017, she and Feinstein had ample time to bring these allegations sooner than just right before the vote.  

When you see all the facts and how this keeps happening one after another, it doesn’t take long for a person to start asking some logical questions. Like, if the parties knew that the accusation was out there, and you believed in the accusation, why did you sit on the accusations and wait so long to bring them forward? The logical answer is because they wanted to inflict the maximum damage…you know, like a weapon.

If we’re to believe that the victims felt compelled to come forward out of some sense of duty and justice because their abusers were about to take an office of power…what stopped them when these men were already in positions of power? Kavanaugh sat on the bench of the U.S. Court of Appeals for over a decade. Roy Moore was a chief justice in Alabama for over twenty years.

And at what point are we going to start holding the media accountable for almost immediately dropping the story, essentially forgetting about the alleged victims, only after the elections have ended? Because if it’s true that they really care about women and getting justice for these women, one would think that they’d continue to press the issue until the men were either behind bars or restitution was made. With the exception of their eternal hatred of Trump, I’m not seeing that. Instead, what we see is how these women are no longer irrelevant, no longer important once their target has lost their elections. You know, kind of like lowering your weapon once the battle is over.

Either way, with the Kavanaugh scandal, the Media went along with the charade and acted like Ford’s accusations were all too credible, despite no evidence and no one confirming her story. Kavanaugh survived that character assassination attempt, but Blasey Ford was still exalted as a hero by the Left, had clubs named after her, and almost won Time’s Person of the Year.  

Here are the lessons men see from these examples:  

1. Every woman is potentially dangerous for anyone aspiring to make something of themselves.  

2. Women are openly encouraged to embrace victimhood. 

3. Even if evidence shows that their claim is false, they are still celebrated as “heroes.” 

After the Brett Kavanaugh scandal, a lot of men have come to view women as grenades. If you ever approach a woman and show “unwanted” interest, you’ve essentially given her a grenade in which you never know when/if ever it’s going to go off. It could be next year. It might be in fifteen or twenty years when you’re starting your own business, about to get married, running for office, publishing your first novel, starring in your first movie, releasing your first album, etc. Etc. 


Understanding and awareness. Ladies, this is a major reason why a lot of men don’t approach and make the first move like they used to. Especially if we work with you or frequent the same places you visit. Perhaps now, you might be more understanding and not see every guy who’s avoiding you as weak or lacking confidence. We just have something to protect and keeping our eyes on the goal is part of the mission.  

So…again, sad to say, some of y’all are going to have to start making the first move. You don’t have to ask him out or even ask his phone number. But give him enough evidence, so to speak, that he can use to a court of his peers to prove that it wasn’t “unwanted attention,” that you were into him just as much as he was into you.  

I’m not talking about literal tangible evidence. But enough for me to say something like, “Ladies and gentlemen of the court. The reason why I asked out Courtney was because she approached me in the gym, complimented me on my sets and we started talking about day to day life. She seemed interested and fascinated by what I had to say. She was smiling and I thought she was attractive so I asked for her number. She said yes and gave it to me.” 

That’s it. Yes, it would probably be he said/she said if you ever falsely accused me. but good luck trying to lie your way out of explaining how I got your number. Or who put a gun to your head to force you to write me these very sweet and affectionate text messages.  

One step in the right direction, is coming to a point where we start thinking for ourselves, asking ourselves, “does this make sense?” Should someone be punished for a comment they made years ago, when it was different time, or a private conversation between friends?  

When a man is accused, we need to go back to “innocent before proven guilty.” At the very least, ask a question or two about how the incident occurred, were there any witnesses, and why was the victim in such a situation that they ended up being victimized. I know, people want to call that “victim shaming”. I simply call it pursuing the truth. 

I can tell you that ten years ago, when I was falsely accused of stalking a co-worker, her words were, “it feels like he’s stalking me.” That right there should tell you that I didn’t stalk her. She had no proof or evidence, nor did she ever see me stalking her. But this Colombian Paramour being the idiot she was used hyperbole and it turned into a full-blown false accusation.  

Years after that accusation, new people, new girls would join my department and hear the rumors.  

One day, a fellow Millennial we’ll call Jamie…she tried to gossip to an older Auntie like co-worker who’s known me since 2010 (since I was 24).  

In 2017, Jamie was like, “We gotta be careful around Rock. He’s a stalker.” 

The Auntie co-worker checked her and said, “How long have you known Rock?”  

Jamie said, “About two years now.”  

The Auntie said, “From what you know about Rock, do you really think he’s the type to stalk someone? From what you’ve seen, has he given you any hint or indication that he’d do something like that?” 

Jamie said No. The Auntie Co-Worker stepped up and defended me. But the point is, despite no evidence, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary…Jamie was willing to believe and spread malicious rumors about me. She wasn’t thinking for herself. 

OR…and this is just a quick theory…sometimes I think women like to believe rumors or make up nefarious things about men that their attracted to because it gives them an excuse not to make a move or shoot their shot. It helps to remove the pressure and takes away the onus of mustering up your courage to go talk to him.  

It’s why some ladies see a hot guy walking by, and they’ll tell themselves, “he’s probably broke or gay or has STDs, or doesn’t like (insert whatever you are).”  

It’s kind of like the pressure I have when I see a hot woman. I need to work up the courage to approach her and I feel like a failure with every missed opportunity…BUT if I found out that she was married or in a committed relationship, all that pressure goes away. I won’t feel like a failure anymore. I’m not missing out on any opportunities because she’s not available. Just a theory… 

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