6. Rise of the Manosphere

First off, I apologize for the click-baity title, because I can’t entirely say the Manosphere has “ruined” the way Millennials date…in so much as it’s changed the way we date. Make no mistake, there are some great things that’s come from the rise of the Manosphere. But when experience is passed down with the absence of Godly wisdom, it can also be destructive and do more harm than good.

Here, I expound on the sixth of eight main points I’ve personally observed to help explain how one thing after another has sabotaged (ruined) dating for my generation. And at the end of each section, I’ll try my best to provide a solution because, I know…these sound like excuses. But I haven’t given up. I still have faith.

  1. The Hook-Up Culture (Non-Monogamous Dating) 
  2. Tinder (Dating Apps) 
  3. Cat-Calling and False Accusations 
  4. Gynocentrism – The Worship of Women
  5. Brett Kavanaugh and Weaponizing Women 
  6. The Rise of the Manosphere 
  7. The Sisterhood 
  8. Leaving Christianity at the Door 

The rise of the Manosphere was a reaction to how Gynocentric the mainstream culture has become. It’s the counterculture, the result of Men adapting to a society that’s shown them no love, no appreciation, and little to no reward for the hard work, sacrifices, or very the essence of who they are.  

It’s a reaction to the divorce laws, the injustices surrounding false accusations, and the priority placed on women at the expense of men. That’s why it’s often compared to the Matrix and Red Pill analogies. Before men learned the truth, it was like most of us lived in an augmented reality programmed into us since we were children, that girls are sugar and spice and everything nice, while boys are snips and snails and puppy-dog tails. 

When you take the “Red Pill,” (whether it’s with the Manosphere or, with me, Christianity) you become aware of what’s really going on in the world. A lot of men are still living in that Blue-Pilled mentality because they either fit in with the modern culture or they’ve gone unscathed by the collateral damage of what’s happened over the decades. For the rest of us…The Manosphere was definitely needed.  

If you go to Wikipedia and look up “Manosphere,” it’ll say that the Manosphere is “a collection of websites, blogs, and online forums promoting masculinity, misogyny, and opposition to feminism.”

But that’s just a common tactic used to discredit anything people don’t want you to pay attention to. Seriously…anything that sprouts up with an emphasis on helping men, the mainstream seeks to stamp it out.  

I remember Jordan Peterson giving an interview where a woman asks, “I heard that your primary audience is men. Don’t you think you should focus on women too?” 

Couple of things. First, let’s not act like 80% of mainstream TV programs, reality shows, and daytime talk shows are all primarily (exclusively) focused on promoting and helping women. Even IF they have a man on as a guest, it’s rare that the host will take his side over the woman unless the woman has broken some girl code, or they simply can’t justify her actions no matter how badly they want to.

Secondly, what if I told you that there are some issues where you just can’t be “fair and balanced?” Yes, men and women both have issues that they need to work on. But some issues are more severe than others. And when you put too much effort in “being fair,” you end up watering down the serious issues that should demand most of the focus. 

In today’s culture…Men do not have a lot of spaces where they can speak up and be honest about their feelings because, very often, their honest thoughts and opinions come out as a criticism against women. And because the women’s feelings are prioritized over men’s, that man is shut down.

Like the video above with Vivica Fox. There you have a man who’s depressed to the point that he’s crying his eyes out on national television because he had a tough time growing up, having to be a father figure to his two little sisters. And did he get any love? Any sympathy? No. They belittled and criticized him, crapped all over him for having a supposed drinking problem.

It lends weight to the rising adage that “Men don’t speak up because then they’d have to apologize for how their feelings made a woman feel.

And because a lot of our sorrow stems from our desire to love or be loved by a woman, compounded by the bad advice from other men and their narrowminded stereotypes of how “real men” should behave, a lot of men just don’t speak up. They suffer in silence, thinking to themselves, “what’s the point? Does anyone even care?” 

So little by little, the Manosphere evolved where one man after another finally spoke up on sensitive and emotional issues that other men were either too embarrassed, lack the courage, or lacked the strength to say. Other men listened, supported the message, and before you knew it, you had this thing that exists.  

The Manosphere is a collection of speakers, content creators, forums, and all the users who engage in discussions about Male Centric ideas, male issues, the challenges we face in today’s society. It’s also a source of encouragement and the sharing of information to help others overcome and succeed in this new world we live in. 

This was needed because, for a lot of Millennial men, we don’t have the support, the families that our fathers or grandfathers had. Or when we do talk to the older generation, the Boomers are so far removed from today’s culture that they end up giving us bad advice based on the women they used to deal with. A lot of us are 90s kids who were raised with old-school values that conflict with the loose morality of today’s culture. 

And before my fellow Christians chime in with, “That’s what God’s for.” My brothers and sisters, unless you live in a convent or a tight-knit community where you’re blessed with dealing with no one other than people who think and act like you, the rest of us have to survive in this Satanic world. The Bible fortifies us with a strong morality and love for God’s ultimate justice…but if not for the Manosphere, a lot of us Christians would be oblivious and vulnerable to a lot of things I’m about to discuss.  

Are there some bad apples in the manosphere who spew hateful and harmful rhetoric? Absolutely. But you get the same thing in movements like Black Lives Matter and Feminism.  

So, let’s get into it. As it relates to dating…I’d argue that the strongest message pushed by the Manosphere to other Millennials is that you SHOULD NOT get married. Due to the laws, government, feminism, social media, hypergamy, and a lack of moral standards…the risks outweigh the rewards.  

And since most women have either bought into the hook-up culture or lack the strength and discipline to resist casual sex, these men have no incentive to get married. That’s right, ladies. I guarantee you, over half the men in the Manosphere wouldn’t be spreading the message of “don’t get married” IF WOMEN didn’t actively give up sex before marriage. 

That being said, I truly do believe a lot of men in the Manosphere STILL want to get married despite the risks we face. 


So, let’s start out with some of the negative ways the Manosphere are corrupting a lot of men (That way I can end it on a positive note). 

First off, the most obvious problem is the hook-up culture. I’ve been taking the ladies to task for this in the other entries, but within the Manosphere…it’s not uncommon for Men to give other men advice like, “if she doesn’t let you smash in the first few dates, she’s not into you.”

Fellas…all sex outside of marriage is wrong. I know. Because it’s so widespread, casual, and everyone seems to be so accepting of it, that it’s sounds weird and stuck-up for someone to say it’s wrong. Because then you’d have to ask, “Says who? Why is it wrong? Who is it hurting?” I already explained how stupid the hook-up culture was in this entry, but know this…if you’re out here having sex outside of wedlock, you’re part of the problem.

Just like the guys who SIMP by giving money to women on OnlyFans are incentivizing them to get naked and pose pictures, Men who indulge in the hook-up culture, men who EXPECT sex before marriage or after a few dates, they put pressure on good decent women. Fellas…this is where we should be leading. The PUAs, Chads, and Tyrones who don’t care about honor and responsibility, there’s no changing them. But here is where we Good Men should resist the current culture and lead by example.

To that end…I am of the opinion that there are many in the manosphere who aren’t actually engaged in the hook-up culture. Sure, we listen to the likes of Donovan Sharpe and the Fresh and Fit podcast where everyone’s talking about being an Alpha Male who’s supposedly dripping with women. But if most of us really were “getting laid” so to speak, would we even care about listening to Red Pill content? I don’t think so.

If I had gotten married to a good woman when I was 21 and stayed in a happy marriage, I’d probably have no clue about any of this. But because I want to get married. Because I have to navigate this dating culture, it makes sense why a lot of us would turn to Men who are more experienced and seasoned on these rough seas. Even so, I’d encourage you to take their advice with a grain of salt. Look at who’s talking to you and ask yourself, do you really want to be that guy? Do you think God would approve of their lifestyle? (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

Moving on…I’d argue that the most obvious and dangerous effect the Manosphere can have on men…is when we’re constantly shown the worse of the worse when it comes to behavior from Women

There are hundreds of Compilation videos like this. The number 295 really does mean it’s the 295th compilation where men (and women) can see how entitled, stupid, wicked, and immoral my generation really is. It’s not just the compilations, it’s the panel shows.

Think Fresh and Fit, or @Whatever’s channel, or It’s Complicated’s Channel where women are interviewed and dude…it’s enough to dry up all hope and lose faith. If we’re not careful, the Manosphere can twist our minds into thinking most, if not all, women are like the idiots we see in these videos.  

Sometimes, I have to catch myself and ask, “Rock, of the population of women in the United States, what percentage do you honestly believe are like the women who appear in these videos? Think about your female friends, cousins, sisters, co-workers, are any of them like the ones you see in these videos?” 

The answer is no. But if you watch enough of these compilations and TikTok videos where only idiots are speaking for women and boasting about rotten behavior, yeah…it runs the risk of making you think all women are like that. Especially when you see the comments flooded with other women applauding the bad behavior or giving it thousands of likes. You gotta remind yourself, there are good women out there. 

The next negative way the Manosphere can corrupt others, is when men start to worship and see these “High Value Males” as role models. We see the cars, the life, the money, and the hottest women, so we buy into to their philosophies, their worldviews on life and relationships…failing to realize that they’re part of the problem. 

As Oscar wrote on a recent “SigmaFrame” post, “The irony about Andrew Tate and all the other PUAs (pick up artists) is that they claim to be rebelling against the current cultural feminist agenda, when in fact they’re embracing it.” 

I couldn’t agree more. The Sexual Revolution and the indulgence of the Hook-Up Culture doesn’t benefit all of society or most men, as a lot of women are led to believe. It only benefits amoral men who see no problem in sleeping around with no commitment or exclusive relationships. 

I can’t overstate this point enough. Because I’ve seen plenty of videos where women will say, “It’s easy for men to get sex!” …but that’s only because the average man is invisible to these ladies. If the only ones they’re paying attention to are the hot guys that every woman wants, it makes sense why they’d assume it’s easy for men LIKE HIM to get sex. 

Back before Andrew Tate really blew up, I already knew about him. I had seen one of his first interviews given on Fresh and Fit’s podcast where I learned about his background, his views, and some of his businesses. I knew he used to run a webcam business. The police busting down his doors and hauling him off to jail isn’t anything new. 

Andrew Tate has done a lot of good when it comes to encouraging men to pick their chin ups and work hard, to not settle into mediocrity or conform to a feminized society. He embraces “Toxic Masculinity,” and because of this, the mainstream hates him. They’ll say he’s a “misogynist” and use plenty of comments taken out of context to back up their negative views…but really, they hate him because he’s encouraging men to be men.  

But still…you have to ask, what kind of person is Tate encouraging men to be? 

The death of Kevin Samuels was a heavy blow. For those who don’t know, Kevin Samuels was an Image Consultant who had background in the Christian ministry. The unique thing about Kevin Samuels was that he was able to have constructive conversations with Black Women.  

How is that unique? Well…generally speaking, Black Women have a reputation for their attitudes, being stubborn, and unruly during confrontational debates, especially when they’re losing. They tend to get aggressive, lie, and move the goal posts. It’s less about coming to a solution or learning anything. It’s more about the S.I.G.N. language. As Kevin puts it, SIGN Language is the tendency to use “Shame, Insults, Guilt, and their Need to be Right” when it comes to conversations. 

Kevin Samuels was rare in the public space in that he had the discipline, patience, and eloquence to withstand the verbal barrage, ask questions, keep them on topic, and eventually helped a lot of them realize the folly of their own logic. 

The problem with Kevin Samuels was, despite his Christian background, in his last two years of fame and prominence…he encouraged people to play Satan’s game to win. Meaning, instead of encouraging people to put God first, to live by Christ’s standards, and to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt. 6:33), he championed the notion of being a “High Value Man” here on earth.  

What’s a High Value Man? You can check his video with this link here, but to sum it up, Kevin’s definition of a High Value Man is a man who: 

1. Money- 120k yearly or 10k monthly  
2. Duration- 3-5 yrs consistency  
3. Group acceptance [by other HVM]  
4. Network [of other HVM]  
5. Visibility [position & income linked]  
6. Utility [usefellness to others] 

This is what a lot of women would call into his show and say they want. And this is the kind of man Kevin encouraged other men to be. Now, if you don’t believe in God or care about living by Christ’s standards, you might not see anything wrong with what he’s saying.  

But for those of us who call ourselves Christians (followers of Christ), what I see is a lot of value, faith, and dependency being placed on money and the love of other humans. Instead, our priority, our minds should be thinking more about what God thinks of us as individuals (Romans 14). 

“But Rock! You can do both. You can be rich, loved by humans, and still do what’s good in God’s eyes.” 

I’m not saying it’s impossible or that it doesn’t exist. But God judges our hearts. You can’t serve both Him and money. (Matt 6:24) So, if you endeavor to be Kevin Samuels’ version of a high value man but also claim to put God first…trust me when I say, God knows the truth. You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to Him. 

From what I saw, there were plenty of conversations where Kevin Samuels openly talked about how “high value men” had every right to exercise their options, to sleep with more than just one woman. He told women that if they wanted a high value man, they should accept the fact that he’s likely going to cheat on them. And the sad thing is…a lot of women appeared to agree. 

One of the worst conversations I saw, was with this lady “Canada Dry”. In this conversation, the woman asks Kevin for advice after the man she was pursuing broke up after a month because she didn’t want to be intimate so soon. Kevin’s advice for her was similar to the advice he gave a lot of women, that Men have needs and if you want him, you need to put out. 

There were PLENTY of opportunities for Kevin to drop some wise Christian logic on her that would’ve done her more good, like “Forget about that guy and go look for a man who’s also willing to wait.” 

Instead…as I said, Kevin’s focus was on helping those who wanted to succeed in Satan’s world by playing Satan’s game. IE, engage in the hook-up culture, pursue money, careers, and higher status.  

“Hold up, Rock! There’s nothing wrong with getting money and leveling up in the world.”  

Yes, but why are you doing it? Because you’re right. If you happen to be an engineer or an entrepreneur and you’re doing it because 1) you’re good at it, 2) you see a purpose in it, or 3) you actually enjoy what you do, I think that’s awesome. The money and materialistic things are just blessing that come along with the fruit of your labor. (Prov. 10:4)

If your argument is that one should pursue money, status, and resources, because that’s how you get woman…what happens if you lose it? What happens if you lose your job? What happens if you get hurt so you can’t work like you used to? Now what? Does that mean she can leave you and you’re supposed to be cool with that? Because that’s what happens in a world that believes they can live life without God’s wisdom and guidance.

“But Rock. No one woman ever loves you for just being you. Everyone, even all of society, they only care about what a man can provide. If he can’t provide. He’s useless and deserves to die off alone.”  

This is why we seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. Because it’s sentiments like that, which is driving a lot of men to suicide. First off, it’s not true. There are women out here who will love you for you. And secondly, there’s more to the gift of life than being a slave to the world. It’s called being self-sufficient. If you don’t know how, learn. You don’t have to keep being the sheep. You can be a shepherd. (and no, I don’t want to be the wolf. A good shepherd will take out the wolf to protect his flock…believe that) 

The next negative thing about the Manosphere, is if isn’t teaching Men to disregard Christian principles just to be a High Value Man…some parts of the Manosphere do actually teach Men to be selfish assholes. 

For those who don’t know, “Alpha Male Strategies” (AMS) is a content creator with over a half a million subscribers on Youtube. I learned about him back in 2018 and while I appreciated his insights on the women he’s experienced in life (he worked as a bouncer and knew the club scene) his solutions were disappointing. 

AMS and creators like him encourage their audience to essentially be the jerks, to lie and treat women like crap, exploiting the situations by thinking only of themselves in relationships because they feel, 1) women don’t like nice guys and will actually love the man who treats them like crap, and 2) instead of being the bigger man and doing what’s good because it’s simply the right thing to do, they believe in the juvenile mentality of treating others exactly how they treat us. Ie, if you’re a dick to me, I’m gonna be a dick to you. 

To be clear, I understand why Alpha Male Strategies is giving this kind advice. For example, one of his advice is that a man should never make his woman feel like she’s too important to him. Or how he shouldn’t give her compliments because it shows that he’s weak.  

What AMS is saying makes sense and does work…when it comes to dealing with a TYPE of woman. The Bad B*tches and the Women who call themselves “The Prize”. I’d argue that it’s also for the type of woman who’s comfortable and prefers conflict, drama, and dysfunction, over calm, peace, and stability. This is not the type of woman you want to be with. It’s not the type you want to get married to and bring home to the family. And no, this isn’t a black thing. I’ve seen it from white women as well.

If these (like the woman above) are the only types of women you’re running into, of course AMS is gonna sound like Nostradamus the way he’s seemingly spitting facts. Because he understands this type of woman well. 

Here’s where I disagree with AMS. One thing every MAN can agree on, is that if you choose to get married it’s important that you pick the RIGHT woman. If you behave the way AMS is suggesting and she responds favorably to you acting like a jerk and treating her like she doesn’t matter, is that the right woman for you?  

If she’s the type of woman who’s turned off by kindness, romantic gestures, emojis (if you like giving them), and you treating her as if she’s one of the most important people in the world to you…is that the right woman for you? Because I can tell you right now, there are lot of inexperienced short-sighted people who think, “dude, you’re giving her too much power if you let her know how much she means to you.

I’ve always thought that was just the dumbest mentality. First off, I don’t care if she THINKS she has all that power over me. If I really do like her, that’s the truth. She really does have some power over my heart and if I come to trust her, she’ll get more of it. But just because I want to be with her, it doesn’t mean I’ll make her my everything. God will always come first. I’ve been tested. And so far, I’ve been successful in choosing God over secular, amoral women.

On that note…Fellas, it’s my personal opinion that if you throw your standard, your personal code of right and wrong out the window for the sake of getting that woman…You are not masculine. You’re not being a leader. Instead, you are following HER. You’re bending to her will. You’ll tell yourself that you’re doing what it takes to get what you want, so really, it’s you who wins. But regardless of the ends, the means required you to enslave yourself to her. That is not masculine. Not in my book. 

As I’ve already debunked in my essay about “Good Girls falling for Bad Boys,” that cliché is a fallacy. Good girls DO NOT fall for bad boys. If they do, they aren’t that good! 

Instead of encouraging men to act like horrible people, I think a true alpha would stick to his guns when it comes to morals and principles. If you’re a gentleman, be a gentleman. If you want to give her compliments, give her compliments. If you’re thinking about her and want to shoot her a text saying, “hey, just thinkin’ about you, hope you’re having a good one.” Do that! 

And guess what, if she doesn’t appreciate it, if she doesn’t respond to things like positivity and affection, or if she’s creeped out by you simply being yourself…great! What that tells you is that she’s NOT the one for you. 

And if you’re argument is that “no woman” appreciates that behavior, I’d say that you’re either lying or just narrowminded. These ladies exist. They’re few and far in between, sure. But if I’m going to spend the rest of my life with her, I’d rather be with someone who appreciates me for me, than someone who’s enamored by who I pretend to be. I’ll take that to the grave. 100% 

On that note, this is a real problem when it comes to the Manosphere. There are many in this male space promoting their stereotypes…which is really just an effort to encourage everyone to think their personalities are cool and the epitome of how every man should be.  

They’ll say things like Men can’t have any female friends. Or that real masculinity is being silent while taking action, which sounds like a clever plot to convince men to shut up, keep their feelings to themselves, and die off with dignity…which allows the loudest minority to swoop in and take power. 

Another issue I have with the Manosphere is this emphasis on “Maintaining Frame.” Because I believe it demeans and reduces the authenticity of who you are as a man. For those who don’t know, “maintaining frame” is about keeping your composure, keeping your feelings in check and essentially not acting like a woman, especially when you’re around your woman.  

Here, is where men are constantly encouraging other men to be these stoic strong silent types…and again, even IF this is what women want…what if it’s not who you are? We cannot be so closed minded as to think all men are the same, and all women are the same. How many times have we heard women complain about “emotionally unavailable men.” 

“Yeah, Rock. They’ll say that. But the moment you do get emotional and cry or allow yourself to be vulnerable around her, she’ll instantly lose respect for you. That image she has for you, to be the strong rock, her refuge and protector will go away. Take that to the grave!”  

I don’t believe that. Let me rephrase, I believe a majority of my female Millennial peers are like that…but not all. And to be honest, I grew up in a religiously oppressive household where I had to keep my opinions to myself or else face punishment because what I wanted to do, what I thought, how I felt, usually went against the religion of my parents. That house felt like a prison. 

I hated that for five years until I graduated, and wasted no time getting out from under my parents’ roof. Why on God’s green earth would I ever marry someone who will eventually place me back in that same situation. Where I can’t be open and honest. Where I have to maintain “frame” and can’t unburden myself to a woman who I swore to spend the rest of my life with, to death do us part? 

Last December, one of the most important people in my life was killed at the age of 26. She was my cousin, but I’ve always cherished her like a little sister.

When I got that call…if I was married and my wife was in the room, she would’ve witnessed the emotional scene of a 6’3, 230lb black man crying in an outburst of pain, rage, and agony. It was literally one of the worse days of my life. If seeing that meant that my wife would lose respect for me as a man, or that the image she had of me was ruined…I messed up. I should’ve never married her. That’s on me.  

Fellas…you have a choice. Almost everything presented in the manosphere is based on opinion, stats, or someone else’s experience, but they aren’t absolutes. Equipped with the knowledge, you have to choose what you want to believe, how you want to live, and which path to take. If my path means my dying single and childless, I’d gladly take it over the hostage/imprisonment of marriage.  

And I say that, half serious, because I believe if you PICK THE RIGHT WOMAN, you can avoid a lot of these issues. She’s out there. Pray to find her. Pray for the strength, patience, wisdom, and discipline to resist all temptations until you do.  

And in the meantime, you got plenty of productive things you can do with your life. A lot of couples struggle after they get married. By the grace of God, I don’t think I will. It’s a beautiful thing to actually LIKE working and being productive. Seriously, I enjoy working more than being on vacation. 

All that out of the way…let’s talk about the positives as it relates to dating.  

Part of the reason why the Manosphere exists is because, unlike past generations, a lot of young Millennials grew up without having their fathers in the household. They lacked role models and male leadership to teach them what it means to be a man.  

That’s not to demean women. Some single mothers do a great job in raising their sons…then there are mothers who lean so heavily into their feminine nature, their feelings of “if it feels right, it must be good” that they end up failing their sons.  

Even for those of us who grew up with old-school fathers, we were essentially taught to be White Knights. To be nice guys around women. To treat women with respect and be super romantic. Buy them flowers. Never hit em. Etc. Etc. 

The Red Pills fed from the Manosphere have opened our eyes to what’s really going on. Things like, Hypergamy. Or how some women use “Foodie Calls”. Or how and why some go for the Bad Boys. Or what red flags to look for.  

That’s why a lot of young men develop a sense of loyalty to the male figures who gave them the advice that ended up changing their lives for the better. Men like Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, Kevin Samuels, Rich Cooper, Donovan Sharpe, Greg Adams, Myrone Gaines…all of these men constantly get e-mails and super-chats from Men thanking them for the advice that kept them from really “checking out”.  

And then what happens? The mainstream catches wind on how their advice is undercutting the mainstream’s efforts to keep men from seeing their true potential. So, the manosphere must be stopped. They must be discredited. They must be labeled something nefarious so you won’t share it on Facebook out of risk of being ostracized by your peers or losing your job. 

And despite all the calls for “Men’s Mental Health” Awareness, time and time again, Men have learned that if their honest opinions, if their feelings and what they want goes against women or paint women in a bad light, that man’s feelings are stomped on. 

In the above video at 4:36 seconds in, Bo breaks down what older, more experienced men are sharing with younger guys in an attempt to help them out, to spare them from being scammed and taken advantage of by women.  

He says, “Men are handing down knowledge and telling them what they’re going to run into. It’s play by play. Women exercise options. Enjoy their 20s when they’re at their highest value. Start getting older, start getting anxiety. They start trying to settle with a Beta Bob. Tries to cope with being single. Ends up buying a cat. Dies alone.” 

Hence the term, “Alpha f**ks, and Beta Bucks”…A lot of men see this and become resentful. No one wants to be the Beta Bob who worked their ass off all during their 20s and 30s to build for a future family, only to have these girls who rode the CC, had all their fun, gave their youth and fertility to Chads and Tyrones and now come seeking a “good man” once she realizes that she isn’t getting the attention she used to. 

Even Andrew Tate in his interview with Pearly Things outlined it well @1:22:20 where he said there is absolutely no statistical benefit for a man to get married. If a woman gets married and things don’t work out, she has emotional heartbreak. If a man gets married and things go wrong, he has emotional heartbreak PLUS everything he’s ever worked for is ripped out from underneath him.  

He blames New-Age Feminism…I blame apostasy. To Men and Women such as myself, marriage is still more than just a legal binding contract. It’s a vow before God, that for better or worse, I will forsake all others and never abandon her.  

Overall, I’m not saying that the Manosphere is a problem. I think it’s a necessary counter-culture for the Gynocentric society we currently live in. P.S…it’s not just Male Content creators in the Manosphere. There’s also women. After Kevin Samuels passed away, I noticed the rise of channels like The Crimson Cure, JustPearlyThings, and Pink Book Lessons. That’s right. More and more women are recognizing the foolishness and are calling for others to drop the charade. Leading me to… 


Honestly, as with other posts, awareness and understanding is the key. I already alluded to the solution of coming back to Christ throughout this entry…but yeah man. As I’m going to talk about in my final entry of the series…the lack of Christianity and turning away from Bible principles is why there’s so much confusion, frustration, contradictions, and dissatisfaction.   

I do love that more Women are speaking up. Women like Kendra Davis and Chez Charde. Because that’s what I’d do if I saw how other Black Men were ruining an image that pertains to me.  

When Kevin Samuels died…Melanie King was the first new content creators I found. And even though she isn’t one of my favorites, because I think she cares more about the validation and attention she’s getting from men, more so then actually helping others (which is the point of the manosphere)…I saw a glimmer of hope.  

Then I discovered other Content Creators. Andrew Tate blew up. Jason Whitlock’s show is still on the air. And even I joined the fray to insert a dose of Christianity with these essays and videos. The more the foolishness is exposed, the more we’re able to hold a mirror up to what’s going on…the more we’re able to influence others to change. 

One thing I really hope all men take away from this post…is to be authentically you. It’s just like I told the women in an earlier post. Are you working so hard to become one in a million? Or are you working hard to be one of the millions?  

As long as you’re striving to live by Christ’s teachings, reading the Bible to know God and what’s right and wrong…you’re on the right path. Don’t let these other content creators, other men, or women pull you off that path just because they’re holding up the enticing reward of getting laid, rich, or living it up.  

When the scripture at Matt 6:33 says, “Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added on to you.” there’s so much truth in it. When your priority is living a Godly life so that you might have a place in the kingdom of heaven, everything else, just falls into place for you. You’re more content. You recognize the blessings you’ve been given. You turn away from things that are holding you back, which results in you being blessed with things you didn’t have before.  

Have faith brothers and sisters. God knows it’s tough because Satan has made it so. But remember the scripture at Romans 5: 3-5: 

“3 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” 

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