Critical Essays

Critical Essays

Over the years, I’ve published a number of thought provoking essays ranging from my own personal opinions on romance, to popular culture, my own inner most darkest thoughts, and theocratic essays.

In all of these essays I try to be honest, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Because it’s how I breathe. I’m not able to talk with most of my peers and tell them my thoughts, because either they lack the comprehension, they don’t believe me, or they’ll get offended at the very idea that I consider that which society tells us is taboo.  You should know that I am a faithful Christian and Bible scholar at heart.

If you choose to read my essays, I ask that you take notice of the date. You see, I’m open to the fact that I might be wrong in my opinions. As I continue to grow, learn, and experience, chances are my opinions will change as well. For instance, when I was younger, I was more left leaning in my ideals. But as I’ve gotten older and have come to learn Christ’s teachings, my philosophies have swung the other way.

For instance, i used to be afraid of being called a bigot or intolerant, as the Left often likes to fire off like a sniper from the distance. Now…if popular culture calls me a bigot, I don’t mind. Because the truth is there are some things I just won’t tolerate. Like hypocrisy. Or when people are oppressed by the Left to keep their thoughts to themselves because it’s considered hate speech. This, coming from the same individuals who cry out that they don’t want to be judged or shamed.

Either way. I don’t think I’m omnipotent, and as a philosopher, I’m open to the fact that I may be wrong. So if you do read any of the following, don’t hesitate to poke holes where you see fit. I honestly don’t mind, and would in fact thank you.

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