Red Pill and Christian

Can You Be Red-Pilled and Christian? 

Date – March 7th 2021 

I know…I know. These days, the term “Red-Pill” is tossed around so much that it’s beginning to sound cringy.  

Fundamentally, the Red Pill is a simply a process of enlightenment by which an individual’s eyes are opened to a worldview they didn’t know existed, or they were conditioned into thinking the worldview was wrong. Like the Matrix, once you take this “red pill,” you can’t go back to the matrix. Meaning, you can’t go back to being ignorant and unaware.  

What prompted me to write this essay, was a recent video the popular Youtubers Aba and Preach uploaded, titled “Why We Think the Red-Pill is Necessary” was coincidental, because not even the week before, I wrote a similar essay called “Men Aren’t Allowed to Cry,” which explains how and why Men need some form of community where they can openly reveal their thoughts and emotions no matter how taboo or offensive the mainstream deems it to be…like that of Men’s Rights Activists. 

If any of this is new to you, you’re likely to cringe at the concept of a Men’s Rights Activist. Disbelief and cynicism will probably be your first emotional response and it’s understandable. Like so many, we’re taught from birth that this is a “Man’s World,” and “Men have it Better than Women” and its mainly women who are oppressed and held back. So why in the world, would there need to be a Men’s Rights Activist? What could they possibly have to complain about?

If you really care about the answers to those questions, I encourage you to check out Aba and Preach’s video above. I also want to make it clear, that just because I’m focusing on men’s issues, it doesn’t mean I’m ignorant to the plight of women. Since 2016, I’ve studied Feminists movements (every wave) going all the way back to the Suffragettes and even the Temperance League that led to prohibition…all the way up to the Sexual Revolution, the Intersectionality concepts, the current empowerment and Beyonce’s strong and independent influence.  

However, for the purpose of this essay, all of the above was just an introduction to the main point I want to get at. Christianity. Can You Be Red-Pilled and a Christian at the Same Time? 


So, when it comes to the “Red Pill,” it has been used to describe all kinds of people. Candace Owens was once known was “Red-Pill Black” on her Youtube Channel back before she blew up in popularity. It’s been used to describe lifelong Democrats who’s eyes were opened to certain tactics and decided to walk away from it. It’s been used by others to see how Woke Culture is actually doing more harm than good.  

I’m going to focus on the community, the Manosphere, a collection of Red-Pilled Philosophies that focuses on the dynamics of relationships/courtships between men and women. This community is male oriented. Meaning, it focuses on the perspectives and opinions of Men that you’re not likely to see in the mainstream. Why? Because Women and Pro-Female Men dominate the mainstream. There are “calls” for equality, but there is no equality. And to go against the popular opinion, can land a Man with a nasty label like misogynists. 

If you even look up “Manosphere” on Wikipedia, it says in the first paragraph how these men have “hostility towards women” and are associated with far-right and alt-right politics. It succinctly lumps ideologies like MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) with Incels (Involuntarily Celibate) and even Pick-Up Artists. And since it’s on Wikipedia, it has to be true, right? 

Before I get to the Christianity aspect, I have to say…as one who’s read the Bible cover to cover, none of the above surprises me. In my essay “The Bible Taught Me How Satan Works” I explain how there’s an effective tactic in demonizing an ideology to repel people from learning about it. For instance, if you were indoctrinated with the notion that Women should never subject herself to her husband or follow his lead, how likely are you to pick up the Bible when it clearly states that Wives are to be submissive to their husbands. (Eph. 5:22)  

It’s the same with so-called Red-Pilled Men who like to sleep around and put so much emphasis on money, power, and status. How likely are they to pick up the Bible if Christ and his Apostles condemn such covetousness and sexual immorality? 

When I first saw the rise of the term “INCEL,” years ago…I immediately recognized it as a tactic to further shame men into getting laid and making sex a priority. Elliot Rodgers and the guy who drove a vehicle into people in Canada were deemed INCELs. You don’t want to be lumped in with them, right? Well, go out and have sex, indulge in sexual immorality, was the push.  

Ironically, these kinds of labels are mostly only being pushed on men, especially those who complain about the lopsided “Sexual Marketplace” that favors women over men. Yet, a woman like Tomi Lahren is emboldened enough to make a video about how “All Men Are Trash” because she and her female friends can’t find a good man. She’s telling us to “value, value…”  

Of course, she’s oblivious to the notion that men and women place value on different things. Meaning, what a man values in a woman is different from a woman values in a man. Once upon a time, however, men and women were united in placing the same value on a standard. That standard was their religion. Leading to the question of: 

Can You Be “Red-Pilled” and a Christian?  

If you dive into Red-Pill Videos from the Manosphere, you’re likely to see a lot of principles that seem to deal in absolutes. By absolutes, I’m talking about the concept of “All” or “None” or “Never”. Thinking in terms of these absolutes, for those who can’t read between the lines, they fall prey to actually believing in these absolutes.  

In the Red-Pill Community, there are coined terms like NAWALT and AWALT which means, “Not All Women Are Like That” and “All Women Are Like That” respectively. Red-Pill Speakers use these terms to categorize two types of Men within the Manosphere.  

The believers in AWALT (All Women Are Like That), believe that all women are essentially the same when it comes to their basic nature, mainly their “Hypergamy”. Hypergamy, is the notion that it’s in a woman’s instinct, her biological and evolutionary make-up to seek out and mate with a man with the highest value, a man that could provide her with the most money, resources, and protection.  

Within the Red Pill Community, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone actually complaining about Hypergamy. They understand it. They accept it. What they do have a problem with…lol, and this is going to sound really bad…is that ever since the Welfare State, the Sexual Revolution, and now Dating Sites, a woman’s Hypergamy has gone off the rails. Meaning, society used to have things to keep a Woman’s Hypergamy in check. Shame from the community, the lack of government resources if you have a child out of wedlock, and even religious standards used to serve as bumper rails to keep women from sleeping around and “monkey-branching” from one guy to the next.  

I know all that sounds super terrible and ridiculously offensive. But before you seek me out to destroy me, let me talk about the other kind of men within the Red-Pilled Community.  

These are the men who believe in NAWALT, “Not All Women Are Like That.”  

Can you be Red-Pilled and Christian? My answer is a resounding yes. Why? Because I’m in the camp of believing Not All Women Are Like That. Secondly, by “Red-Pilled” I’m using it as an adjective, not a noun. I am Red-Pilled in the sense that for years I’ve been reading articles, watching the news, watching commentary from all kinds of speakers within the Manosphere and Red-Pill Community…So I have that knowledge. Yes. I’m aware of the philosophies. Just like I’m aware of the ideologies of Feminism, Black Lives Matter, Atheists and even Scientologists. 

But unlike those other ideologies, I’m not too ashamed to say I agree with a lot of Red-Pill concepts and speaking points. Why? Because, I am a Christian. Easy…allow me to explain.  

Men are to be the head of the households. Men are supposed to lead. Women are to submit to their husbands. Women were created to be helpers of men. Women were created for men. — Is what I just wrote a Red Pill Philosophy or a Bible Teaching? Get the picture? I agree with a lot of Red-Pill concepts because a lot their ideology is found in the Bible. When they talk about the nature of men and women, even if I disagree with the examples they use, I’ve seen my own examples in the Bible Scriptures.  

For instance, False Sexual Harassment claims. There are plenty, and I mean PLENTY of current news examples of false rape and sexual misconduct allegations to blow holes through the dangerous notion of #BelieveAllWomen. But in the Bible, the most famous one was that of Joseph. (Gen. 39

Potiphar’s wife was enamored with the young man and when he resisted her, she lied and claimed Joseph raped her. He spent two years in prison because of this, but God never forgot Joseph and continued to look out for him. 

Regardless of what I learn…and I am a self-educated man, diving into all kinds of history and biographies ranging from dictators, to serial killers, monarchs, and even the philosophies of cult leaders…the Bible is my ultimate compass.  

What I mean by that, is that no matter what I learn, no matter who I’m listening to and what they say I should do if I want to succeed…the Bible, the Word of God is my ultimate source of authority of what is and what will always be true. 

One of the most influential Red-Pill Content creators that I used to listen to (and still do with a grain of salt) is a guy named Donovan Sharpe.  

Donovan Sharp is a highly entertaining and supremely confident man with a lot of real-world experience that I could never have…NOR WOULD I WANT TO!  

This is a black man raised in a military household, who witnessed his own mother’s salacious behavior. He has some knowledge of the Bible but continuously tells his followers to leave Christianity at the door when it comes to picking up chicks because women aren’t interested in Godly men…or rather, he believes that women aren’t loyal to their Christian faith and will usually follow whatever faith the man they desire follows.  

This is a man who’s been arrested, who’s done cocaine, who’s deeply familiar with pornography, and I believe he’s said to have slept with well over 100 women before the age of 30. He lived in Las Vegas for a time where he’s said to have “cut his teeth” on mastering the pick-up game, learning all kinds of female behaviors and tactics. He was married but divorced relatively unscathed with no children or having to pay no alimony.  

And now, a little over the age of 40…he lives with a “hot” girlfriend who he claims he had to build from the “ground up.” One of his books is called “How To Build a Quality Woman from the Ground Up.” There’s even a video where he explains that one time, she gained a few extra pounds, and as punishment, he withheld sex from her until she lost it. Which she did. By all accounts, she is obedient, doesn’t mind his temper tantrums and essentially follows his lead in all aspects of life. 

That might sound very controlling and what not. But time and time again, Donovan points out that he doesn’t beat her and, at anytime, his girlfriend is free to leave. He will not stop her. She “chooses” to stay.  

Ladies and gentlemen…you could get mad at this guy and say he’s a bad person and all that. In fact, a lot of men and women have. But if they’re happy, if they’re relationship works for them, why does it upset you?

To be clear, I personally don’t condone his outlook on women, but I understand it. I thank him for sharing his knowledge and experiences. Again, the Bible is my ultimate compass. Donavan Sharp can tell men that they should go out and have as much sex as possible because women value that experience. But what does the Bible tell me? What does God say on the matter? What did the Apostle Paul preach about sexual immorality? Get it? 


Because I was raised for a world that does not exist. When I turned 18-years-old, I learned one of the most poignant lessons I’ll never forget. My parents raised me to be a Jehovah’s Witness under a strict religious household where the only people I could associate with outside of school was other Jehovah’s Witnesses. This was done with the logic of “Bad association creates un-useful habits.”  

I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness. When I graduated and left the nest, effectively leaving the bubble my parents kept me under, I realized that this world is nothing like the world my parents prepared me for. All of my peers had years of experience when it came to boyfriend and girlfriend relationships, the social cues, what’s cool, what’s acceptable, how to act in a public setting, how to react, how to keep your cool, or when to keep your cards close to the chest.  

At the age of 18, I had to hit the ground running to catch up with my peers. It wasn’t easy. It was embarrassing and painful and I felt subpar, less than. The trial and errors most people got out of the way in middle school and high school, I had to contend with in my 20s.  

So when you ask “why do you listen to that guy at all?” My answer is this: I truly do believe that “Not All Women Are Like That…” Unfortunately, a lot of women are. And because I don’t see anyone checking these people like Sen. Mazie Hirono who had the balls to tell men to “Shut up and Step Up” on live TV…yeah… 

Proverbs 31:10-31 tells us that there are indeed good Godly women out there, the kind of woman a man can trusts, who rises early to provide food for her husband and family, who’s clothed in strength and dignity, who has kindness on her tongue, and opens her mouth with wisdom. A woman who truly fears the lord.  

But in those scriptures, it also mentions this: “An excellent wife, who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.” 

Meaning…a good wife is hard to find. So while I do believe that “Not All Women Are Like That,” sadly, a lot of women are. And I know. This is the part where some will go, “Well, what about the men!?” We’ll get to that. But we’re gonna stay focused on this for a moment because this is important and I promise if you’re a Godly Christian woman, it’ll help you too. If you’re not a Christian, then you’re just complaining about what’s fair, and I’ll get to that too…because yeah, that’s a good one.  

The reason why I’m pointing this out is to open your eyes to a growing group of Christian men that don’t belong to any church or community. Such as myself. I don’t have a tight-knit circle of friends where I can call up just anyone and chit chat about my problems. I do want to get married. I do want to have children. But “the work” that society tells us we have to put in, even the Red Pill Community stresses to men such as myself: to get money, work on building wealth, networking, don’t be boring, keep pushing yourself, cold approaches, etc… 

Godly Men Don’t Care About Money. Yes, we work hard as the Bible encourages. I effing love working, I’ve made investments, and I have enough to put into savings every month. The Bible itself says, “Idle Hands Create Poverty, Diligent Hands Create Riches” (Prov. 10:4). But please believe…I am not working to buy fancy things and materialistic items just to please a woman and get a mate. What’s to keep her sticking her around if I lose all those things? That’s not the mission of a Christian. That’s not “putting God first in our lives”.  

I’m working to build a solid financial foundation for a future family. Not trying to get rich. Don’t want to be poor. Just comfortable and content. In fact, I could tell you that if I won the lottery, I’d probably give away 70% to the poor as Christ commanded. If we’re given freely, we should give freely.  

And let’s back it up even further, shall we. Because when some women say, “What about the men!?” What they’re really referring to is the infidelity, right? The sleeping around. The players and what not. When it comes to the Sexual Revolution and even the calls of equality, what I’ve seen is this notion of If Men Can Do It, then Women Can Do I Too!”  

Because that’s what’s fair, right? At this point, I’d like to present a masterful debate/discussion between Kevin Samuels (a Red-Pill Image Consultant) and a group of women (one who describes herself as an Alpha Female). 

In the above video, the so-called Alpha Female explains to Kevin Samuels that it’s not fair that men get to sleep around and cheat and if a woman does it, then apparently she’s bad and seen in a negative light. Kevin counters by saying “is it fair that you get to go to the club and get into VIP without paying because you’re hotter than the other women?”  

Alpha Female says, “I don’t care about those things.” 

Kevin says along the lines of, “Okay, so what you’re saying is that you only care about fairness when its things that you want?” 

As I’m watching this…the most appalling thing that stood out to me and kind of goes to the earlier question of why I listen to dudes like Donovan Sharp…it’s the lack of morality. People are so concerned about their personal notion of equality and what’s fair, more so than what’s good or bad. This is the world we live in, ladies and gentlemen. Life indeed is not fair in so many ways, from so many different perspectives. Men have it bad in some ways. Women have it bad in others. But as Kevin said, “So what?” 

If a person says, “Good men don’t want good women!”  

Your response should be, “So what? You should still be good, right?”  

Their notion of “just” and “fair” is flawed because they’re relying on human understanding. In the above video and the premise of “If men can do it, then women can do it too…” it implies that what these men are doing is “good.” At least in the eyes of humans. 

For a man to sleep around and indulge in sex outside of marriage is a sin. This is bad. This is wrong. EVEN IF society condones and encourages such behavior, God does not. The Christian individual with the Bible as his compass would see what’s going on, and in the face of choices, in the face of overwhelming odds that you’ll remain single and celibate your whole life if you don’t give in to what the world deems acceptable…the Christian will CHOOSE to do what’s good in God’s eyes.  

Yes, we all stumble and fall short. Recently, Ravi Zacharias’s scandal rocked the Christian Apologetic scene when it came out that he had committed adultery during his ministry. But Ravi never preached that adultery was good and right. Ravi was a hypocrite. Hypocrisy strengthens the hearts of the disbeliever, but it’s nothing but a wave to the solid rock of a Christian believer.  

Consider the episode where Christ came to the aid of a woman who was accused of adultery. The people were waiting to stone her, and Christ said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” (John 8:7).  

Ladies and gents…don’t get complacent or comfortable with that scripture. Too many times, I’ve seen it used by those deeply entrenched in worldly lifestyles as a shield to ward off Christian reproach. In my opinion, the most important thing from that episode wasn’t that Jesus was illustrating that we all have sins, or even that he was willing to forgive…though those are very powerful messages. 

In John 8:11, Jesus told the woman, “Go and sin no more.”  

Go…and sin no more. Go…and stop committing adultery. This is what it means to “repent.” This is what Christ, our Lord and Savior, commanded.  

So yes…you can be Red-Pilled and Christian so long as it’s Christ’s teachings that you ultimately adhere to. And in following Christ’s teachings, I would never know about the kind of women Satan’s world is currently producing without Red-Pill Content Creators. I would be innocent and naïve, happy-go-lucky.  

Yes, you could say that if I simply trusted in the Lord, I wouldn’t need to know about Red-Pill Content creators. But I dare say, just like I believe all women aren’t the same, all men aren’t the same either. Everyone’s situation is different and I believe God blessed me with this Red Pill knowledge because he knows my heart. He knows I’m a loner and I have no church to call home, so it’s probably best to equip this servant with knowledge of the forest he roams. Of course, I’m open to the fact that I could be wrong, which is why I read the Bible every night.   

Thus, by so reading the Bible and yet witnessing what’s going on through these men’s experiences, I’m able to guard myself from being deceived, from falling prey to tactics and learning about the risks and rewards, given today’s current laws regarding divorce, alimony, and child support. The fact that I still want to get married and hold on to the hope of finding that Proverbial good woman is proof positive that Christ’s word is my ultimate compass.  

In the Red-Pill Community, this hope, this ideology would make me foolish in their eyes. And given the news that’s constantly coming out, I don’t blame them. Just because I marry a Christian woman, it’s no guarantee that she won’t come into some new ideology and lose sight of Christ. And given today’s laws where a woman can divorce you for simply no longer being happy, it doesn’t matter how strong you are as a man, mentally or spiritually.  

That’s what the Red Pill Community does for us Christians, is provides the warning signs and red flags to help us in our selection process. Mind you, everything we’re learning from other men are opinions based on their experience and facts based on statistics.  

Once upon a time, we got this knowledge from our fathers and uncles. But these days, over 70% of black men are growing up in single-mother households. And those of us who were blessed with fathers, unfortunately those fathers have no effing clue as to how far society’s fallen or how technology and the abundancy mindset has completely destroyed their old-school ways of courtship.  

Anyways. Those are my thoughts on the subject. My opinions indeed may change based on what I observe and learn. I encourage you all to read the Bible for yourself to see what’s what. Thanks for reading!  

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