8 Things That Ruined Dating

This is dedicated to eight posts explaining how/why my generation of dating is not our father’s or grandfather’s generation.

Why am I doing this? First off, you should know that there are millennials who are fortunate enough to grow up in good families, tight-knit communities, or had the wherewithal to find their partners and get married early. These Millennials are blessed and likely have no idea what’s going on…which also means they probably don’t care and have a “sucks to be you” mentality…until they’re single again and are hit with the rest of us have to deal with. 

Secondly, this is for the ladies who are still surprised about things like how men have stopped “making the first move”. Or why we don’t approach like we used to. They’ll say things like, “where have all the good men gone?” or “Whatever happened to chivalry” as if no one’s been watching the news for the past ten-fifteen years.  

And lastly, this is for the Older Generation, the Boomers, the Gen-Xers, and even some Millennials who are so far removed from commons folk, like Sen. Josh Hawley here, talking about how Men need to step up and marry these girls. Again, it’s like they have no idea about what’s been going on. 

All of this, I confess, is frustrating to hear. I already believe in being responsible, the leader of my future family, to provide and protect…but first, we have to find, date, and court someone from a generation that’s been raised in a system that’s designed to prevent male headship, to demean and slight traditional values, and to make the men and women who truly are good and decent out to be the undesirables?  

Here, I expound on the first of eight main points I’ve personally observed to help explain how one thing after another has utterly sabotaged (ruined) my generation. And at the end of each section, I try my best to suggest solutions because, I know…these sound like excuses. But I haven’t given up. I still have faith. 

  1. The Hook-Up Culture (Non-Monogamous Dating) 
  1. Tinder (Dating Apps) 
  1. Cat-Calling and False Accusations 
  1. Gynocentrism 
  1. Brett Kavanaugh and Weaponizing Women 
  1. The Rise of the Manosphere 
  1. The Sisterhood 
  1. Leaving Christianity at the Door 

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