Crusades Story

Crusades Story
By Rock Kitaro
Date: February 24, 2013

Potential Theme Song – Galneryus “Alsatia”


“Crusades Story” is a fantasy feature script I’m writing involving the historical events of the Third Crusades. Think “Kingdom of Heaven” meets “Wrath of the Titans” and you have it.

At the turn of the 12th Century, the European atmosphere is tense with the stench of war, distrust between alliances and a thirst for liberation, all in the name of God. Kingdoms stretching from the British Isles to the Himalayas are drawn into an inevitable conflict that is the Third Crusade. And as with every war in which the eve of atrocities are apparent, there are warlords who welcome it and Priests who advise against it. Then…there are those who just don’t care one way or the other. With one man, he doesn’t have a choice. Mostly due to the fact that this man is a demon.

Jon Foo

Jon Foo

With the appearance of a young man in lightweight black armor, designed with a Chinese feel to it, the tormented and antisocial Sir Velasse (played by Jon Foo) wonders the wheat-covered hills of France. Velasse is 513 years old and was an angel for the first 356 years. He became a demon when one of the 144,000 he was supposed to be protecting, was murdered by another demon named Sir Cato Havoc (played by Tom Welling).

As a young angel, Velasse was already a handful to begin with. A natural born swordsmen and rumored to be the fastest thing god has ever created, God warned Velasse for his boasting and bragging by removing his ability to speak. He can still grunt, laugh and scream, but he can’t form words. Despite this…Velasse remained loyal and steadfast to God.

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Sir Havoc is a large athletic man with a youthful playful appearance of someone in their early 30s. He’s actually over 1,600 years old and has taken part in every world war, notably, the conquest of Alexander the Great where he assumed the name of Cassander. His personality has changed with every era and at present he’s now the right hand man of King Richard I of England. Even though he appears chivalrous in the presence of the king, Sir Havoc loves destruction and chaos more than anything. After persuading King Richard to take on the third crusade, Havoc and his personal army looks for the abyss to release the fabled Great Beast.

You see, Havoc gave in to the earthly temptations at the young age of 91. From the moment he first spotted Velasse, Havoc took a liking to his skill and prowess. And after Velasse turns down an offer to join him, Havoc kills the young woman who Velasse was assigned to protect. This woman was one of the anointed 144,000 believed to spend an eternity in heaven. Velasse had fallen in love with this woman. So in a relapse of blind fury, Velasse slaughtered hundreds of innocent people to seek out Havoc. It was his love for that 144,000 that drove him angry, when his love for god should’ve taken priority. Consequently, he was cast away. He had given in to wrath.

This is where our story begins.

Jon Foo’s Show Reel to show off his Martial Arts potential

Angels and demons can take the form of spirits or human flesh. Angels usually stay in spirit form, while demons with nothing more to lose, take the fleshly form. While most demons seem to be enjoying themselves, living according to their own volition, some demons strive for God’s forgiveness. So when the opportunity presents itself, these repenting demons jump at the chance. Committed demons are demons who have committed themselves to their own desires. It’s kind of like they’ve completely unleashed their own potential that’s been suppressed. But once they’ve unleashed this monstrous ability there’s no hope of every returning to heaven. You’re stuck on earth forever.

Angela Sarafyan

Angela Sarafyan

Enter Princess Isabelle Champagne (played by Angela Sarafyan), 3rd in line to the French Kingdom of Capet. Isabelle is a fair beauty with an uncanny sense of empathy towards others. Being the youngest with two older brothers not much was expected from her. Isabelle spent her youth learning a dozen languages and a history of the lands. Being another chosen one of the anointed 144,000, word spreads that the innocent young princess is in Gods favor. This presents a problem on so many levels. Isabelle’s older brother is in alliance with Phillip II. Phillip II is in league with Richard the Lionheart of England. And the Lionheart has his mind set on reclaiming Jerusalem from Saladin and the Saracens.

When it comes to the concept of misery loving company, Sir Gio, the Lady Syvil and Maxima are a trio of unlikely friends. Gio is a charismatic Italian sex addict of a knight with the ability to cause minor shockwaves in the earth’s surface. The Lady Syvil is a middle-aged priestess with the ability to persuade and heal. And Maxima…Maxima is a Nephilim (half human, half demon). An immortal giant of a man who’s known of Velasse since he was a toddler.

After a squirmish where Gio, Maxima and Syvil aide in defending a small village against a German warlord who was out to kill a faithful servant of god. Archangel, Gabriel descends and tells them about another anointed one not far from here. Gabriel explains that this girl is one of the purest souls on earth and there are hundreds of demons out to turn her against god. Gabriel hints that if they protect her, they may win god’s favor again. The three take up the offer and set out in search for Isabelle.

There’s a scene where Isabelle’s second oldest brother is reading scripture that he brought back from some foreign land. As he starts to read it. He becomes worried. Suddenly spooky things start to happen. A female demon named Mariana introduces herself and causes him to become possessed, to act like a crazy person. In his confusion, he ends up setting fire to part of the castle. Mariana is a lady-in-waiting to Sancha of Castile, Queen of Aragon.

Next. It’s just by chance that Velasse visits a small village outside a castle. A visiting Isabelle is there and he looks favorably upon her. She is aiding the sick and limp individuals who have been casted out, but she is also there to read original scriptures of the bible. Velasse is just minding his own business but is more so curious as to why someone so beautiful and lively in spirit is tending to them. She catches him watching with a stupefied look. When she asks him his name, Velasse doesn’t answer. But she can read his facial expressions. He is completely caught off guard. But doesn’t want to get anymore involved. He continues on toward the castle and leaves her alone. Isabelle thinks him weird, but doesn’t look down on him.

In the castle, Velasse has the attention and admiration by the knights and ladies but by the way he carries himself with complete fearless confidence, no on is brave enough to approach him. Isabelle returns and sees everyones curiosity. The Duke who owns the castle is even entranced, but leaves him alone. Like a wolf who tends to himself, is how he describes Velasse.

At night, while Velasse is trying to sleep. Isabelle reads the scripture aloud in Latin. They’re rooms away from each other, but Velasse is able hears it. He’s deeply moved.

A montage ensues with Isabelle reading the scripture in various parts of the castle. And Velasse stands nearby, watching over her like a crow. It’s the word of god that he loves to hear. It’s been so long since he’s heard his voice, that to finally hear it again brings him such peace and he misses it. One night, Velasse is crying. Isabelle overhears and tends to him. Isabelle asks how he can make noises but not speak. He asks if she can teach him how to read and write. Velasse uses a hand gesture to signal that its an oath and has something to do with god.

Infatuated, Isabelle starts to kiss him, but Velasse stops her. That’s when word arrives of her brother’s madness. Isabelle says that she has to return to Cornwall. Velasse initially wants to leave her alone, but after the letter describes the state of her brother, Velasse knows the work of a demon is at play.

Unearth – “Less than Nothing”

Just when Velasse and Isabelle are outside the walls and heading down the street, four Giant lions with wings appear out of thin air and races toward them. A spectacular fight ensues. Metal such as Unearth’s “Less Than Nothing” begins to play. Isabelle is sent off on horseback, but Velasse lures the beast into the forest and uses trees as his personal jungle gym to kill them. When Isabelle enters, she sees the beast dead and Velasse severely injured and unconscious.

Isabelle brings Velasse back to the Duke’s castle to heal but says she has to continue on. Isabelle rides off.

Gio, Syvil and Maxima arrive at Isabelle’s burnt castle that’s in the midst of reconstruction. The people look down trodden and horrible. Syvil sees the brother and how crazy he is. Maxima asks if there’s anything he can do about it. Syvil says no, whoever did it was a committed demon. They continue on their way as a caravan arrives.

They see Isabella arrive. Everyone bows to her. Gio suggests that they give her the night to collect herself before introducing themselves. Isabelle’s sister in law is queen now and tells Gio that he was alone in his chamber when it happened. Isabelle can’t make sense over what’s happened.

Gio, Syvil and Maxima meet with a priest nearby to rest. The priest is a little kooky, but knows his shit. He says that something’s about to happen. Satan has something at play. Syvil knows but there’s nothing to go on. Not to mention it’s slightly hard to find one girl without wings.

Back at the Duke’s castle. Velasse’s wounds have healed, so he’s just sleeping it off. A small army dressed in black armor arrives. The Duke is afraid but behaves hospitable. The commander of this small army is none other than Sir Havoc. He removes his helmet and demands refreshment, shouting at everyone.

Through Sir Havoc’s shouting, Velasse hears and wakes up. Sir Havoc is drinking with his men all having a great time until he spots twin swords propped up against a door. Although its been centuries since the two have met, Havoc could never forget the swords Velasse has carried with him. Havoc immediately shouts for the death of everyone. The castle knights don’t stand a chance against Havoc’s men. A man stabs Havoc but Havoc grabs him by the armor and swings him out a window like he were swinging a pillow.

Velasse kicks ass even without his swords, but he fights his way out of the room, into the hallway, and down to the first floor. Havoc wields a long black spear in which he easily breaks columns like sugar cubes. Velasse and Havoc have their sword fight and it ends up smashing the entire castle. When Velasse cuts Havoc several time, Havoc unleashes his inner demon. Velasse knows he can’t defeat Havoc in that form so he flees. Havoc gives chase, summoning one of the beasts he’s managed to collect over the years. A great dragon with seven heads erupts out of the ground completely collapsing the castle.

With the smile of a man riding a roller coaster, Havoc rides on the shoulders of the relentless dragon as it chases Velasse toward the forest. By the speed he’s been blessed with, Velasse escapes. Havoc taunts. “You’ll have to keep running for the rest of your life, Velasse! Because the only way you can beat me is if you embrace who you are!”

But this is basically what happens.

There’s a general gathering of the kings for the Holy Roman Emperor in which everyone shows up. We’re talking King Richard accompanied by Havoc. King Phillp accompanied by Gio. Sancho accompanied by Mariana. Isabelle comes to see King Phillip, but King Richard is the more assertive. Richard apologizes for what happened to her brother and promises his protection if she sticks with him. He introduces her to Sir Havoc. Isabelle is instantly smitten by Havoc until Velasse arrives. Remaining civil, Velasse and Havoc maneuver around their hatred for one another and act as knights should. Isabelle is happy but surprised to see Velasse. Havoc introduces Velasse to Richard as his younger cousin, thus cutting the tense atmosphere and setting up the beginning of ACT 2.

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