Rock Kitaro

Rock Photo small - cropped

Name – Rock Kitaro

Date of Birth – August, 18 1986, Army base in Fairfax County, Virginia

Raised – All over the place, doesn’t like to claim a particular city. But he will say that he grew up in Tampa, Florida.

Education – High School Diploma from Cross Creek High School, Augusta GA – 2005

Bachelor of Fine Arts from IADT Tampa, Florida – 2009

Passion –  Writing and creating new stories. With a chip on his shoulders, Rock is determined to unleash a variation of new stories with an emphasis on breaking down cliché protagonists and antagonists. They say that writers starting off should start with what they know. Rock knows all about rivalry, revenge and rebellion.

Likes – Proving those who doubt him, wrong. Honesty. Random acts of kindness. Accepting challenges. People who step up to the plate. People with direction in their lives. People who accept and believe in themselves. People who are proud of their accomplishments. People who don’t settle. People who don’t give up. People who strive for constant improvement. People who don’t care about trends and the social “norm”. People who do things without being told to do it.

Dislikes – Adults with “me-first” attitudes. Adults who lack the ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes. Adults who aren’t open to the fact that they may be wrong. Adults who lie to themselves. Adults who are afraid to be themselves. Adults who aren’t aware of their potential.

Role Models and Sources of Inspiration –  Jephtah, King David, Solomon, Jesus Christ, Jeremiah, Lord Byron, Casanova, the music of Yoko Kanno and anything Teddy Park of YG entertainment produces. The music of “Samurai Champloo”. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The writers of “Case Closed” and “Death Note”. The Texan combatants of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Johnny To’s diverse range of characters.

Completed Written Works

“The Perennial War of Paramours” – Series of Short Stories

“The Knights with No Lords” – Novel

“The Slave Quarters” – Novel

“The Three Kings of Ybor” –Novel

“August the 18th” – Feature Screenplay

“And So it Burns…” – Feature Screenplay

“The Boys from Racetrack Road” – TV Screenplay

“Dragon Ash” – TV Screenplay

“The Case of Cloud Beaudry” – TV Pilot Screenplay

“The Drama Club” – TV Pilot Screenplay

“Sir Gawain, Arthurian Legends” – Novel

Over two-dozen short stories and about hundred undeveloped premises.

3 comments on “Rock Kitaro

  1. Hey Rock!! Will get back with you concerning your narratives in various genres. Thanks for letting us know about your new website. I love the colors, shapes, and styles. Awesome!! 🙂 Keep us in the loop…we are proud of your constant inventions of your talents and philsophy. This is what happens when you are open-minded about the world and its inhabitants!! Go Rock!!!

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