Rock Kitaro

Rock 2021

Name –  Rock Tennie. Also goes by the pen name: Rock Kitaro

Education –  Cross Creek High School, Augusta GA – 2005

Bachelor of Fine Arts from IADT Tampa, Florida – 2009

More than that, my education really began after I left the institutions. On my own, I dove into history, gorging myself on numerous events and worldviews. I studied various religions and controversial figures. I found I had an insatiable hunger for knowledge and my mind had developed so that I was able to understand it. I began to ask questions. I began a perennial pursuit of the truth.

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Role Models and Sources of Inspiration –  God’s Word the Bible, King David, Solomon, Jesus Christ, Lord Byron, Casanova, the music of Yoko Kanno and anything Teddy Park of YG entertainment produces. Various mentors like my father, my brothers, and a Clearwater Criminal Defense attorney. As a youth, the authors Dale Furutani and Nancy Springer had a big impact on my way of thinking. The music of “Samurai Champloo”. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The writers of “Case Closed” and “Death Note”. The Texan combatants of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Johnny To’s diverse range of characters…and most recently, the manga works of Hiroshi Takahashi and his Suzuran universe.

Completed Written Works

The Perennial War of Paramours” – Series of Short Stories

The Knights with No Lords – Novel

The Slave Quarters – Novel

The Three Kings of Ybor” –Novel

August the 18th” – Feature Screenplay

“And So it Burns…” – Feature Screenplay

“The Boys from Racetrack Road” – TV Screenplay

“Dragon Ash” – TV Screenplay

“The Case of Cloud Beaudry” – TV Pilot Screenplay

“The Drama Club” – TV Pilot Screenplay

“Sir Gawain, Arthurian Legends” – Novel

Over two-dozen short stories and about hundred undeveloped premises.

The best way to contact Rock is through e-mail.

Email – or

Facebook –

P.S. If you ever do get my phone number and call…its best you text first.

3 comments on “Rock Kitaro

  1. Hey Rock!! Will get back with you concerning your narratives in various genres. Thanks for letting us know about your new website. I love the colors, shapes, and styles. Awesome!! 🙂 Keep us in the loop…we are proud of your constant inventions of your talents and philsophy. This is what happens when you are open-minded about the world and its inhabitants!! Go Rock!!!


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