Dragon Ash

Dragon Ash – Episode 1

Ronin – Deviant Art by KidKazuya

In this episode, we take a peak at Osaka, Japan…

just before the start of the Boshin War. Unbeknownst to our main characters, an incident happens that triggers a series of unfortunate events. Then we jump to 2004 where our 17 year old Tien Kaze tries his best to explain what its like to be in the struggling shoes of an Asian living in an unofficially segregated school and dealing with a pair of religiously antiquated parents.

Episode 1 – Act 1 – The Death of Sakuma Shozan

Episode 1 – Act 2 – Enter Tien Kaze

Episode 1 – Act 3 – A Heartbreaking Sight

Episode 2 –

Tien seeks counsel from his grandfather, 1st generation Japanese-American Masataka Kaze. Its here that Tien is planted with the idea of traveling to Japan to learn from the senseis’ who taught his ancestors the art of swordsmanship. This marks the beginning of Tien’s journey.

At the same time, we’re introduced to deadly effective Miro-Tech’s Expedition team. As Silence leads an assault on a Mongolia village who’s said to house a rare talisman, Miro-Tech’s CEO the brutish Mr. Lindren has to contain his inner gangster long enough to convince the company shareholders that the company is more than just a private army for hunting down artifacts.

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