Rock’s Introduction

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Romanticist Storyteller, Independent Author, Christian Conservative, and good-natured Provoker of Thoughts.

Greetings! *tips hat* The name is Rock Tennie, also known by the pen name of Rock Kitaro. I’m an author, screenwriter, and essayist focusing on deep critical thinking issues ranging from Relationships, Romance, Revenge, Rivalry, and Religion. I graduated from film school with a heavy emphasis on screenwriting, but since 2010, decided to turn my attention to writing books and novels.

To be up front, I can ahead and tell you that with my stories, I curse and can sometimes be choreographic with my fight scenes. Inspired by Lord Byron, all of my main characters are troubled individuals. They are sophisticated, arrogant, seductive, disrespectful of authority, self-destructive and struggle with a sense of integrity, what’s right or wrong.

In particular, I wrote “The Three King of Ybor” because I wanted to show the world that the difference between a hero and a villain really depends on the audience’s preference and social morals that lies within.

The best way to contact Rock is through e-mail.

Email – RockKitaro  @  (remove the spaces) or

Facebook –

P.S. If you ever do get my phone number and call…its best you text first.

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