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Volume 1. Eliza Christie’s Vendetta

The first of an epic saga begins… In 2206, Tampa Bay has become a paradise for organized crime. Isaac Pierce, the billionaire CEO of the conglomerate Pierce Corporation is also the kingpin to the largest most dangerous syndicate the world has ever seen.

Eliza Christie is a fifteen year old, spiteful and impulsive. When her father, Det. Emil Christie begins to theorize the existence of a possible syndicate and that Isaac Pierce is indeed its benefactor the good detective is murdered. Eliza bore witness to this murder. Only, she views it as a theft. The syndicate has stolen from her the only man worth staying out of juvie for. The only man worth exercising restraint. The only man who could be called family.

She doesn’t run and hide. She doesn’t go to the police. She doesn’t think to ask anyone for help. Instead, Eliza Christie takes up the sword and rides the train out to Ybor City in search for satisfaction. To Eliza, “Revenge is a dish best served when I serve it.”

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Vol. 2 – The Wolves of the Syndicate

No one is safe from the wolves of the syndicate.

In the four years that the vindictive Eliza Christie was sent to live abroad, the syndicate’s power and influence has only continued to increase with bolder more public acts of terror. Young up and coming enforcers become superstars of the underworld. Forrest is a dagger-wielding maniac who revels in up close and personal kills. Sean Pierce is a sharp shooter whose swag and careless attitude belies his serious gift for precision and accuracy.

And Braden Pierce…the deadliest of them all. The mere mention of his name sends a paralyzing chill down the spine of those who oppose his uncle. Unlike Sean and Forrest, Braden lacks a criminal record and his physical appearance has never been officially documented. He’s managed to avoid the press with many believing his existence was just a myth created to scare opponents to submission. But at least one person believes he’s real. Eliza Christie has seen him. Braden Pierce was the teenager standing over her father’s dead body with a bloody sword in hand.

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Vol. 3 – A Reunion of Beasts

Welcome to Ybor City!

Over the better part of the 22nd Century, this downtown Tampa club district has prospered as the American Empire’s new obsession. What happens in Ybor City doesn’t just stay in Ybor City but chances are they’ll never find you again. Whether you’re caught in the crossfire of some turf war, entranced by the abundance of sexual indulgence or swallowed whole by the fortune to be made on fights and street races, Ybor City is the world’s favorite addiction with the common side effect of death.

Violence erupts when the vindictive Eliza Christie finally confronts her father’s murderer in the VIP section of a packed nightclub. Pandemonium ensues as the crowded sea of flesh and revelry bear witness to the spectacular swordfight that gives birth to the urban legend of the “Three Kings of Ybor”. After unleashing her fangs for the first time, Eliza enlists fellow freshman Robby McCloud to help her create an underground militia to take on the Pierce Syndicate. Of course that’s easier said than done, which Robby explains as he educates her on the history of the Five Pillars of Minority. The Five Pillars of Minority were the last legitimate threat to the syndicate’s supreme authority. They came close to destroying everything the Pierce set out to accomplish…but in the end…

August the 18th


Vol. 4 – August the 18th

Everyone remembers the killers. No one remembers the victims. August the 18th stands to change all of that.

Comprised of battle hardened ex-military and off-duty police officers who have lost all faith in the constitution, August the 18th is an underground militia in which every soldier has suffered from the abrupt murder of a loved one. The dearly departed all have one thing in common. Whether they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or sacrificed themselves in the line of duty, the husbands, wives, sons and daughters have merely become a statistic in the body count attributed to the infamous Pierce Syndicate.

With the cutthroat Eliza Christie leading as their commander, August the 18th finally takes a stand to unleash destruction and disruption on the terrorizing world of organized crime. This of course, starts with raiding a notorious casino, exposing a corrupt police superintendent and rescuing a political prisoner from a Haitian hit squad over freezing waters. In spite of their impressive start, August the 18th Captain Priest Edwin voices his understandable concerns toward the longevity of their merry little band. With the overwhelming presence of a modern day Caesar, Eliza Christie declares that she is the 1st Generation Commander of August the 18th. The idea of future generations continuing on through the sands of time sparks an undying fire in her men. If there are to be future generations…none shall surpass the first.

Three Kings of Ybor. Vol 5

Vol. 5 – The Kennedy St. Massacre

In the heart of the American Empire’s largest metropolis, August the 18th has waged guerrilla warfare against the most dangerous criminal organization in the world, the Pierce Syndicate. Billionaire business magnate Isaac Pierce has no choice but to retaliate, calling an emergency meeting of his respected warlords, the Board of Directors.

Just to name a few, Renji Amaruto is the ruthless heir to the largest yakuza group in Japan. Benjamin Garrett is the world’s youngest billionaire who would order a raid on an entire village to just to kill a single penny-stealing theif. Michael Helms is the all-smiling chairman of the notorious Black Creek Security firm with an unnatural affinity for explosives. And then there’s David Pierce…Isaac’s last surviving son. With an insatiable greed to expand and conquer, David won’t let anyone halt his ascension as the next head of the syndicate. Even if that person happens to be his own flesh and blood.

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Vol. 6 – Beware of Romanticists

“Revenge is overrated when your target is everyone”

Eliza Christie and August the 18th have set out to match blood for blood in a brutal war of attrition against the notorious Pierce Syndicate. The situation goes from brutal to tragic when the conflict ends up taking the lives of over thirty Tampa police officers.

Racked with guilt, the resentful Eliza comes to a fork in the road where she must decide whether she should disband the 18th or continue to put herself in harm’s way. She is just a college freshman after all. When all seems hopeless with every path just as bleak and dreary as the next, salvation arrives in the form of a blue-eyed private investigator. Gavin Hassell takes to the stage.

Gavin is a wild card. No one knows his motives. No one knows his background. No one knows that he’s just as deadly and strong enough to stand toe-to-toe with the syndicate’s best. To Eliza, none of that matters. Spurred by a hot-blooded lust, Eliza digs deeper to learn the truth about Gavin’s grizzly past.

Picture 10Vol. 7 – The Ides of March

Sometimes when you hear screams during a storm… the screams are real.

It’s been nearly six months since Eliza Christie created the vigilant August the 18th to combat the American Empire’s most powerful mob. She’s seen her share of triumph and glory…but it cost the lives of over a dozen ex-military vets who have elected to put their lives in her hands. The time has come to end the bloody war once and for all.

The epic climax takes place on the Ides of March, 2207. The syndicate has taken the passengers of a cruise liner hostage in the middle of Tampa Bay. All that stands between the innocent civilians and an ice-cold watery grave are the remnants of Eliza Christie’s August the 18th and the mysterious Gavin Hassell.

And so…the Jaguar of August the 18th…The Godfather’s Sword…and the Independent Blue-Eyed Demon…will cross paths in the conclusion of the “Three Kings of Ybor” series. A horrific event takes place that gives birth to an urban legend with realistic potential. Every time the Three Kings of Ybor meet, the grim reaper stands by with a sneer.

The following are all e-books available via Amazon Kindle


The Godfather’s Sword – Braden Pierce: A Future King of Ybor

Picture 6A former U.S. commando turned Syndicate enforcer recounts his first and only mission with the infamous Black Creek Security firm. It’s on this mission that he has the honor to witness the Godfather’s favorite nephew (Braden Pierce) in action.

Eight For Death, Seven for Peace – Gavin Hassel: A Future King of Ybor

Eight for Death, Seven for Peace

When a young street tough stabs a nonviolent door-to-door preacher, a small town urban neighborhood becomes infected by several of the most notorious criminals in the world. Continuing with the “Tales of Ybor” stories, this title contains graphic violence and street level language. While “The Godfather’s Sword” revolves around Braden Pierce, the prodigy syndicate enforcer, “Seven Deaths” introduces us to one of the few individuals who can match him in skill and execution. Gavin Hassell is an indiscriminate killer who sets his own agenda based on the highest bidder and his own private personal constitution.

My Childhood with a Future Sociopath: Aida and Eliza

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Pious and good-natured, Aida reminisces about the day she first met the infamous leader of August the 18th, Eliza Christie. Even as children, Eliza exuded the personality of someone who would one day make men bow down before her. And while the two were initially thick as thieves, equal but opposite and joined at the hip during their waddling days, there was one incident that would scar Aida and change the way she saw her childhood friend. It was the day that Eliza released an inner demon that would go on to dictate her violent need for retaliation for the rest of her life.


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