Chapter 9 – G-Force vs. G-X

kyu vs ryu

That night, we told Mom and Dad about our day and got ready for tomorrow.

“Well, genius,” said Chris as we brushed our teeth. “What’s your plan?”

“I talked to Ken and Ryu and they said it might work. At the dance, you and me will sing a song to Mina and Lana causing Kyo to get jealous.”

Chris grinned. “That’s awesome.”

The next four days went well. We avoid G-X and came home to practice the song to sing. We were going to sing, “Anything for You”. The song is a slow song with some high pitches. Perfect for making the girls fall for you. Now came the night to venture forth.

The dance was at 7’oclock. We met up at Ken’s house to discuss the plans. We all wore matching white shirts with black shorts. The girls went to the dance separately so Kyo wouldn’t get mad. This made me wonder if Kyo was able to take on all the Sailor Scouts at once. Chris and Ryu rode with Ken while I rode my Green Dynasty. We got to the dance 30 minutes late but Ryu said everyone would be used to it.

The dance was pretty hot but it didn’t seem to bother anyone. We all just had a good time. I didn’t see Lana and Kyo at all. I went over to Ken who was cautiously dancing with another girl.

“Where’s Lana!” I shouted over the music.

“I don’t know. You’re not getting worried are you?” Ken jeered.

I was about to respond until a gang of about twenty came busting through the doors. Kyo and Lana were leading them. I looked at Chris and gave him the cue. That’s when we went behind the stage to set up.

Kyo Kusanagi 1

On the dance floor, the girls were looking for us. Lana pretended she wasn’t worried about me. Kyo, as per usual, was wearing his jacket and jeans. He put his arm around her shoulder.

“You want some punch?”

As soon as she said yeah, he softly punched her chin and signaled for one of his guys to get it.

Behind stage, we were setting up. The stage manager said that they only had three mics and that the fourth was under the table with the snacks. I volunteered to go get it. As I made my way through the crowd, I accidentally bumped into Alex.

He immediately grabbed me by the collar and jacked me up. Kyo put a hand on Alex’s shoulder. “Put him down.”

Alex stared at Kyo in defiance. Then he put me down.

“Sorry bout that. So how’ve you been doin’? Haven’t seen you in a while.” Kyo said.

“Big school. What can I say.” I chuckled.

He laughed too. I looked at Lana who seemed scared. Each time I saw Lana this week, she seemed scared. I kinda pissed me off.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” said Kyo. “I think you’re pretty strong to take on both Sean and the Chameleon. And you had the guts to challenge me to a fight. So I thought, why not be a G-X member? You’ll be respected. And I’ll make you stronger.”

Lana looked at me with those big brown eyes that told me no.

Sailor Jupiter - Lita 5

“Majestic! We need that mic!” Chris shouted.

I got the mic from under the table. “I got to go. But I’ll get back to you on that.” I told them before taking off for the stage.

Kyo stared at me as I ran. “You’ll join,” He said under his breath.

I gave the stage manager the mic so he could hook it up. Once he did, he gave the DJ a thumbs up to play our music. All the sudden, the lights went dim. Ken, Ryu, Chris, and I took center stage to perform. The moment Chris and I started singing the first verse, the crowd went wild. We sang in perfect harmony. Ken and Ryu backed us up in the low pitch areas. The Sailor Scouts were amazed. After the first chorus, we walked off stage…straight to the girls.


Chris went to Mina. Ken to Serena. Ryu to Amy. And I went to Lana. The moment I was within kissing distance, I felt the tension grow. Kyo was getting pissed. My plan so far was going well, but I didn’t know how long Kyo would control his temper. Lana’s smiling face looked as if she was about to cry. I tried not to laugh.

Finally at the end of the song, the music cut off and the spotlight was on Chris and I. “There’s one thing for sure, I know it’s true.” Chris sang.

“Baby I’d go anywhere, for you.” I finished.

Once we finished singing, the lights came back on and everyone clapped. Lana’s eyes were flowing with tears. I looked at Ken who gave me the thumbs up, and then at Chris who was hugging Mina. Before I could turn to look at Lana, she grabbed me and started kissing me. The audience went wild. So was G-X. I couldn’t see what Kyo was doing since Lana had my head in CPR mode. It was the longest kiss I ever had. Probably ever will too. Once she let go, she ran over to Rei and started laughing and fan-girling out.

That’s when I finally had the guts to look at Kyo. Man, I ain’t ever seen such a cold, hard, evil stare.

Kyo Kus


It was a good thing the chaperone came over the chastise me. As we walked away, I sense a growing power level. I turned back to look at Kyo who was leaving with his gang. At the end of the dance, G-Force had to stay and clean up. The Sailor Scouts went home. So we walked them to their limo, gave everyone a hug, and loaded them into the car.

Lana pulled me in for a second kiss. “Thanks. I really appreciate it. Even though Kyo had me on lock, you had the guts to go over there and cheer me up. This was the best night I had in a long time.”

I smiled. “Be strong, Lana. No one can ever make you do something you don’t want to do. And as for Kyo, things are gonna change. So don’t worry about him.”

“Come on!” Chris shouted.

I kissed Lana goodbye and they were off.

As soon as they were out of sight, I gave Chris a high-five. “Man, I’m good!” Chris boasted.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing I came up with that plan.” I said.

We all started laughing until we heard another voice.

“You did! You must be proud!”

Before I could turn to see who said that, Alex came and threw Ken into the doors of the gym. Sean and the Chameleon attacked Chris and Ryu.



Chris tried freezing the Chameleon, but stopped when he noticed the Chameleon was wearing same ninja suit he transformed into, except it was red.

The Chameleon though, did not hesitate to drop-kick Chris in the face. I started to run to help until someone grabbed me by the arm to turn me around and punched me in the stomach so hard that I started to spit out the punch I drank.

“Things are gonna change, huh?” Kyo said.

(in the original canon, I have it the Kyo shoots lightning bolts. But I think I can’t let that stand. Fire is so integral to the character. It has to be fire.)

Ryu started to come back against Sean, so Kyo stretched out his hand towards Ryu. A stream of fire shot out like from a fire hose, blasting Ryu into a tree that split the tree in half. Kyo started laughing.


That’s when I grabbed Kyo by the hair and punched him in his face. The attacked knocked him to the ground but he was back on his feet as quickly as he fell. We started to square off and circle each other. Alex seemed to have the upper hand on Ken, as did the Chameleon over Chris. Ryu was knocked unconscious so Sean went with some other G-X members to wreak havoc on the gym were we supposed to be cleaning up.

“You really think you can beat me? You’re a lot dumber than I thought.” Kyo said.

That’s when we sprang into action. He ran at me to punch me in the chest, but I quickly dodged to my left and came back to hit him in the face. But I connected, he spun and rammed his elbow into my cheek. I stood dizzy for a moment. Kyo took advantage and powered up to perform a fiery combination of attacks that struck one after the other as if he was trying to break down a wall.


He followed up this devastating combo with an uppercut that sent me in the air and, leaping up with me, he sent a wave of fire that sent me sprawling twenty feet away. I hit the ground, shaking from the pain.

Ken and Chris were down, beaten up pretty badly. Ryu was still unconscious. Kyo walked over me and squatted down with this smug look on his face. The victorious G-X leaders all came over and followed suit.

“Congratulations. You just had the pleasure of experiencing the ‘Final Showdown’. It’s a powerful move, wouldn’t you agree? You see, Majestic. I run this school. Nothing’s gonna change. You couldn’t even touch me. What was I thinking? There’s no way I’ll let you join my gang. Oh. And Lana is mine.”

After saying this, he punched me in the face three hard times while the rest of the gang commenced to stomping me out.

Some time would go by before I awoke to see Chris and Ryu carrying me to Ken’s car. We went to Ken’s house. Chris told mom and dad we were spending the night at Ken’s house. The moment, I got there, I went into the bathroom and washed off the blood and dirt. I didn’t have any serious injuries, but Ken did.

Three of his ribs were shattered from Alex’s attacks. Chris healed he and I with his power. Even though I was good again, my body was still wasted and drained. I went to sleep at 2:30 that night.

The next day was dark and stormy. The Sailor Scouts got word from my mom that we were at Ken’s house and came over. Lana came into Ken’s room happy to see me, but when she saw how tired I was, she knew something was wrong. CChris and Ken were playing video games. Ryu was reading a book. While I was just sitting on the bed watching them play.

Lana came and sat beside me. “Majaestic, what happened?”

“When you pulled off, G-X attacked us.”

She and the other girls gasped.

“It’s alright. Chris healed us.” I assured them. “So don’t worry about it.

Lana suddenly got up. “I’m sorry. I just need to go for a walk.” She said before running down the stairs and out the door.

“It’s alright. She just needs some alone time.” Rei told me.

“Why would they do this?” Mina asked.

“Probably because Majestic is a lot smoother than Kyo is.” Amy winked.

I forced myself to chuckle.

Outside, Lana was running in the rain to Kyo’s mansion. Everyone in the school knew where he lived because his house was the only all black brick house in the city. Once she got there, she banged on the door, screaming his name. Alex opened the door and walked her in. Kyo was in the bar room playing pool with Sean.

“Lana. What can I do for this most unpleasant surprise?” said Kyo.

“Why did you beat up, Majestic? Are you that jealous of a normal human?”

Kyo leaped over the pool table and grabbed her by her chin. “Don’t ever disrespect me!”

Lana started crying but stared in defiance. “I’m not scared of you anymore. You can do whatever you want. I won’t let you hurt my friends again. You-“

Before she could finish her statement, Kyo punched her in her face, sending her through a wall leading to the front door.

“Hey, Kyo!” Sean said as he tossed Kyo his ‘Terror’.

The Terror was a six-foot metal blade with a black handle situated in the middle of the weapon. The user would wield it like a bo-staff. Kyo twirled the blade as if he had mastered it for years, pointing one end of the blade under Lana’s chin.

“Get out. Before I change my mind.” He said before picking her up by the collar and shoving her out the door.

At Ken’s house, I sensed something was wrong. Lana’s been gone for two hours now. Ken was still trying to beat Chris in thegame and I got up and put on the clothes I wore the night before.

“You know what? I think I’m gonna go for a walk, too.” I said

They told me goodbye and as soon as I was out of the house, I summoned my Excalibur sword. I looked for Lana everywhere but couldn’t find her. So I started on my way to Kyo’s house. A mile from Kyo’s house, I saw something in the road. It looked like a dead cat or something under the thick fog of rain. I went over and saw…it was Lana.

hurt sailor jupiter

“LANA!” I checked her pulse. She was alright. “Lana, listen to me. What happened?”

Lana got up to her feet. She hugged me with her tears mixing in with the rain.

“I went to Kyo’s house to tell him it was over and he hit me.”

As soon as she said this, the burning anger inside of me was about to explode. I grabbed Lana by the shoulders. “Listen. I want you to go and tell everyone to meet me at Kyo’s house.”


“Lana, I need you to do it. I can’t let them get away with this. IT’s time we bring this warlord down to a place I call earth. Now go.”

Before I ran off, Lana grabbed me for another kiss. “Majestic, be careful.”

“I will. Now go.”

I ran off at full speed for Kyo’s house. At Kyo’s house, Kyo and Travis the Chameleon felt a strange power coming fast. Kyo warned his gang to be at full alert. Then someone knocked on the front door. Everyone stood in suspense.


sailor jupiter 2

Imitating my love, I threw a lightning bolt that blasted through the doors, smashing it to pieces.

“What the hell was that?!” Alex shouted.

I made my entrance with a double front flip and shouted, “It was justice.”

“Kill him!” Kyo shouted from his position on the upstairs balcony.

Guys rushed at me from all around. I quickly got rid of them by unleashing jumpkicks and strong haymakers. Moments later, Ken and Ryu arrived in their karate uniforms. They both did their famous Hurricane kicks that sent guys sprawling left and right.

Alex, Sean, and Travis came at me from behind. I dodged their attacks and took them all on by myself. Alex was the strongest, but his weak point was his speed. He punched at me while I quickly ducked and kneed him in the chest. It was enough to stagger him back, which gave Ken the go-ahead to avenge himself with the hadoken.


Awestruck from the blast of Ken’s hadoken, I quickly turned to see Sean and Travis were frozen to the ground by Chris’s freeze wave.

“They’re all yours, kid!” Chris told me.

I smiled and after powering up, I hit the ground with my fist so hard, causing boulders to jut forth from the ground, ramming Sean and Travis hard in their chest.

“We’ll take care of the rest of these punks. You go get Kyo!” Sailor Mercury said.

Sailor Mercury power 6

“Oh, and Majestic.” Sailor Mars called out. “Go get revenge for Sailor Jupiter!”

Sailor Mars fire 2.gif

“I will!” I said with determination.

I then took off up the stairs checking all the rooms. Finally, I opened the door that led to the roof. The storm wasn’t letting up. A burst of flame hit the door just as I dashed away. Kyo was standing on the other side of the access door.


“Get ready!” He told me.

He was holding his Terror. So I drew my Excalibur.

lightning sword

We stared each other down with the same mutual rage. I felt his power rise and I did my best to match it. Lightning bolts lit up the sky and we attacked. He was so fast, I almost didn’t see his blade coming. It was a dangerous game of sword play. Back and forth we went. He cut me a few times as I did him.

Our strenght almost seemed on par and I think that pissed him off even further. It fueled him to think that I was somehow on his level. It fueled me, just thinking about how badly he hurt Sailor Jupiter.

Finally, he managed to knock the blade out of my hands. He was about to kill me until I grabbed the center handle of his weapon. I shoved it towards his face, breaking his nose. The pain must have been unbearable. He dropped his sword to hold his nose, and that’s when I ran and tackled him off the side of the house. We landed three stories into the front yard.

G-Force was finishing up and came out to watch. Kyo kicked me into the air and sent a ball of fire to blast me away. I landed on his Corvette, putting a dent on the hood of it. Wincing from the pain, I looked up to see him flying my way with an aerial kick. I moved out of the way and he ended up breaking away the frame of his windshield. A piece of it was caught around his leg.

“Here! Let me help you with that!” I shouted.

I punched him so hard that he hit the car and the car skid on impact. He dropped on his knees and popped back up for one final charge. He swung for my face, but I leaned right, anchored my right foot, and put everything I had into a rising hook that saw electricity swirling around my fists. It connected with his chin, electrocuting him on impact before he hit the driveway pavement and shook with pain.

At last…I stepped back and breathed.

“Oh my god…You did it, Majestic.” Said Sailor Mars.

“Remember what I told you?” Chris taunted Ryu.

The group started cheering and came to congratulate me. “Come on guys, lets go home!” I told them.

As we left Kyo’s property, full of triumph, a burst of fire struck Chris in the back, sending him rolling across the street. It was Kyo. He came racing towards me rearing for another attack.

That’s when I saw another diamond floating in thin air. I immediately grabbed the diamond and flet the power surge throughout my body as it did before. Ten feet and closing, I jutted my open palms Kyo’s way. A bolt of lightning streamed forth with a tremendous boom of the thunder and static.

It happened in the blink of an eye. Once it was all out, Kyo was on the ground in tattered clothes, his jacket and shirt disintegrated from the attack. But he was still alive. I was livid.

I jumped about 50 feet in the air and landed with a knee to Kyo’s stomach. He screamed with spit flying from his mouth. Ruthlessly, I started punching him again and again until Ken got me off of him.

“Majestic, it’s over.” Ken told me.

“It’s never over!” Kyo wheezed in a balled up puddle of pain. “As long as I live, I’ll never stop trying to kill you.”

“And we’ll be there to fight back!” said an energetic Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon pose


Ryu carried Chris on his shoulders as we walked back to the house. In a way, I felt proud to have beaten a leader of what was said to be the most dangerous gang in LA. In a way, I was worried. Did I put everyone I cared about in danger?

That day would start the mark of a rivalry that would last to the death. What I did not realize, was that this rivalry was what made me strong over the years. And for that, I thank Kyo Kusanagi.

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