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G-Force – Fan FictionG-Force random

G-Force is a fictional world I daydreamed of for years from the age of ten and started writing about when I was fifteen. It features fictional versions of characters from Street Fighter, Sailor Moon, King of Fighters, DBZ and even X-Men. The main story follows a fictional version of myself named Majestic. My adopted brother’s name is Chris, who’s essentially a blond blue-eyed version of Sub-Zero. Our best friends are teenage versions of Ken and Ryu. As a teaser, I have Ryu as a Saiyan (future super saiyan). And Ken is actually a mutant, a brother to Cyclops and Havock.

As I said, I started this daydream when I was ten so all of us were ten. We grow up fast, strong, and powerful. We travel the world as superstar singers in a boyband who moonlight as superheroes when the situation calls for it. We get in a whole lot of fights but we never stop improving. The future of the world depends on our friendship, our ability to push each other into new heights.

ken-intro6P.S. The prose is written exactly as you’d expect from a 15-year-old who didn’t like to read. And shout out to Fighter’s Generation for their gifs. I used to visit that website all the time when I was writing this fan-fic and I’m glad to see they’re still going strong.


Sailor Scouts 2

– Creating Worlds – Prologue

A short prologue of how I created G-Force and what inspired. It’s quite revealing. A bit embarrassing. But still. It’s the truth of the world the way I saw it.

Chapter 1: Adoption

We’re introduced to two adopted eleven-year-old brothers, Majestic and Chris. Destined for greatness, but uncouth, young, wild, and naïve. Bursting with talent, they audition for a movie where they meet child stars and junior martial arts champions, Ken and Ryu.

After a rough start, the friendship takes flight, opening Majestic and Chris’s eyes to a world of superhuman abilities…and a group of ass-kicking girls who call themselves the Sailor Scouts.

Chapter 2 : The F**k with the Sailor Scouts

Majestic’s big mouth gets him into trouble when he makes fun of a promise ring given to Ken by his girlfriend, Serena. What Majestic doesn’t know is that Serena and her cousins make up the Sailor Scouts, an up and coming girl band who also protects the world against monsters by calling upon celestial powers. And Serena is the strongest. She is the one named Sailor Moon.

Chapter 3: Sailor Jupiter Strikes

After series of violent clashes, resentment still brews in spite of Majestic’s apology. The scathing sarcasm and belittlement wears him down to the point where he’s ready to quit the movie that he and Chris auditioned for. However, Ken and a few of the Sailor Scouts aren’t ready to give up on their new friends just yet. Sailor Jupiter and Majestic have a score to settle. Their battle is inevitable.

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