Chapter 8 – The Guy Who Beat Sailor Jupiter

Chapter 8 – The Other Guy who Beat Sailor Jupiter

Kyo knocking out Ryu

Six hours later, I woke up on an airplane. I looked around to see a stewardess smiling at me.

“Where am I?”

“You’re on a plane about to land in Los Angeles in five minutes.” She told me.

I told her thanks and laid my head back down.

“You know, you’re pretty famous. It’s in all the newspapers about how you saved those girls.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, Majestic! Can I get your autograph?”

Pleasantly surprised, I said sure and gave it to her.

Once we landed, a couple of crew members put me in a stretcher. I let them even though I wasn’t in critical condition. They tried to put me in an ambulance and that’s when I got up and showed I could walk on my own. I asked one of the personnel where they rest of G-Force had gone. She said they went home, and went on about her business.

I entered the airport and looked around for assistance. I was still twelve, after all. LAX was huge, a lot bigger than Atlanta’s. Some of the writings were in different languages I couldn’t understand. It was pretty hopeless. But I decided ot take advantage of this situation and talk to people I’ve never met.

The first person I decided to talk to was a girl who looked about my age. She and the girl standing next to her turned around. I recognized them as the Olsen twins.

Olsen Twins

“Hey, do you know where the information desk is?”

As they stared at me, their mouths dropped. “You’re Majestic!” They said in unison.

This caused a chain reaction in the people surrounding us. I was embrassed and started to blush. That’s when a group of fans came running and screaming my name. I took off running the other way. It was like an obstacle course the way I leaped over props and rails. Finally, I lost most of the reporters by jumping from the balcony of the fourth level out of the airport. Even though I was free, I didn’t stop running.

After about thirty minutes of running and sightseeing the Los Angeles area, I finally stopped at a skate park by the beach to rest. I was so exhausted that some of the skaters came and offered me some water.

“Man, are you okay?” One of them asked.

“I’ll be alright.” I said in a wheeze.

“Welcome to LA, Majestic.” A girl shot out.

Hearing my name from strangers was beginning to take a traumatic effect on me. I turned to her, wide-eyed as if I might need to take off again.

“Majestic? From the news?”


“No way dude! Yo, my name is Johnny Quest. These are my friends Alex Summer and Karen.”

“I’m just here for the summer. Hope to catch you again bro!” Alex said before going off to skate.

All of them had blonde hair, but Karen’s hair was curly.


“Yo man, that was cool saving those girls. They were friends of mine.” Johnny told me as Karen went off to skate with Alex.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Those girls live in London?”

Johnny smirked. “You must not watch the news. My dad is Dr. Quest. You know? The famous inventor and scientist? Any of this ringing a bell?”

I still look puzzled.

He chuckled, “Don’t hurt yourself. My dad travels all over the world as an archeologist. I met those girls. Juli, Juni, and Morrigan during a visit to London. They’re actually pretty good at martial arts. By the way, I know Juli and Juni were saved, but I didn’t see Morrigan. What happened to her?”

“She’s dead.” I said, trying not to think about her face.

“That’s messed up. But, thanks for saving Juli and Juni. If you ever need anything, come visit me at Quest Enterprises downtown. That’s probably where I’ll be. Catch you later.”

I looked around as the sun scorched down and thought reflectively, “man, I can’t let this beat me up. I tried my best and that’s good enough. Right?”

All the sudden, I heard someone arguing. I looked up to see Johnny getting pushed into a wall by a cream haired boy and a black kid with short dreads. I hurried over there and shouted, “Leave him alone!”

I shoved the cream-haired kid and he hit the ground hard. The black kid ran to his side and asked, “Travis, you alright.”

With fury in his eyes, Travis swiped the black kid aside and jump-kicked to his feet. He got in my face and my ego raised to the occasion. I wanted to see what these guys were made of.

“What’s up, punk!” Travis snarled. “Who do you think you are? Do you know who you’re messin with? You’re messin with Sean and me, the Chameleon. We’re part of G-X! Generation Xtreme!”

He shouted this in my face. In an impulsive burst of motion, I summoned my sword that seemingly appeared out of thin air and aimed the tip at Travis’s throat, slowly backing him away.

“Oh, look at this bitch.” Sean smirked. “Can’t fight a Street Fight, faggot?”

I drove my sword into the sand. “Anytime!”

Before I could get ready, Travis came at me, punching my in my stomach and then kneeing me in my face. I was knocked into the air but did a back-handspring to stay on my feet. He was at it again. He swung at my face but missed. He tried again but this time I caught his arm and pulled him in, kneeing him in the ribs before slamming him over my shoulders.

I then turned to Sean. I couldn’t find him.

“MAJESTIC, LOOK OUT!” Johnny shouted.


I looked up to see Sean soaring for me with his heel’s aiming for me face. I quickly stepped out of the way just in time to avoid his attack and countered with a powerful side-kick I’d seen Ryu do a hundred times. The bottom of my shoe caved into his chest and sent him rolling on his back.


Travis slowly got up to one knee when I went over and grabbed him by his shirt. “You don’t bother us anymore. Got it!”


He smirked. “Wait till Kyo finds out. He’s going to kick your ass.”

“That’s it!” I shouted it.

I lunged back to hit him so hard he’d wake up in the next week but before I could connect, I saw a flash and hit nothing but air. Travis and Sean were gone.

“Thanks man,” Johnny said.

“What happened to Sean and Travis?” I asked.

“Quicksilver got ‘em.” Karen said from the top of the ramp. All the skaters had been watching this whole time.

“See! And Karen here wants to join G-X.” Alex said shaking his head.

“Yo, who’s Kyo?” I asked.

“That’s just their gang leader.” Johnny told me.

A limo pulled up. “There’s my ride. You need a lift, Majestic?”

It was getting pretty late. I asked if he knew where Ken Masters lived and surprisingly, he said yes. So he gave me a ride there.

“Man, that was awesome what you did back there. Not many have the guts to take on G-X. Let alone, Kyo.” Johnny told me.

I was looking out the window to all the big houses were passed. “Who’s Kyo?”

The driver started laughing. “Are you referring to Kyo Kusanagi?”

I glanced at Johnny. “I guess.” I said.

“Well then, we’re on the same page. Kyo is one of the most talented fighters on the planet. I don’t know who taught him because his dad doesn’t know martial arts.” The driver said.


The driver had a native New York accent. I asked him for his name. “The name’s Robert. I’m also a martial artist, though not a Street Fighter. For now, I’m Master Quest’s bodyguard. Soon, I’ll join the King of Fighters tournament. This is it.”

Robert ran around and opened the door for me. Johnny and I got out and I shook Johnny’s hand. “Thanks for the ride, JQ.”

“No problem! It’s the least I could do for your heroic acts. And don’t forget to visit my dad’s lab.” He said getting back into the car.

As soon as Johnny closed the door, Robert sped off with screeching tires. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Then I turned to Ken’s house…It was ridiculous. Palm trees everywhere. A mansion in a neighborhood of mansions. Ken’s garage was open with a whole bunch of musical instruments left idle as if a garage band had just finished practice. I went in and sat down behind the drum set. I didn’t play. I just sat there and fantasized about playing in front of a live audience.

Inside…everyone who was not playing video games was worried about me, all on the second floor. Chris hogged the game because he kept beating everyone. Serena, complained and caused a big fight for Ken not helping her. Downstairs, the grown-ups were contemplating calling the police. I guess Chris wasn’t all that worried because he knew I could handle myself. That’s what I told myself. Yep. That it was that, and not because he was so immersed in whipping everybody up on NBA Jam.

There were two loud knocks at the door. The second mom answered it, she started hugging me. “Oh my god! We were so worried about you!”

“”We heard about the incident in London. I just want you to know we’re all so very proud of you.” Said Mr. B.

“That’s my line.” Dad said as he gave me a hug.

“Guys, come on down!” Said a woman dressed in purple and black. “Look who showed up.”

Chris was the first one down, sliding on the rail. Mr. B gave him a stern look but Chris was too excited to see me.

“Yo! Where you been? We were all worried about you.” He said as if he had heard I was aboard the Titanic.

The rest of G-Force came down with Serena leading the bunch with that signature coy smirk of hers. “Well, well, well. It’s about time.”

“And a ho ho ho ho to you, Serena.”

“You’ll have to excuse her. She’s having a rough day.” Ken said.

Chris and several of the Sailor Scouts snickered under their breaths as Serena stared daggers at her boyfriend. “I HEARD THAT!” She shouted.

“You guys think you’re so funny! How funny is it gonna be when I go nuclear on you? And you!” Serena said pointing at me.

“What took you so long!? I know you’re faster than a car. You should have been here hours ago you son of a…”

Some guy in a black designer shirt put a hand over Serena’s mouth. “I apologize for my daughter. My name is George Clooney. I’m her step-father.”

“Let me get a closer look at our young celebrity.” Said the sophisticated woman in purple and black.

Ryu stood to receive her. “Majestic, allow me to introduce my mother, Rose. She’s a very spirited Street Fighter, although she hardly fights anymore. She now spends her days as a tarot reader. Much to my chagrin.”

Rose took my hand and smiled. Her eyes were so mesmerizing. She told me, “Remember this day, Majestic. The people you met and the information you learned will come back to you.”


I stared, puzzled. She looked pretty and way too young to be Ryu’s mother. Ryu grabbed my shoulders and said, “Let’s go upstairs and let the grownups talk more.” I went upstairs with the rest of G-Force behind us. Ken’s room was huge. Ryu’s room was down the hall. Everyone just sprawled out over this massive bed that looked as large as a swimming pool and Ken didn’t seem to mind. They just resumed doing what they were doing before I arrived.

I laid back in a chair and just watched my crew. Chris and Serena competing like crazy on the video games. Ken and Ryu speculating about something I couldn’t quite hear. While the rest of the Sailor Scouts gossiped about what they were going to wear or their upcoming plans.

For the rest of the summer, G-Force had a good time on vacation, occasionally performing a few songs for TV spots. The Sailor Scouts had more fights with demons and other supernatural beings while Ken and Ryu had more Street Fights. Chris and I continued our practice and sparred, getting better with each match. I also continued to practice with my sword, the Excalibur. And on August 18th, I turned 13-years-old.

Johnny Quest and his Dad gave me a dark green motorcycle called the Green Dynasty. Since Mr. Quest designed it, it ran off of nuclear energy and could reach up to break-neck speeds. If I wanted to, I could drive it over water.

Two weeks before school started, Ken and Ryu spent their time at Rose’s house in Brazil for special training. Chris and I felt left out so we spent our time conducting our own special training by the beach. It got to the point where we developed our own martial arts styles, deviating from the karate we were taught by Ken. Chris honed in his ability to freezing things and shoot icy blasts while I focused on harnessing the electricity, the lightning power I was able to generate using the diamond of my own heart.

Then finally… the day came for our first day of school. Seventh grade, two years since we first met Ken and Ryu. I was both nervous and excited. Chris and I woke up at 8:30 to get ready. We would now attend Valley Jr. High School. This was a special school where only the rich and famous kids went. I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing anybody in particular, but as always, I had Lana on my mind. Mainly, the sight of Lana in a two-piece from a pool party Mr. B threw over the summer.

Chris and I met up as Ken’s house to ride with the boys while the Sailor Scouts had their own ride. I hadn’t seen the Sailor Scouts for some time because their fights took them all over the globe, such as Japan and Australia. And it was our first time seeing Ken and Ryu in two weeks. So I was expecting it to be an interesting day.

At nine, Chris knocked on the door. Ryu opened it. “Yo, Majestic! Chris. It’s been a while.” Ryu said, giving us some dap. I could tell he had gotten stronger.

“So how was the training session?” Chris asked.

Ryu smirked, shaking his head to get the bangs out of his eyes. “Wouldn’t you like to know. Why don’t you come back later and I’ll show you.”

Chris nodded. “You’re on, punk!”

A few minutes later, Ken came down dressed in white. Chris and I was stunned when we saw the color of his hair. It was blonde and not the brownish red we were accustomed to.

“Dude! You’re hair is like…mine!” Chris said.

Ken nodded and ushered us along. “Hey guys. Come on. I’m sorry, but we gotta walk and talk at the same time. I don’t know how school’s like down in Georgia, in LA, teachers will not hesitate to bust you out in front of the class.”

We got in Ken’s red Dodge GTS Viper with Ken driving.

“Dude…you’re only 13. What are you doing driving?” I asked as Ken pulled off down the road.

“It’s my dad man. He can make things happen. Oh, an about my hair. I always dye my hair blonde when I’m training. It’ll eventually go back to red, so don’t flatter yourself.”

Man, Ken and Ryu were so cool. Ryu looked stronger, with toned biceps and stocky shoulders. His hair looked darker with a bouncy shine in it. Ken’s hair flowered in the wind as he work dark sunglasses with that smooth, confident vibe. They just looked grown. I wondered how much the girls had changed.

As soon as we pulled up to the school, I was starstruck. The campus looked awesome. This was only middle school but everyone was dressed as if they were in college, like adults in a music video with the trendiest, bold fashion. And it was packed. My heart was racing, more nervous than I thought I’d be. Chris was excited. Ryu was quiet as usual. And Ken looked like a Hollywood big shot the way he pointed and got high-fives from everyone we passed.

“YEAH! This school is awesome. Man, I ain’t never seen so many fine girls in one spot!” said a hyperactive Chris.

“That’s because you ain’t ever been to school in LA.” Said Ken, still pointing and nodding at everyone.

Ryu put his arm around my shoulder. “Well, Majestic? What do you think of LA?”

My eyes were squinting from the bright sun. “Well…it’s different.”

Just then, some skater came butting in. “Of course it’s different, dude! This is the city of angels. Anyone can get high, man! Wahoo!” The skater said as he continue on.

A group of girls came up to us and asked to take a picture for the year book. We all said yeah and interlocked arms, shoulder to shoulder. Once they took the picture and thanked us, one of them recognized me.

“I know you! You’re the boy from the airport. You remember last month? Yeah, you’re Majestic.”

I finally recognized her too. We shook hands.

“My name is Ashley. I’m one of the school’s photographers for the year book. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

She wouldn’t let go of my hand. She just kept shaking it while smiling into my eyes. “Maybe I’ll see more great things from you. Catch you later.” She said before finally releasing me.

“What was that about?” I said aloud.

Chris put his arm around my shoulder. “We’re celebrities now, man. We can get any girl we want.”

I smirked. “Really. How about that one?” I said, nodding toward a group of girls heading our way. Chris looked and was immediately blown away by how gorgeous Mina was. My eyes were spellbound on the visage of Lana. I couldn’t say a word. Lana, Mina and Rei floated our way like angels from the sky.


“Hey guys! Long time no see.” Rei said.

“So, Majestic. What do you think of our school?” Lana asksed.

“I love it!” I said, gushing with emotions.

It was too much. The girls stared at me like the newb I was. Mina rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the cool one.

“Nice hair, Ken! You’re beginning to look as beautiful as me.” Mina teased.

“Oh, that’s cute Mina. Where’s Amy and Serena?”

“The principal wanted to see them.” Lana answered.

“Don’t worry, Ken.” Rei said snapping her fingers. “If you don’t find her, she’ll find you.”

“Oh, great. What did I do now.” Ken muttered.

The bell rang. We followed the girls down the massive hall packed with students. And as we walked, I noticed the blonde curly hair of Karen from the beach. She was leaning against the wall as if she was waiting for someone. I tapped Lana on the shoulder.

“Hey, do you know her?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“I was wondering if she was part of G-X.” I told her.

Lana and I separated from the others as we headed for our lockers. “I think she is. She’s really not that bad though. Wait a minute. How do you know about G-X?”

For some reason, I could feel the tension rising. As I put the combination in for my locker, I said “Well, I forgot to mention this but I had a little run in with Sean and Travis on my first day in LA. I told Chris. I guess I just forgot to tell you guys.”

She grabbed me by my shoulders and hemmed me against the locker. “Majestic! If you want to keep this friendship, you have to talk to us. Okay?”

It happened so suddenly that I could barely make out what she just said. I just saw the angst in her beautiful brown eyes before embarrassment set in that everyone was watching us.

“Yeah, I got it Lana.”

She released me. “What class do you have first?”

I looked at my schedule. “Mrs. Dean’s class.”

She smiled. “So do I. Why don’t you go have a look around and we’ll talk more in class. It’s good to see you again, Majestic.”

Lana gave me a hug and walked away. It was strange but there was something distressing in her tone. Like, she was hiding something. Just strange.

Across the hall, I caught a glimpse of Ken’s blonde hair. The rest of the group were on their way to class. Chris was having a good time making fun of the Goths and preps. And of course Mina, his little accomplice, kept urging him on. Ken seemed a little upset because he hadn’t seen Serena yet. Then, there she was. Serena with her signature twin flowing pigtails that came down to the back of her knees and by her side was Amy. The sound of Serena slapping Ken echoed off the halls, followed by a chorus of “OHH!!!”

Sailor Moon - Cheating

“What the fuck was that for!” Ken shouted.

Serena slapped him again. The crowd got revved up and even Ashley from the yearbook took a picture.

“Stop swearing!” Serena scolded. “Why didn’t you call over the summer? I was worried! You could have been killed for all I know. Do you even love me? You’re such a big jerk!”

Serena mounted complaint after complaint and Ken progressively clenched his teeth and got mad. Chris and Mina were like Serena’s cheerleaders the way they circled around and riled up the audience. Ken was starting to get pissed at them too.

“Are you going to let me talk? Shit!” Ken yelled.

Serena slapped him again. Her slaps were so fast. It happened in a flash and I doubted Ken had time to even get a hand up to block it.

“Stop swearing! All you do is curse! Why don’t you expand your vocabulary? You’re so dirty! Why did you have to dye your hair blonde? You look like a girl. I swear your hair better turn red again.”

Sailor Moon going off

Serena went on and on. There was nothing Ryu could do. By the time I got there, Ken was as red as she wanted his hair to be. I reached in and grabbed Serena by her arm.

“Why don’t you calm down before Ken really gets mad.” I warned her.

Serena literally backed me off with a palm to my face. “Psh! Boy please. Ken isn’t going to do anything.”

“FUCK YOU SERENA!” Ken silenced the crowd with his vocal eruption.

Then he went and flipped Chris over a trashcan. “And fuck you too, Chris!” he added.

The crowd’s ridicule quickly turned to Chris and Serena while Ken stormed off to class. I helped up Chris. The girls ushered away a weeping Serena. And everyone went to class.

Mrs. Dean was a short old lady with brown hair who taught science. When she talked, it sounded like she had a chainsaw down her throat. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But let’s just say that in the first five minutes, half of the class was knocked out asleep. I sat by Lana to talk.

sailor jupiter lita 3

“So what did you mean by a little run-in with Sean and Travis?” She whispered, keeping her eyes forward.

“Well, they were picking on Johnny Quest, so I helped him out. That’s why he gave me that Green Dynasty motorcycle.”

“So you fought against them and won?”


“This isn’t good, Majestic. G-X is made up of a whole bunch of gangs and thugs. Sean and Travis are two of the five main leaders. There’s Sean and Travis, as you know. Then Karen and Alex. And the main leader is the strongest of them combined. His name is Kyo. Kyo Kusanagi.”

“Tell me more about Kyo.” I said.

“Well. Kyo and I used to go out before I found out he was a bully, leading them all. I heard he still has a crush on me, but who knows. He has this charismatic aura about him that draws in anyone who hates rules and authority. But he has really bad temper. Once his fuse is lit…well, let’s just say that Ken and Ryu have already fought against him. And both of them lost. And other than you, he’s the only other guy to beat me. He has a good heart. He just wants things to go his way.”

I tuned out once she told me that this was the guy who beat her. Not to mention he had a crush on Lana. Man, am I in that much trouble?

“Does he go here?” I asked, cutting her off.


“How does he fight?” I asked.

“Well, most people don’t know but I do. Even though his dad is Magneto, he got his martial arts skill from a master in Japan named Sanosuke Kusanagi. That’s why his last name is Kusanagi. For respect for his late teacher. He uses a style called Hetem Mitshoruoushi. It is said that he alone killed fifty of General M. Bison’s men for trying to arrest his master.”

“No way!”

“Yes way! He is that strong. You’ll know him when you see him. Very handsome. Very athletic. He wears a white headband and he always wears the same type of clothes. A short white jacket with blue jeans that have a chain hanging from the dagger in his pocket.”

Throughout the rest of the day, I tried to avoid anybody with a white jacket. I was successful too. Until lunch. At lunch everyone eats outside on the picnic tables. I sat down with Chris, Mina, Lana, Ken, Ryu, and Ashley. It was all good until someone tapped me on the shoulders.

Before I could turn around, Ken, Ryu, and the girls stood up. I turned around to see him. My heart started beating faster. It’s like my dad was standing over me when I did something wrong. I stood up and found out he was just as tall as I was.


Sean, Karen, and Travis were with him. There was another guy though. He looked Russian with a jagged red headband, a green shirt, and baggy army jeans. I had no doubt this was Alex.

I held out my hand. “Hey, what’s up man. My name is…”

“Majestic.” He finished, shaking my hand. “Relax, G-Force. No need to get hard. Better not get hard. I just wanted to congratulate Majestic here on his win against Travis and Sean. Must be strong to take them both on and win.”

He maintained eye contact with each syllable. Then started to laugh. “No wonder he beat you guys. He’s solid as a rock. Relax, man. I like you.”

I started to smile, and everyone sat down.

“I heard a lot about you.” I said. “Some say your pretty strong. How would you like to spar sometime?”

“Sure, just tell me where and when.”

Travis and Sean started to stare me down hard. Kyo noticed. “Don’t worry about them. They’re just mad. Oh yeah! I heard about your heroic rescue in London. Good job. Did Cody get away?”

“Actually, he did.” Said Ryu. “The police said they never found him. Funny. How did you know it was Cody?”

Kyo smirked. “Alright, see. Was I talking to you? You know what. I’m not even gonna worry about it. But yeah. Cody was a good friend of mine till he told me Ken beat him in a street fight.”

Ken vs Cody

“Look, why don’t you just leave, man.” Chris suggested.

Kyo stared at him. “Let me get this straight. You’re telling Kyo Kusanagi, the leader of G-X, what to do? I suggest you keep quiet. Lana, why don’t you be my date this weekend at the Back to School dance? It would be my honor.”

Lana glanced around the table before averting her gaze to the ground. “Yes.” She said.

Once she said this, Kyo immediately got up and left, followed by the rest of the G-X leaders.

I stared at Lana in disbelief. “Lana, why did you say yes?”

“I had no choice. If I said no, he would have beat up Chris.”

Chris and I got fired up. “What! That’s bullshit! I can’t believe this. Who the hell does he think he is?” Chris snarled.

“Chris, relax man. I have a plan.” I told him.