Redemption: Who Cares?

Redemption: Why Should Millennials and Gen-Z Care about This? 

Sometimes when more scholarly Christians toss around words like “Redemption” or “Sanctification” it can be a bit difficult to comprehend or understand what that looks like or what it is. What’s so appealing about it? Why should I care?

Seriously…when I was a kid, my parents used to talk about the “kingdom of heaven.” Then, I looked around the church and thought to myself, “No, Thank You!” That’s because I couldn’t understand what the Kingdom of Heaven was. Back then, they made it seem like “heaven” was this place where there was nothing but a bunch of stiff, pious, monks and nuns.

It’s like being back in Advanced Algebra. When I asked when I would ever need to use things like the Quadratic Formula in real life? The teacher didn’t have an answer. And since I saw no benefit, I wasn’t motivated to learn. I didn’t care about getting better beyond that which was required to pass the class because…what’s the point? 

I think it’s the same with concepts like “Redemption” or “Sanctification”. Now, to be completely honest. I was prompted to write about Redemption and encouraged by another website called, SigmaFrame. You should check it out, because Jack’s an awesome intellectual and the comments sections are always full of thinkers I’ve come to have a tremendous amount of respect for. 

But after much reflection and ample prayer…I asked myself, who do I want to reach? Who’s my audience? Other knowledgeable Christians who are already striving to do what’s good in God’s eyes? I don’t think so.

Instead, my aim has always been on those who call themselves Christians but don’t know what Christ taught. I also target the agnostics who are on the fence, and the Christians who are indifferent towards the Truth because of terrible experiences they may have had with Christianity. If my aim is to help the layman to “embrace” the truth, I believe we have to talk to them at their level. So here goes… 

What Is Redemption? 

When it comes to “Redemption,” I’m going to keep it simple. Redemption is “the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.” 

To describe it, I like to use the illustration of a Death Warrant. Imagine you were scheduled to be Executed next Friday. Your name is on a death warrant for your wrong doings. For your mistakes, you are scheduled to die.  

But even though it’s your name on that Death Warrant…another man, someone blameless who’s never done anything wrong…because he loves you and wants to see you live, he crosses your name off that Death Warrant and writes his own name in your place. 

This man’s death is not pretty. You watch as he’s flogged. You can see as crowds of people are mocking and spitting at him as he struggles to carry a wooden cross through the town all the way up to his execution site. Then nails are hammered through his hands, and he’s hoisted up into a crucifixion where his body is stretched and racked to the point that every breath feels like he’s slowly suffocating. 

This death was meant for you. But Jesus saved you. All you have to do is repent. Repent means “turn away”. So, when you repent, you’re turning away from the life you used to lead, and you turn to following Christ’s teachings. If you do this…if you submit yourself to Christ’s teachings, believing that he was the son of God who died for your sins…you have been Redeemed. 

Now, I know there are some Christians who will stop here and say, “Now wait one dang minute?! You don’t have to do anything to be redeemed! Jesus Christ died for our sins. As long as you believe, that’s it. You’re saved.”  

To which, I’d say, Okay…but how do you know if you really believe or not? Anyone can “claim” to be a believer in Christ…but plainly put, being a Christian means you’re a “follower” of Christ. In order to be a follower of Christ, you have to know what Christ and his Apostles taught. In order to do know what they taught, you have to read the Holy Scriptures (the Bible).  

God knows our hearts. To refrain from reading the scriptures just so you can claim ignorance and say “I didn’t know”…God will see right through that. And many Christians are suffering this very day due to that willful ignorance and lack of interest. 

In Revelations Chapter 3, the Apostle John scolded the early church of Laodicea for neither being hot (filled with spiritual zeal) nor cold (openly rejecting) towards the Scriptures. He describes them as being “lukewarm,” professing to know Christ but not truly belonging to him…which is why they will be “spewed out.” 

All that said…Yes, reading the Bible can be a bit daunting. What if the Scriptures tell you something you don’t want to hear? What if you learn that some of your favorite things to do, God disapproves of it?  

What do you get for being Redeemed? Is it worth it? Is it better than what the World’s offering? Is it better than all the money, sex, fame, rangs and thangs? Because there’s a lot of self-proclaimed Christians out there and their lives don’t look too good? Am I right? 

Let’s talk about it… 

What to Expect as You Embrace Redemption:

Feel free to jump ahead to the Rewards of Redemption if you want…but I figured, unless you understand the journey, you probably won’t grasp the magnitude of how valuable those rewards are. 

It’s kind of like saying your reward is a cooler full of ice-cold water. That might sound like nothing special…but if your journey involved trekking through 30 miles of a scorching hot desert, that Ice-Cold Water is worth millions.  

When you read the Scriptures, you often find statements like the “Lord is my Rock, my Refuge, and Salvation.” They sound like nice, pleasant words. But for me, it was quite literal.  

During my journey of reading the Bible from cover to cover, I really did come to see how Redemption was like being inside a covered fortress in the middle of a raging storm. Once upon a time, I was just like all my peers, scattered about as blinding rain and wind moved us to and fro with no clear destination in sight.  

But as soon as I submitted to Christ and realized I was redeemed, it was like I entered this fortress and came out of that chaotic nightmare. I still see my peers out there. I want to pull them in where there is light, warmth, and comfort, because a lot of them don’t even know that this shelter exists.  

That’s why the journey begins with knowledge. Some would say the journey begins with “embracing the truth”…but how do we know what that “truth” is? 

To get this truth, you must read or listen to what’s in the Bible. Why the Bible? Why not Aristotle or Voltaire or Jordan Peterson or any number of daytime talk show hosts? Because who created Aristotle? Who created Voltaire? Where were these intellectuals when the stars of the galaxies and the earth were formed? Wouldn’t it be cool if you heard directly from He who created all things? 

The Bible is the Word of God, meaning, it’s God’s message, God’s documented communication to us. And I know a lot of people like to think of the Bible as this rigid rule book full of do’s and don’ts…but it’s more than that. It’s history. It’s a book of kings, of triumphs and disaster. It’s an instruction manual for life. And in this book, you gain greater insight and understanding about who God is, as well as answers about ourselves. 

It answers questions like “What kind of God would ____” or “Why does God allow suffering?” or “Why is it that the wicked seem to prosper?” It tells you what has happened, why things ARE happening, and what’s going to happen.  

Faith is your inner decision to believe despite not witnessing the events with your own eyes. It’s what allows you to let go and simply trust that something is good for you even if you don’t see the benefits right away. It’s like when your parents warned you to stay out of a man’s yard. They may not tell you why right away, but if you have faith in your parents, you might avoid being bitten from a nasty dog that man keeps in his yard. 

During your journey towards Redemption, as Oscar asserted in the comment from this “Red Pill Redemption,” post, one of the first things you do either overtly or subconsciously is confess. You end up confessing your shortcomings. You confess that you are lacking and in need of redemption, of being saved. And I know that might sound bad…especially in a world where “accountability” is seen as a virus to some, but it’s also one of the hidden Rewards of Redemption you get from the very start. 

I’m not sure about the rest of you guys, but when I do something wrong…my conscience tears me apart. If I even THINK about something I shouldn’t do, I’m tormented. Even if someone has no idea that I wronged them (like steal, or talk crap about them behind their back), I still feel bad about it.  

Of course, you can train yourself to ignore that internal shame, and if you ignore it enough times, you run the risk of becoming immune to it. Or you can do something about it and make up for your mistakes. Another word for “making up for it” is “atonement”. 

One of the coolest things about God is that he ALREADY KNOWS! Everything you’ve ever done, he knows. He’s seen it. He knows your heart. He knows when you’re lying. He knows when you’re hiding something. God really is all powerful and “all knowing”. You are naked to Him. And I say that should be a comfort, because who else would you rather open up to than He who’s already seen you at your worst. He’s seen every blemish, everything you find embarrassing about yourself, he already knows. 

I’m not saying we have to confess every little thing we’ve ever done…but now that you know the truth, that Jesus atoned for us all when he died on that cross, when you pray to God…simply talk to him. He is your “Heavenly” Father. Tell him what you’ve done and ask for the strength to get better. Apologize for what you’ve done. Pray for the discipline and wisdom to change your ways, to do what’s good in God’s eyes, to mold you. 

Seriously, when people say “you should talk to a therapist?” Personally, I don’t think I need it. My faith in God is so strong that I have absolutely no doubt that he hears my prayers. It’s a powerful, cathartic, blessing to be able to tell God every fear, every embarrassing, disgusting, shameful thing you’ve ever done or thought. I’m not saying God will be “pleased to hear them”…but He is pleased to know you’re acknowledging your flaws and are working in earnest to improve. 

Lastly, the Christian journey towards Redemption is very much like a Weight-loss journey. When you start working out and dieting to lose weight, you’re not going to see results overnight. It takes months or years to attain your goals. Growing up, it was described to me as “shedding off the old skin” to begin anew. 

And of course, this journey won’t be easy. Having embraced the Truth, you know that Satan dominates this current world. Satan will make it 10x more appealing to reject Christ’s teachings and do whatever you want in this world. Meanwhile, Jesus warns that you can’t serve two masters (money and God). If the world hates you, know that it hated him first. And while billions are getting their “rewards” here and now in this world, for all of us who endure to the end, our treasure is being stored up in heaven. (Matthew 6:19-34

Now then…what’s in it for you? Let’s say you embrace this Redemption and changed your ways. What can you expect in return? (Assuming you still have the mindset of putting yourself first, above what God wants) 

The Rewards of Redemption:

When it comes to the rewards of redemption, there’s so many. I’m going to go over just a few: 

  • Freedom 
  • Better Association 
  • A More Fulfilling Romance
  • Contentment
  • An Easier Existence


In my essay “Top 10 Ways the Bible Changed My Life: It Set Me Free,” I devoted an entire essay to this specific reward alone. There is Freedom from the pressures of this world and even freedom from the burdens imposed by other religious people. When you read the Bible for yourself, you’ll learn which practices and traditions were instructed by God…and which ones were made up by humans.  

When Jesus was on earth, he once rebuked the Pharisees for imposing such heavy burdens on the people, burdens that weren’t instructed by God in the Bible. (Matthew 23

I’m not saying all man-made religious traditions are bad, but mainly that we don’t have to follow those traditions if we don’t agree with their reasons for doing it. This is FREEDOM!  

When I was growing up, one of the things I hated about the religious people was this notion of, “If we don’t worship their way, then I was doing what’s wrong in God’s eyes.” As if they were God. And to this day, there are a lot of Christians who equate either a man or an entity, like an organization, as God on earth. 

Back in Martin Luther’s day, there was the notion of “Indulgences” where the people were convinced into paying money for a piece of paper issued by the Catholic church to absolve them of some sin they’ve committed. 

But the thing is, Jesus already PAID for their sins when he died on the cross. Yes, we will stumble. Yes, we will continue to make mistakes and sin, but as long as we’re STRIVING to put God first and follow Christ’s commandments, we are saved. We have been redeemed.   

And when I say “Freedom from the Pressures of this world”…well, what’s the world telling us? For the past five years, I’ve seen how my generation has been inundated with messages telling us what causes we should take up, how we should live our lives, what we should prioritize, what we should approve and what we should condemn. But what does God say? When you’re redeemed, you’re freed from all of that.  

“But, Rock! How are you truly free when Christians are told that if they don’t obey, they’re going to hell?!”  

If you jump off the Empire State Building without a parachute, you’re going to fall really fast and die. But still, you’re free to do so if you want. Timothy Treadwell was an animal lover who was free to go out in the wilderness of Alaska and live with the bears. Unfortunately, one night, he and his female companion were eaten by a bear.  

My point is, everything has consequences even if those consequences aren’t apparent or immediate. But still, you are free. You’re free to choose. That’s just one of the biggest reasons why I love God so much. He was gracious enough to give us the Bible. When I say it’s also an “Instruction Manual for Life” it really is a book given to warn us of the consequences of what we choose to do with our freedom. 

Better Association:  

Dennis Prager wrote: “If you want to know what you look like, look in a mirror. If you want to know how you think, look in the mirror. If you want to know what kind of person you are, look at those around you.” 

During your journey, when you embrace your Redemption, part of shedding off that old skin is getting rid of old habits. When you do that, your old friends are likely to fall away. Even if they don’t say they want to hang out with you anymore, they’re probably going to stop inviting you to go do things, and you’re going to be okay with that.  

It’s like…if you want to stay sober. If you turn down beers and drinks, people who like to get drunk are likely going to stop hanging out with you and guess what…you’re going to stay sober! If you want to stay in shape and be active, people who like to hit up buffets and sit around the couch all day are probably not going to want to hang out with you. That’s alright.  

It won’t be easy at first, especially for those of us who struggle with loneliness. So badly, we want to hold on to the few friends we do have…so much so that we’re willing to compromise and prioritize what’s pleasing in their eyes, more so than what’s pleasing in the eyes of God.  

But fret not. God sees all of this. And if you’re seeking to serve him in earnest, he won’t leave you out to dry. By sheer providence, I guarantee you, you’ll meet new people. You’ll have opportunities to make new friends and join a community that’s waiting to embrace you. The way you live will dissuade the non-believers, but draw in others who are either the light, or seeking the light. 

These are good people. Moral people. God-fearing people. I say they’re better association, because compared that to those who have no fear of God, who’s morality is based on how they feel or what the culture dictates…can you trust these people with your marriage? Your children? Your lives? Your livelihood? Can you trust that they won’t tempt you, that they won’t lead you astray, that they won’t get you to do things for ulterior motives that serves them more than helps you? 

No lie, earlier this year, in dealing with an Atheist on my Boss’s radio show, she saw absolutely nothing wrong in trying to get a Quadriplegic Fan to lose his virginity to a hooker. And worse, she acted like there’s something wrong with me for disapproval of it. 

I’m not saying Christians are perfect and infallible. But when I say “God-fearing,” I mean it. Jesus Christ warned what would happen to those who stumbles the little ones (Mark 9:42). And unlike those who don’t know the truth, those of us who do, can’t claim ignorance. We are honor-bound to live by our Lord’s standards. Unlike those who reject the Scriptures, Christians acknowledge that there is a consequence to disobedience. 

A More Fulfilling Romance:  

Piggy-backing off the theme of consequences…consider Man’s laws. Throughout the U.S. there are no laws that punish your spouses, boyfriend or girlfriend when they cheat on you. In a lot of states, there are no-fault divorce laws where your spouse can wake up one day, think they’re no longer in love with you, and then file for divorce to take half your stuff and your children away from you. How’s that feel? Do you think that’s fair? 

Remember my analogy about the ice-cold water after walking through a scorching desert? This is it. Listen to what people complain about when it comes to dating and modern relationships. 

“I’m tired of men just using me as a condom.” 

“I’m tired of being ghosted after a few dates.” 

“I’m tired of being asked what I bring to the table.” 

“I want to be valued for more than just my body.”  

I remember seeing a Tiktok video where a Woman listed all the qualities she wanted in her future husband…and at the end of this amazing video where she described a good, moral, honest, decent man, she ended it with, “but I don’t want him to be religious.” 

Now, I’m not saying that only religious men are good, moral, and decent…but having a higher power to answer to certainly helps to keep us in check. According to Man’s laws, you can get divorced for pretty much any reason one can think of. But according to Christ’s teachings, the only permissible reason for divorce is if your spouse committed adultery. (Matt 5:32

Are there Christians who still get divorced even though adultery never took place, absolutely. But then again, you really have to ask yourself, “how Christian were they?” Because a man or woman who endeavors to put God first wouldn’t place their own wants and desires over what God has instructed.  

This is another reason it’s not wise to engage in the hook-up culture. Sex tends to blind you or anesthetizes you from the red flags warning you of the deception or the lack of maturity and discipline you require for the covenant of marriage. 

Dealing with all that IS the scorching desert. A Good Christian Man (and Woman) is the Ice-Cold water, the reward to having submitting yourself to Christ’s teachings, and being redeemed. That’s why I often cringe when I hear men and women debate about “which one of them is the prize” in their relationships. When you’re redeemed, you’re not thinking about who’s the prize. Instead, you recognize that your spouse is God’s gift to each other. 


This Blessing is a Reward that society’s tricked you into believe is a Bad thing. And it’s pretty clever if you want people to worship Money. Consider what the world’s been telling you. Never be content. Keep climbing that corporate ladder. Keep evolving. Be ambitious. 

In the Manosphere, people like Myron on the Fresh and Fit podcast preach that if you don’t have the money, status, and resources, ain’t no girl’s checking for you. The late Kevin Samuels used to preach about the “high value man” as someone making six-figures. 

So many are stressed and pressed to get the latest and greatest, always looking for the next best thing, worried that they’re missing out. Working hard to get more, never satisfied which means they’re really happy. Even when they do succeed and accomplish what Society’s told them to do, that sensation is ephemeral. It doesn’t last long. 

Think about everyone who says they like to travel. You go to a place, like Mount Everest, you take your picture, and you come back home to your apartment in the states. Now what? Was it worth it? Why? The “experience”? Just to say you did it? 

Don’t get me wrong, if you like to travel, explore, and try new things…that’s great. What I’m addressing is my generations current obsession with all these things, as if that’s the main reason why we’re alive.  

“But, isn’t it? Didn’t God create all these things so we can enjoy it?” 

Absolutely. But if you don’t have the means to enjoy them…being content with what you have is a blessing. It means that you feel good with what you have, happy with what you’ve been blessed with. It’s walking by a thousand dollars in cash that’s just sitting there with no one looking, but you don’t even think about stealing it because you’re good with God’s given you. 

This also ties back the “Romance” point, because when you’re dealing with a man or woman whose content, your spouse isn’t thinking of “can I do better?” Even when you fall on hard times, the content person isn’t thinking about jumping ship. They’re grateful to have you.  

It’s the same with Men who happens to pass by a more attractive looking lady. The content man may recognize the beauty, but he won’t pursue. He has you. He’s content with you. Cares for none other than you.  

An Easier Existence: 

What if I told you that the “Traditional Roles” instructed in the Bible were given to us, not to oppress us, but to make life easier. This point is closely related to Contentment and Freedom, but let me hit you with this illustration.  

In the HBO miniseries, there’s a scene from Rome where Pompey has just been defeated by Caesar. Now, he’s on the run with his family and has to decide what to do with those who still follow him. He’s suffering from anxiety with the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

He turns to his servant and says, “How happy, it must be to be a slave. To have no will. To make no decisions.”  

When I hear my peers complain about the dreaded word, “Submission”…I can’t help but think it’s so silly. This wicked world has pretty much convinced my generation that it’s much better to be in Pompey’s position than that of the servant.  

I’m not saying Christians never feel anxiety or have to make tough decisions…but when you put God first and submit to Christ’s teachings, having faith that he will not lead you astray, a lot of the decisions are actually much easier. The Redeemed life is an easier existence.  

Even King David referred to himself as God’s servant. I know society has twisted the word “submission” to mean something weak and pathetic, but David submitted to God. And trust me when I say, the only times this mighty warrior who slayed hundreds was truly weak was when he ignored God’s laws to follow his own heart.  

We are not KINGS as so many like to say. We are servants. Jesus Christ is our king, our Lord and Savior. 

Atheists and Agnostics like to mock Christians for not being able to think for themselves, which is a sly tactic to get Christians to doubt whether God knows what’s best for us or not. But I can tell you that personally…I have never struggled. I have faced adversity and went through periods of tough times, but all of it has made me wiser and stronger. And usually, when I have stumbled, it’s because I was leaning upon my own understanding, instead of trusting in God.  

“What do you mean?! Did God speak to you or something?”  

Well, sometimes, living in this world, I get caught up with wanting something that’s bad for me (like sex outside of marriage, or a beautiful woman who rejects God and dislikes those who claim to be religious, ie Leftists). Sometimes I feel depressed for not being more like the secular peers I’m surrounded by. Satan’s always hitting me with temptations, opportunities to get what I want (which is married and a family) but it would mean disobeying what Christ and his Apostles taught.  

God encourages to me to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven through his Word the Bible, and sometimes, he really does send actual people my way that can’t be just a mere coincidence. A couple of years back, I remember I was in a funk one night, probably related to my loneliness…and it was just by chance that I met an older man in Walmart. 

Right there, we struck up a religious conversation in the aisle. He told me was Jehovah’s Witness. And then he introduced to his wife. His wife was Blind and Deaf. To communicate with her, he had to draw into the palm of his hand and I remember how that shook me…made me feel so stupid and ashamed for not recognizing how blessed I am and have been.  

I really have lived a comfortable life, despite how hard working I am and how there’s no such thing as perfection. But I believe, it’s knowing that you are Redeemed and putting your faith in God that allows you to have a positive perspective on life. What others call “suffering” I call “working some stuff out right now.” 

Alright, man. This is getting long. I was going to talk about the blessings of a better future for your children, especially in the Black community…but I think I’ll stop it here. Stay tuned for my next essay, which is about whether or not Christians should “accept” reformed rappers and porn stars. You know me. Just can’t help but stir the pot. Can’t take me anywhere! 

Alright. Thanks for reading!