Dragon Ash Characters

Main Characters of “Dragon Ash”

Jay Kim of SM Entertainment

Tien Kaze – Age 22, – potential cast, Jay Kim from The Trax

….Where do I even begin. First off, let me begin with saying that I’m not antisocial. Yes, I may have a quick temper. And yes, I may have disrespectful attitude towards the elderly. But I actually care about my fellow neighbors contrary to reports that I’m a domestic terrorist. But when journalists are in the government’s pockets…I guess you’ll believe anything.

Anywho…my name is Tien Kaze. I’m half white, half Japanese. And if any of you don’t know what its like to grow up with Jehovah Witness parents, let me spare you the details by saying that it’s simply horrible. Let me explain. My grandfather, Masa-sama was a first-generation Japanese American. On the weekends and over the summer, I’d spend time with him. Turns out my Japanese ancestors were outstanding samurais. So yeah, I used to sleep on stories about my samurai heritage and even learned shotoken karate from my grandpa. But being that my mom and dad are peace-loving religious fanatics, well I’m sure you can sense the tension there conflicting with my love for martial arts.

So in my junior year of high school at this unofficially segregated school made up of stereotypes, I get into a series of fights. It was kind of like the straw the broke the camels back. At that time, I made up my mind to quit everything and pursue the journey to Japan. It was just one of things, ya know…Like, I wasn’t born to be a Jehovah Witness. Or live a mundane 9 to 5 life. I believe in fate. I believe I was meant for something more. My grandfather told me that there was a family who taught my ancestors a secret art of swordsmanship. The family is still active but out of the way in rural Hokkaido. My grandfather’s blessing was all I needed to embark on my quest.

Oburo Yagami is the name of the sensei who took me in. With the help of him and my sparring partner, the ever-pious Tatsuya Moritani, I become quite the martial artist and swordsmen. I learn discipline and begin the shred…or rather, not shred…but more so atone from my rebellious past. But as the years pass, I begin to think of my parents. I mean…I did run away from home. But before I got a chance to apologize and explain myself, something tragic happens. The pain of regret was unbearable. I don’t have any ambitions. I don’t have a path that I’m following. But after a brutal turn of events and coincidences, I have no choice but to deal with a conflict that began over hundred years before I was even born.

Korean Singer Ivy, Park Eun Hye

Silence – age 29 –  Potential cast, Korean Singer, Ivy

I’m a hands-on kind of woman. Yes, I have dependable men who work for me, but if you want to get the most delicate jobs done, you need a woman’s touch. You need a woman’s vindication. A woman’s ruthlessness.

I’ve always had a fascination with Japanese artifacts. And like you, I was probably skeptical at first when I heard tales of unbelievable supernatural abilities. Men crushing boulders with one blow. Swords blowing away entire villages with one swing. It all seemed so ridiculous.

But after I was fused with the spirit of dead soldiers who practiced the Shiranui-ryu, I learned that nothing is impossible. The fact that you don’t believe me only puts me at an advantage. All men care about is money. And they care about money because they believe that’s what women care about. Baka… What impresses us is witnessing that which we cannot do ourselves. But if we can do everything ourselves…what need do we have of men?

So here I am, the majority shareholder of Miro-Tech Corporation, a company dedicated to the discovery and preservation of ancient relics and artifacts. Through our findings, my company has been able to provide the world with technology no one ever thought possible. And each time I unveil a surprise, I can’t help but laugh at how pathetically amused small minded humans are. But amongst all the antiquities I’ve heard stories about, the one that interests me the most is the Japanese national treasure known as the Kusanagi-no-tsurugi. A sword that grants its user the strength of hurricane force winds. If I had such a treasure in my hands… Women would truly rule the world, and my will would become law.

But alas. The map that leads to the Kusanagi sword was stole nearly140 years ago just before the Boshin war that restored Imperial power. According to my dependable researcher, Steven Alba, an assassin stole it. But that’s alright. It seems his descendants live here in the states not far from my position. And while it all seems so easy… something’s not right…I sense a formidable power…A fiery spirit will stand in my path. I shouldn’t underestimate such premonitions.

Boa of SM Entertainment

Haru Yagami – age 15,  – Potential cast, Korean singer, Boa

*waves with a smile* Ohayou! Gozaimasu! My name is Haru and I’m the youngest daughter to the mysterious swordsman, Oburo Yagami. Hahaha! I still remember the day Tien came to my house four years ago. It was wet and cold outside, but he had this fire burning in his eyes. I’ll never tell him, but I always found his stubbornness…not even stubbornness, but just his firm unwillingness to give up, very admirable.

Everyday when I’d come home from school, it was the coolest thing to see Tien straining in the hot sun to complete some training assignment my father had for him. I know he respected my father and Tatsuya-sama but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the huge, huge vocabulary of curse words Tien was always shouting. I tried explaining to father that his shouting of curse words were no different from martial artists shouting in the midst of an attack. It adds spirit! That’s what I believe anyway.

Tien always seemed so alone in the world. Even when I’m with him. He pretends to be happy and always tells me all kinds of jokes, but I’ve caught him, several times staring off into space with a gloomy look. I think he’s trying to prove himself to somebody. Not to any of us, but someone back home in the states, I guess. Hahaha! I know this is suppose to be my introduction, but…and I guess in a lot of ways, my life revolves around his. He will be the man I grow up and marry after all. Hahahhaha! Sayounara!

Ken Wantanabe

Oburo Yagami – late 50s- Potential cast, Ken Wantanabe

A near 60 year old Japanese Native, Oburo’s senile personality has always made him and his family a recluse to the local villages in Sapporo, Japan. Yagami’s father and most of his family was killed in the bombings of Nagasaki, so he’s always held a deep resentment for Americans. Oburo Yagami is a direct descendant of Miyabi Teizo. Miyabi Teizo was a well known revolutionary during the Boshin War and master to Tien Kaze’s ancestors.

Kane Kosugi

Tatsuya Moritani –  mid 30s – Potential Cast, Kane Kosugi

Tatsu is Oburo Yagami’s nephew and most loyal friend. He ends up being Tien’s sparring partner and guides him to the path of maturity. Like Oburo, Tatsuya as a very stern quiet personality who only gets vocal when a topic arises that he’s passionate about. One of the main things that drives on his nerves is that of foreigners. Despite Tien’s Japanese heritage, Tatsuya can never get over the fact that he’s American and reminds him of it at every opportunity.

Adam Brody

Steven Alba –  late 20s – Potential cast, Adam Brody

Steven Alba is Silence’s most trusted associate and assistant. He attended school with Silence at Boston University, excelling at the top of his class majoring in Archeology and History. Alba’s loyalty to Silence comes from her allowing him to accompany on several expeditions in which she’s saved his life on more than one occasion. He comes off as having a very awkward and geeky personality in front of Silence and Mellow, but in front of his subordinates, Alba is a malicious dictator.

Meisa Kuroki

Ami Mellow – early 20s – Potential cast, Meisa Kuroki

Ami Mellow is a prodigy assassin. When Mellow was ten years old, Silence witnessed her fighting with soldiers in North Korea to protect her family. Silence admired her relentless viciousness and took her in as a protégé, bestowing on her the name, Ami Mellow. Silence taught Mellow martial arts and provided her with an education first-hand, often allowing Mellow to stand by her side in business meetings and on dangerous expeditions. Mellow’s loyalty to Silence is absolute. Mellow is usually quiet and complacent. Due to the harsh upbringing she endured in N. Korea, Mellow has a deep hatred for men in general. She finds happiness in rain and the ominous clouds approaching. She is very proficient with knives and prefers the two-sword style of fighting. She has never been caught on camera. And she has never failed to kill her target.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Matthew Lindren – late 40s – Potential cast, Jean-Claude Van Damme

Matthew Lindren was once Silence’s old business and underworld mentor and is now CEO of Silence’s company Miro-Tech Industries. While he is charge with running the business end of the multi-million dollar corporation, Mr.Lindren is actually Silence’s dog to be commanded with any order she wishes. Being a former leader of his own mafia hood Matthew has many connections when it comes to quietly getting things done. To put it straight Matthew Lindren is a charismatic often times sociable con-artist who can also be a brutish bully to all except Silence and Silence’s closest associations. He is very skilled in French Kick Boxing and the double edge sword.

Jason Statham

Agent Terry Gist – mid 30s, Potential cast, Jason Statham.

Terry is an exception field FBI agent assigned to catching Tien Kaze. Terry is one of the best hand-to-hand combat specialist and is one of the most diligent and dedicated agents in the force. One might call Terry, too Passionate, almost fanatical.

Brian J White

Agent Brian Hart – mid 30s – Potential cast, Brian J. White

Agent Hart is one of the most athletic agents in the force, and holds the record for fastest 100 meter dash. He is Agent Gist best friend and loyal partner assigned to catching the terrorist known as Tien Kaze.

Se7en of YG Entertainment

Shuhei Nakatani – age 23 – Potential cast, Korean singer, Se7en.

Hello, I’m Shu. I’m in a Korean rock band down in Tampa Florida. You know, trying to spread the Hallyu wave through music to an American audience. Of course this can be difficult when you’re harboring a fugitive and a teenage girl across state lines. Tien Kaze’s my cousin, but really he’s a second cousin. Ah…but family’s family you know. Gotta love em.

I’ve seen Tien do some amazing things over the years. While I consider myself a law-abiding citizen, I can’t help but see several holes in the justice system. Granted, Tien’s brash act-first think-later attitude really just keeps digging his own grave, anyone can see that he’s being set up. So under the guise of touring with a rock group, I’ve been able to help Tien and Haru travel the world in search for this Kusanagi sword.

Looking back, I guess it all has been kind of fun. I mean…touring the world, throwing down concerts and dodging bullets from a group of international soldiers. How can life get any better. And Tien may seem hard-headed, but the bastard has a good heart. He’s saved my life on more occasions than I care to mention, so if I’m able to lift him on my shoulders for him to reach his goals…I’ll gladly do so.

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