Rock Kitaro’s Ghost Poem


If You were to ask me if I believe in Ghosts…

By Rock Kitaro
July 21, 2013

If you were to ask me if I believe in ghost… I’d tell you yes.
I see them everyday.
I hear them. I even interact with them.
Not by choice, but by obligation.
They wander the halls and even drive in cars.
I observe the chilling affects of their cause,
And I shudder to think that I play any part
Despite being hollow shells of what used to be,
They’re difficult to ignore.
Not Angry. Not sad. Not Happy. Not Glad
Desensitized of all forms of love with a lack of purpose,
Their melancholy infects and attacks, to the point
That my energy is depleted just by fending them off.

I grieve for these ghosts. I loved them.

They are not dead.
Just not alive in my world.


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