Romantic Comedy Premise

“You Never Forget Your First Time”


Logline – A close nit group of office seductresses compete to see who will be the first to take a male co-workers virginity.

So, to start off. This can be for male writers as well. And it doesn’t have to be a romantic comedy, it can just be a flat out raunchy comedy. Also, I just thought of this premise today and I only have forty minutes to write this up and put it on my website, so bare with me.

So anyone who’s worked in a corporate office environment knows that the workplace has no shortage of inner-office romance and drama that would make the Real Housewives of whoever seem childish. You have your stereotypes from the office whore, the office players, the big shots, the loud mouths, the gossip girls, the drama queens and your garden variety pathological liars.

This story is about a group of late 20s, mid to early 30s sexy single co-workers in the big city who have been friends for years. They became friends after finding out that they’ve all been sexually harassed and pursued in the workplace. But instead of filing lawsuits, they revel in using their god given assets to their advantage. Often times resorting to blackmail and flat out extortion to move ahead.

But they’re only “mean” to the men who have tried to abuse them, verbally or emotionally. To everyone else, these are normal smart women who have ambitions to move up in the world and eventually start their own businesses. They have lives outside of the office-place with family and other friends. But this circle of friends seems impenetrable by any outside forces. Slightly jaded, but honest about their own need for indulgence.

In the first act, we learn that these women are quite the philosophers, going out for drinks and seemingly laying out the blueprint of how all men are. And during one of these conversations, we learn that amongst all of their experiences, all of their sexual conquests, the most memorable experiences were always the first ones. The first kiss. The first date. The first dance. And their first intercourse. Everyone remembers their first intercourse.

Then enters our male lead. A new hire to the office place who is like the male Helen of Troy. His eyes, his physique, his demeanor, everything about him seems irresistible to women. On top of that, he has some kind of project going on (I’ll leave that up to you) where his future looks very promising.

All of the women notice him, but none of them are willing to admit their infatuations to each other. Eventually, they all end up speaking to him in various circumstances, and it only confirms that this guy is husband material.

But there’s just one catch. The person who got him hired is a lifelong friend of this male Helen of Troy. And somehow this secondary male lead tells the girls that the new hire is a virgin. He’s not waiting for “marriage” but he’s waiting for love. He has high morals and was raised old-school romance. So he doesn’t have sex on the first date nor does he play with anyone’s emotions.

When the women hear this, they think back to their conversation about remembering their first time. And they all secretly agree that whoever takes his virginity will eventually marry him.

The Game is on.

From here on out, you writers can go to town. Exploiting and playing with the stereotypes, or destroying them. Write how these women turn on each other and explore how low will these women go to shine a bad light on each other, all for the sake of this white knight. Is there one woman…the woman who saw him first who actually has a heart and really has no interest in playing “the game” but actually wants to just get to know him first?

I’ll leave that up to you.

And clearly, I haven’t watched a lot of romantic comedies in my day. So if this plot sounds familiar… sorry. But even if it is familiar, I know I’d write in such a way that it reverses the roles societies placed when it comes to courtship. Kind of like Lord Byron’s version of Don Juan where the legendary womanizer, is instead easily seduced and fallen prey to women.

I would write this up myself, but sadly, I’ve yet to solve the mysteries of women. You know…because females are sophisticated…and beautiful.. (I love women, don’t hate me.)  I will eventually, I’m sure. But still…I was told to write what you know. So if this isn’t made into a movie or a best seller by the time I’m in my mid thirties, I’ll give it a shot.


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