Table of Contents

Chapter 27 - Knights

The Knights with No Lords – Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Vision
Morgan has a vision of Gawain’s return to Britannia. Problem is, no one believes her.
Chapter 2 – The Lion of Dumnonia
Morgan comes close to convincing King Mark to go rescue Gawain. But Tristan gets in her way.
Chapter 3 – The Violent Orphans
Enter Agravain and Gaheris, Gawain’s badass little brothers. To Morgan, a sight for sore eyes.
Chapter 4 – Fool Me Once…
While Agravain is eager, Gaheris is reluctant to set off on a grand adventure. He requires some convincing.
Chapter 5 – Companions
The trio of Agravain, Gaheris, and Morgan reveal that they’re more than just royal teens. They have grit, more than ready to throw down with anyone who wants it.
Chapter 6 – Auburn and Sapphire
The trio are joined by Tristan and a band of mercenaries led by none other than the infamous Pellinore.
Chapter 7 – The Trossachs
After picking a fight with the tribal Picts, Gawain and Princess Isolde run for their lives. They run into Morgan and crew.
Chapter 8 – Cascades
Reunited, the youngsters reminisce. In particular, the attraction between Gawain and Morgan is undeniable.
Chapter 9 – About Pellinore
Pellinore was borne of blood, sweat, and tears. When a local king reneges on a deal, Pellinore comes close to single-handedly starting a new civil war.
Chapter 10 – The Eldest Daughter
It’s been weeks since Agravain and Gaheris set off to rescue Gawain. Their mother has grown impatient. Queen Morgaus is fearsome.
Chapter 11 – Paramour
Morgan comes to the term with the fact that she’s in love with Gawain. It’s just sad…because even though they’re the same age, she’s still his aunt.
Chapter 12 – The Most Uncontrollable Emotion
All of Tintagel gathers in the Hall of Roses to celebrate Gawain’s return. It’s a dance. Morgan makes herself irresistible. Gawain has to have her. Isolde interferes.
Chapter 13 – Lion and Wolves
Pellinore and Tristan settle an old score. Gawain fears the coming of the enemy Hibernians to collect their princess, Isolde.
Chapter 14 – The Juggling Act
The powerful Hibernian ruler, Queen Iseult, arrives to collect her daughter. To end the decades of hostility between Hibernia and Cornwall, a marriage is proposed.
Chapter 15 – Crush
Princess Isolde gushes at the idea of marrying Tristan. She can’t wait. She’s admired him for years. Unfortunately, she’s betrothed to someone else.
Chapter 16 – Another Vision
Morgan has another vision. It’s so traumatic that her scream wakes the entire castle. Her wrath is ignited and she makes up her mind. Princess Isolde must die.
Chapter 17 – The Elusive White Stag
Love prompts Princess Isolde to follow Tristan during an early morning hunt. Their chemistry gives Morgan a destructive idea.
Chapter 18 – Generations
Morgan puts her plan in motion. Tristan is knighted. And Gawain feels guilty for crimes he did not commit.
Chapter 19 – Sweet Revenge
Morgan casts a spell on Tristan. Gawain suspects something’s amiss but Morgan has shunned him.
Chapter 20 – Break Out
Tragedy strikes. In the dead of the night, soldiers are killed, Tristan and Isolde are missing.
Chapter 21 – Betrayal
Tristan and Isolde are hunted for their role in the massacre. Morgan learns the truth about Gawain and denial strikes her with madness.
Chapter 22 – Weighed Down
Gawain risks his life to bring Tristan and Isolde back.
Chapter 23 – Despair
Tristan is blamed for the massacre. He’s sentenced to death. Morgan confronts Isolde to hear from her lips, what really happened between Isolde and Gawain.
Chapter 24 – A Single Ounce of It
Locked away in a cell, Tristan encourages Gawain to love Morgan despite her treachery. Tristan reveals that for the first time in his life, he knows how it feels. To be in love.
Chapter 25 – The Greatest Escape
Tristan is taken to the cloisters to be beheaded. Isolde intervenes. The consequences are dire.
Chapter 26 – Onslaught
A battle erupts. Hibernians come out of hiding to ambush the king. Gawain and his brothers spring into action.
Chapter 27 – Knights with No Lords
In the ensuing battle, Morgan is targeted by a dangerous enemy warlock. The young men of Tintagel show valor, a glimpse of the future legends they’d one day become.
Chapter 28 – Gawain vs. Algayre
Gawain faces off against the enemy Hibernian warlock, Algayre. There’s bad blood between them. It’s time to settle it.
Chapter 29 – Remember Me…
Morgan knows Gawain has every right to strike her down for the scores of souls she sent to their graves. She accepts it. Her life is in his hands.

Reveals, the future of Gawain and his brothers. One day they will grow up to be legendary Knights of the Round Table. But for now, they’re sought out by the sorcerer Merlin to aid a young man who managed to pull a mythical sword from its stone.

Everyone’s heard of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. But what if I told you that before they were the shining examples of chivalry and virtue…they were a bunch of hot-blooded youths ready to sword-up and throw down with the best of them. And in a dark world where nearly every kingdom is plagued with death and destruction, Britannia is fertile to give birth to legends.

17-year-old Morgan le Fay is strong-willed enchantress who knows she’s destined for greatness but feels shackled by the expectations of being borne a lady of the court.

Her only friend in the world is the self-sacrificing, Gawain, an adopted prince who everyone seems to think will be the next Spartacus. However, four years earlier Gawain was abducted and enslaved by Hibernians, the sworn enemy of Cornwall.

Spurred by a prophetic vision, Morgan defies the king and treks into enemy territory to get him back no matter the cost and she’s not alone. She tricks Gawain’s little brothers the violent Agravain and pretty boy Gaheris into coming along. And Tristan, the Champion of Cornwall, is about ready to wring her neck when he finds out she escapes the palace.

After clashing with the likes of Vikings and conniving kings, the upstarts finally rescue their prize but the battle was far from over. Morgan’s world comes crashing down when it appears that Gawain has fallen for one of his captors, the beautiful Princess Isolde.

Consumed by rage and betrayed by her own magic, Morgan unleashes a treacherous scheme that sends Cornwall headlong into the throes of war. And in spite of all her deceit, designs, and destruction, Gawain still loves her. His duty as an older brother and heir to the throne demands he hold her accountable. In the end, Gawain and Morgan come to the same conclusion. If they can’t live with each other, one of them has to die.