04. Gynocentric Worship of Women

For those who don’t know, Gynocentrism is the dominant or exclusive focus on women. If it’s your opinion that we actually DO NOT currently live in a society that panders and prioritizes the wants, feelings, and needs of women over the men, children, government or even law and order…be careful. Because this entry is likely to ruffle some feathers and you’re more than welcome to stop reading/watching now.

Here, I expound on the fourth of eight main points I’ve personally observed to help explain how one thing after another has sabotaged (ruined) dating for my generation. And at the end of each section, I’ll try my best to provide a solution because, I know…these sound like excuses. But I haven’t given up. I still have faith.    

  1. The Hook-Up Culture (Non-Monogamous Dating) 
  2. Tinder (Dating Apps) 
  3. Cat-Calling and False Accusations 
  4. Gynocentric Worship of Women
  5. Brett Kavanaugh and Weaponizing Women 
  6. The Rise of the Manosphere 
  7. The Sisterhood 
  8. Leaving Christianity at the Door 

In a Gynocentric society, the main goal is to celebrate women and encourage them to ascend to what is perceived to be “better positions,” positions that were traditionally held by men. Whether it’s in sports, leadership roles, politics, or the corporate boardroom, women are encouraged to be at the top. 

This is a love-yourself, women-come-first world where you cannot criticize women. If you do so, you run the risk of being called a misogynist. You cannot hold women accountable, or else you run the risk of being accused of victim shaming.  

And in a lot of cases, whatever happens to the woman, it’s usually someone else’s fault. It’s usually someone made her do it. Someone misled her. Someone took advantage of her. Someone tricked her. There’s very little, “I made the mistake. I messed up. I wronged them. I made the wrong choice.” 

If you compare that to how Men are treated…it’s quite different. You’ll find no shortage of both Men and Women boldly declaring how “men need to step up” and do better. Men are blamed for the fatherless households. Men are blamed for the crime and the homicide rates. You’ll see it on ESPN, CNN, and even FoxNews. I’ve seen Sen. Maize Hirono boldly shout that men need to “shut up and step up.”  

And recently, I saw how Sen. Hawley said the same thing, that men need to marry these women out here. It’s always the men’s fault. This is a world where Men are told that they’re the ones responsible, while at the same time, they’re told that should have absolutely no authority. And to be clear, I’m not saying that Men AREN’T responsible for things like crime or the homicide rates. We are. But in talking about how a person became a criminal in the first place, the mainstream tends to skirt around factors that would lead to placing any blame on women (like procreating with men who aren’t fit to be responsible fathers, or raising children with the mindset that you should be able to do anything that makes you happy…nevermind the long-term consequences).

In this current culture, you must applaud and venerate women regardless of their bad choices or reckless lifestyles. And you must shake yourself of that ridiculous notion that men, especially white men, should remain leaders or be kept in charge. The message is “Down with the Patriarchy! Men have had thousands of years to lead! Now, it’s women’s turn!” 

Now, to be fair, this isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Nikola Tesla noticed it way back in the 1920s. As mentioned in this 1924 article, “In place of the soft voiced, gentle woman of my reverent worship has come the woman who thinks that her chief success in life lies in making herself as much as possible like man–in dress, voice and actions, in sports and achievements of every kind. The tendency of women to push aside man, supplanting the old spirit of cooperation with him in all the affairs of life, is very disappointing to me.” 

I’m willing to bet that Tesla was bearing witness to the beginning stages of the full-fledged Gynocentric society we live in today. You see, back then…Tesla lived his later years in high society, so the women he likely interacted with weren’t exactly the dexterous women working the farms, cooking, or sewing as a seamstress. 

He interacted with “ladies” who had money and servants at their disposal. Ladies like Isabella Stewart Gardner or the Vanderbilts who had their say in one of the numerous opulent castles and mansions all along the East Coast.  

As time progressed and technology replaced the woman’s need for rough and tumble men, it’s like Andrew Tate mentioned in a recent interview, “Feminism is only allowed to thrive in a first-world country. The moment you’re physically threatened, or times were to get hard, or war, or famine, or riots, the first thing you’d do is find a big strong man and throw all that Feminism out the window.” 

“Well, you know what! Men today aren’t like our fathers and grandfathers either. Men today are soft and weak and they don’t know how to lead or take charge.” 

Why do you think that is? Could it be because Feminism and the mainstream media has launched a campaign to demonize all those traditional male behaviors? Think about things like a man holding a door open for you or paying on the first date. Once upon a time, a guy just did these things for women. No questions asked. There was honor in it. We took pleasure in being able to do things for our women. 

But now, thanks to our modern culture trying it’s damnest to abolish the gender roles, it’s now a thing where people debate about who should pay first.  

A couple of years ago, Gillette aired this infamous commercial that crapped all over behaviors boys and men have exhibited for generations. Whether it’s dealing with a bully, trying to approach a girl on the street, or just fighting it out with your rival… 

And last year, I remember there was a video of a man close-fistedly punching a woman on a subway. It made me sick to my stomach. She didn’t touch him. She didn’t threaten him. She just told him to chill out and this POS punched her in the face.  

I swear to you…if this was back in 2004, me and the fellas back in high school would’ve whupped the dog ish out of that guy. But what happened? Nobody did anything. Nobody helped that woman. Everyone pretended it didn’t happen. 

My point is, if you think chivalry is dead, it’s because the women who sneer, belittle, and degrade the behavior of a true gentlemen, they killed it. That being said, I don’t think chivalry really is dead. It’s just reserved for those who show an appreciation for it. If you present yourself as “Strong and Independent” who don’t need no man…well, I can’t speak for others, but personally I go where I’m needed and stay where I’m wanted. 

The whole “Abolishing Gender Roles” and tearing down the expectations of how men and women should behave…it’s one of the most destructive things that’s ruined my generation. And what’s sad is that a lot of Feminists don’t even realize how demeaning it is to women. 

Think about it, why would you encourage women to act more like men and do what men do? Is it really because anything a man can do, a woman can do? Even if that’s true, why would you want to? 

Some would say they have no choice but to act more like men and be more masculine. Even here, they’ll either blame it on the men, society, or even their own parents. I’ve seen ladies talk about how they were forced to act like men because the men in their lives never stuck around, like their fathers, or baby daddies.  

Overall though, I believe the real reason why most Feminists want to break down Gender Roles is because deep down they actually think being a man is better. They think being a traditional wife who’s a nurturing, kind supportive helpmate is weak and inferior. It’s not us men who think this way about mothers and housewives. It’s other women who look down on them.  

At the same time, Men are encouraged to get more in touch with their softer more sensitive sides. You see it in TV shows and movies all the time, especially on Disney and Nickelodeon. They’re definitely targeting kids while they’re young. (Drag Queen story hour anyone?). Husbands are portrayed as bumbling idiots who’d accidentally burn down the house if not for their more competent wives. 

To be clear, just so you don’t think I’m being hypocritical…I believe men and women are equal in value, but different by nature. Women really are better than men in some aspects. And Men are better than women in other aspects. We’re made to complement each other, not compete by doing the same things.  

What I really love about the above video is that it explains how and why my generation has placed such an emphasis on feelings over facts and pragmatism. When it comes to why boys and girls do what they do, in the past we didn’t question it so much. Most of us liked who we were and recognized that the gender roles and stereotypes suited us. There were indeed male spaces and female spaces and they existed for a reason. That’s why some people say Feminism is a 1st World Problem.  

But in today’s culture, it’s like when you were kids and that one girl saw how much fun the boys were having. So she complains and demands to be included. But when the parents force the boys to let her play, she tries at first to play along, but eventually starts to pick out things she doesn’t like…such as their language, or how rough they are, or how they care more about winning than whether everyone’s having fun. So, she complains again, and gradually, everything is changed to accommodate her.  

Is that not what we’ve seen in the workplaces, in sports, in the military, and in schools for the past 30-50 years? Everything is constantly changing to accommodate and prioritize not just women, but those who society deems to be the less advantaged ones.  

The problem is that it doesn’t exactly encourage or incentivize anyone to get stronger or more self-sufficient (except for the strength to speak up and complain louder). Because if you do actually improve, you lose the power that comes with victimhood status. That’s why no matter how much equality, money, or special privileges you give them, it will never be enough. They will always see themselves as oppressed. They must. 

It’s also why the mainstream media absolutely HATEs anyone encouraging men to be more manly, to embrace masculinity, to work on building themselves up, to be competitive, perform well, get stronger, take responsibility, etc. Andrew Tate. Kevin Samuels. Jordan Peterson. The Manosphere. Red Pill spaces.  

They’ll say it’s because of misogyny and all these men just want to oppress women. But really, it’s because…it’s kind of like this video of a German Shepard barking out of fear, and the caption says, “The German Shepard forgot it was German Shepard”. I think the mainstream wants men to forget they built Rome, explored the world and conquered almost everything in sight. I think they want us weak. 

Ironically, a huge reason for Gynocentrism’s success is because of the Men backing their play. Let’s be honest. You could say things like “women fought for the right to vote”…but at the end of the day, they got their rights because Men granted them. It’s not like they fought a war and killed all the men who stood in their way. In the Middle East, you can see a clear contrast. 

And I hope that doesn’t come off like I’m belittling the suffragettes or the Women’s Right’s movements. Seriously, I respect those ladies, even the women of the Temperance Unions. I’ll never forget the story I heard about a woman sitting on a cannon outside a bar just to get her point across. Those women have my respect. You did “fight” for your rights, but…I’d argue that you won the battle because of the Men. Ie, it was mostly men in Congress who passed the Volstead Act or the 19th Amendment. Shout out to the first female Congresswoman, Jeannette Rankin

These men, backing the play of a Gynocentric Society…some call these men Feminized, some call them Betas, I don’t like demeaning them with such titles. They’re simply allies. And I theorize that these Allies exist because: 

  1. They love women more than they love God (or they don’t know God, the Bible, or care what he says about Gender Roles) 
  1. They already have their wives and girlfriends, so they don’t care how their support affects other men or society. 
  1. They hope to impress other girls, particularly left-leaning ones. So they back their causes and repeat their speaking points hoping she’ll fall in love with him. These are the false “nice guys” that so many complain about, because when they realize they’ll never leave the “friendzone” they get a bit cranky. 
  1. They’re Selfish Fathers…. 

On the point of Selfish Fathers, this is just a theory I’ve come up with. I believe these are possessive or territorial men who hate the idea of their little girls growing up and submitting to another man. They like the idea of a strong, empowered, and independent woman. The more masculine and headstrong, the better. Because he always wants to be the number one man in his daughter’s life. 

These are the guys you think of when Feminists tell Men, “You’ll think differently when you have daughters of your own.” A God fearing man would place the commandments laid out in the Bible above his own wants. But Selfish Men really do embrace modern feminism when they have daughters of their own. Even if these men don’t openly encourage their daughters to take on the strong and independent mantle, they probably won’t do anything to oppose it either. 

Meaning they won’t say a word about how Men desire women who are more agreeable, soft-spoken, and nicer. They don’t care about other men or society. They only care about themselves. Thus, selfish. 


A major part of Gynocentrism is the practice or implied message that women are the prize. You see it in movies, TV shows, and books how Men are programmed to put women up on a pedestal to make them the center of their universe. You see it time and time again, how multiple guys are all pursuing this one woman as if she’s the only woman in the world.  

Think about it. Have you ever noticed that you’ll go see a movie or TV show expecting it to be about something, mainly the adventures and heroism of a man or the men…but for some reason the plot and writing has made the whole world centered around the issues of women?

In 2018, I remember seeing the movie “First Man” because I love astronomy and the history of space exploration. But a huge part of this 2 hour and 20 minute film was more about Niel Armstrong’s marriage and how important his wife was. I’m not saying that’s no big deal. But that’s not what I’ve come to see.

The same happened with TV shows like “The Musketeers” or “Peaky Blinders,” where we come to watch the men, but the script forces a bigger role on women to make them pretty much the star of the show while the men are relocated to take a back seat as secondary characters. (like Finn to Rose in the Star Wars series, or Clint Barton to Kate Bishop in the Hawkeyes series).

Everyone knows what we’ve come to see and why we want to watch these programs. It’s almost like, if you paid to go see an NBA game, and for some reason, the NBA decided to blend in quarters of the WNBA so you HAVE NO CHOICE but to watch a quarter of the men play, then a quarter of the women, before the men can resume their next quarter. People would be pissed. This doesn’t mean we hate women…but our interests are different and when you try to force us to care about something we don’t, we’re probably going to walk away.


I think the first time I truly noticed it was with the Twilight Series back in 2009. There’s nothing special or ridiculously hot about Bella, and yet Ed and Jacob pine and fight over her like there’s no tomorrow. Programming like this inflates a woman’s ego to the point that she thinks she’s worth more than what she is, while training men to think she’s the best he can get. 

I’m sorry, I know that sounds super harsh…but man, if you could see some of the most basic average ladies talk about how they’re 10s. They’re lovely ladies. But not everyone is a 10. Part of this is due to social media and dating apps where the most average woman has hundreds of thousands of followers or dozens of people blowing up her DMs vying for her attention. In fact, a lot of women have confessed that the ONLY reason why they use dating apps is for the boost of self-esteem.  

And of course, it’s not just from men…it’s from women. No matter how a woman looks, no matter how unhealthy or overweight she is, other women will tell her she’s beautiful, that she’s a 10, that she deserves the world. When they say “plus-size models” they’re almost exclusively talking about overweight women, not overweight men. 

And to be honest, part of me doesn’t have a problem with any of this. If some men can be programmed and conditioned to find “every body type beautiful”…I think that’s great because I honestly do want everyone to have someone. The problem is when women who are a 3s and 4s actually THINK they’re above those men who see them as 10s.  

Do you understand what I’m saying? A woman may be a 5, and a man who’s a 6 or a 7 may go for her. But because of her inflated ego, she thinks she can do better than that 6 or 7, so she overlooks him and mainly focuses on the men at the top. Men who might have sex with them, but they’re not marrying these ladies. 

These ladies are encouraged to think this way. Only WOMEN can have these standards. A woman can say all day that she wants a man who’s over 6 feet tall, with 6-pack abs, and makes 6-figures. But if a man were to say that he wants a woman who’s in shape and submissive he’s called out for “body shaming” and being a misogynist. “You shut up, men! Take us how we are and be damn grateful that you’re getting anything!” is the message. 

Here’s a big difference with our generation as opposed to the past…when women are taught that they’re perfect the way they are, while so much emphasis is placed on men to step up and improve…the ladies of my generation have no incentive to better themselves to get the men they want. They’re taught that they shouldn’t care what men think. Thus, a lot of them have no clue what men want in a wife. Or rather…all they have to go on is what they see on Social Media or Reality TV shows like Love and Hip Hop. 

That’s why when they’re asked, “What do you bring to the table?” They’ll say, “I am the table.” 

This is partially men’s fault as well. I’m talking about the SIMPs, here. According to Urban Dictionary, a SIMP is a man who’s overly submissive to a woman but gains nothing from it. This is why you’d have a woman, any woman, whether she’s a teacher, a preacher, or the CVS check-out girl…if she has a sexy body and doesn’t mind flaunting it, it’s the SIMPs who incentivize her to whore herself on any number of platforms. 

But it’s not just limited to OnlyFans and paid accounts. SIMPs are the guys who allow themselves to be used and taken advantage by their female “friends” all in the hopes of gaining her affection. Some pay hundreds just for something as trivial as a personalized thank you note, or a smile while she calls you out by name…even though you’re one of hundreds she’s doing this for. 

Now personally, I hate to use the word or call anyone a SIMP or an INCEL because I actually think these men need help, more so than derision. It really speaks volumes about our culture that men are willing to pay money just to get something like a smile. That’s not funny. That’s sad. 


So let’s talk about Submission. Because this is a big difference from prior generations, the modern Westernized woman’s unwillingness to submit to her husband as the leader of the family. Over the past couple of months, I’ve read blogs and comments from other men much wiser and experienced than myself. They preach about how we as men need to step up, lead, and teach our women.  

And I’m like… “Have you met today’s modern day millennial woman?” 

These days, a lot of women are taught that marriage isn’t a relationship, it’s a partnership. They stress the notion of “50/50” and equality, not headship or leadership. And of course, even with their supposed 50/50 relationships, if you talk to them, you’ll realize that they’re just regurgitating Feminist talking points that simply don’t add up. Check out this lady. 

The saddest thing about that clip, is that you can tell this woman probably hasn’t ever thought about the logic she believes in. If you watch it again, she really does sound like a programmed computer spitting out answers. And it isn’t until the answers contradict that, just like a computer, she crashes. 

If you even mention the word “submit” or “head of the household” they’ll sneer at you. If you try to teach or lead, you’ll be criticized for being too patronizing, or condescending, or man-splaining.  

OR…what usually happens is they’ll try to compete. This is why a lot of men don’t buy into this notion of, “I’ll only be feminine in the presence of a masculine man who’ll allow me to be safe and secure in my femininity.”  

Because when you really do find a masculine man, who’s competent and a good decision maker, for some reason some ladies are prompted to increase their own assertiveness, challenge, and compete with him, fighting for dominance and control instead of trusting in his headship. This is where she’s telling you what to do, refusing to let you do anything for her, and gets mad when you suggest anything that remotely sounds like you’re trying to change/teach/lead her. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a woman can’t tell a man what to do, but it shouldn’t be a competition or so unnatural. For instance, if I visit the school where my wife teaches and she starts telling me what to do or where to put my things, I’m not going to be upset or give her all kinds of push-back. This is her school! I’m going to assume she knows what she’s doing and the proper procedures. I’ll have no problems following her lead. 

When it comes to these strong and independent women, it’s not that men are “intimidated”…we’re just not interested. I can be friends with women like this all day, but I won’t marry you. Plainly put, if you act like a guy, I’m going to see you as a guy. I’m not attracted to men. 

When it comes to why a woman should “submit” to her man, while some men have come up with their own logic as to why they require it, for me, it’s simple. The instructions come from God through his word the Bible. (Ephesians 5: 22-33

Trust me when I say I’m not looking to lord over my wife. I’ve spent most of my adulthood living by myself so I can cook and clean well. But on big issues where someone needs to make a decision, like where we live, how we raise our children, or who we let into our homes, I’ll take my wife’s thoughts and opinions into consideration…but at the end of the day, I’ll need my wife to follow my lead. 

Ladies, I swear to you…if God instructed us through his word the Bible that 1) whoever makes the most money makes the rules or 2) Men should submit to their wives and wives are to be the heads of their households…I would obey. I would submit to my future wife and heed her authority. Not because it’s what women want or because the culture’s changed. It’s because that’s what God commanded.  

And when it comes to the Modern Woman, we’ve noticed how women don’t want to submit to their husbands, and yet they’re willing to submit to their careers, their education, their instructors, their managers, the whims of the market, and even the customers. They’re willing to do all that but not submit to the one man you vowed to love and spend the rest of your life with?  

“Well, submitting to all those other things pays off! We’re getting something in return by submitting to our bosses or instructors, whether it’s a good grade, a promotion, or a paycheck. What do we get by submitting to our husbands?”   

Boom. Ladies and Gentlemen, do you see now? This is the difference between our generations. Everyone’s so concerned about what others can give them, instead of what they can give others. 

“Well, name one thing, Rock! Name one benefit to submitting to a husband.” 

Well, if your love of God isn’t enough, I’d say stability, protection, comfort, and ease just to name a few. If you’ve picked the right man with shared values who’s smart, strong, capable, and responsible, you’re not going to be worried about following his lead. You’re going to be glad to have someone to lean on, someone to help take the weight off your shoulders. I bet that’s what this lady’s thinking.  


Another reason for Today’s Gynocentric Society, is because of the Corporations pandering to women. Corporations favor women because women make up the majority of the consumers. Politicians favor women because they make up the majority of voters. And the entertainment industries favor women because they know women are the gatekeepers of sex. Thus, they churn out programming that celebrates men who pursue women at the costs of their own lives, careers, and reputation.

It’s all about money. They don’t want to lose your business. So, they’ll lie to you and promote all these destructive social movements like fat acceptance and tolerance for the hook up culture. They’ll give you weapons like Title IV, Retroactive Consent, MeToo, BelieveAllWomen, and No-fault Divorce. They want you spend all your money on yourself instead of saving up or contributing to the family or future family. 

Think about it. Does the drug dealer peddling heroin care about the health of his customers? 

In the above video, the Woman points out that Men still make up a majority of Congress, CEOs, and important leadership roles. She makes it sound like it’s some injustice. Even with the Gender Pay Gap that was pushed by Obama, we’ve seen the likes of Jordan Peterson explain why this isn’t men trying to oppress women. Men simply work longer hours and take less time off.  

In a lot of industries, it’s a meritocracy where people are rewarded not because of their gender, but because of their performance. Right now, more women getting their degrees than men. Problem is, they aren’t picking the industries and STEM fields that would get them more money.  

In today’s Gynocentric society, women are led to believe they deserve equal pay and if they don’t get it, it’s because of misogyny and men are evil. Take the WNBA or Women’s Soccer. For years, they’ve been arguing about getting paid the same as men despite all the logic and facts about how their leagues make less money compared to their male counterparts. 


And when it comes to dating and marriage…we can’t overlook the fact that despite all the calls for equality and fairness, most Women still PREFER it if their husbands earned more than they did. Rarely does a woman date “downward”. This explains why a lot of beautiful, successful women complain about not having a lot of options. It’s not that there aren’t men who want to marry them. They’re just not “economically attractive”. 

Here is where you’ll have women say, “Well, men need to step up and work harder to make themselves more ‘economically attractive.’” 

To which, we’d ask, “Why should we?” Honestly, if a man’s comfortably enjoying life with his 50k salary, why should he “step it up”. As I told my dad, it’d be one thing if I had a wife or children who depended on me making more money. They would be my reasons, my motivation to forsake jobs I actually enjoy to pursue higher paying roles that I’d hate. 

Do you understand what I’m saying? I already busted my ass all during my twenties to get out of debt, to own my own home. No criminal record. Solid investments. High credit score. I used to live my life with the mentality of getting those higher paid positions so I’d be in the best spot should I ever meet my future wife…but year after year, living on a hope and a prayer while suffering in loneliness…it brought me to the brink of suicidal thoughts. I ain’t doing that again. Time is money but money can’t turn back the clock. 

Not to mention, what if we fall on hard times? What if I end up losing my job and can’t afford the lifestyle, she married me for? Now what? Do you see how stupid this all sounds? For men who believe in getting married to one woman and staying married, the mentality of prioritizing money and materialistic things is ridiculous. 

Our mothers and grandmothers lived within “their means”. They “made due”. I’m reminded of that scene from “The Godfather 2” where Vito was fired and only brought a pear home for dinner. His wife saw the pear on the table and said, “What a nice pear!” so grateful to have it.   

And I know…some will say, “it’s in a woman’s biological and evolutionary make up to go for the men with the highest amount of money and resources” for the sake of their children. But I think that’s a cop-out.  

One, I’ve seen women have children with some of the most broke-ass ain’t ish dudes you’ve ever seen. And two, I know plenty of couples who are raising children all while making a combined income of less than $60k. They don’t live in poverty. They post pictures of vacations and Disneyworld. They have birthday parties and provide fun lifestyles for their children. So, spare me the BS. It’s not about the children or what’s best for them…it’s about you and the lofty lifestyle you think you deserve.  

And perhaps the saddest thing about today’s Gynocentric Society, is that contrary to the push for “strong and independent”…it’s actually made ladies more dependent on someone coming to their rescue, to be their safety net. So many truly believe that you should be able to do whatever you want and still be loved and accepted no matter what.  

In Brittany Renner’s recent appearance on JustPearlyThings, she asked Andrew Tate what advice he has for a woman like her. He told her to get off Social Media. Renner then went on a declaration about how she has to be the voice of many and that she needed to use her platform to help others.  

That’s all fine and well. But your choices have consequences. If you’re going to stay on Social Media where so many know about your sexual history, you got to accept the consequences that come along with your supposed self-sacrifice. 

In 2016, I saw a movie called “Suffragette” about the early female activists and their efforts to get the right to vote. In the movie, the main female lead was a married mother. The husband warned that if she continued to involve herself in the Suffragette activities, he’d kicked her out of the home and prevent her from seeing their son. Now, I get it. It’s messed up that he said that, but regardless, she’s presented with a CHOICE. 

The Woman CHOOSES to continue involving herself in suffragette activities and at the end of the movie when she tries to come home, the husband closes the door on her. She stands there crying like life isn’t fair.  

I remember seeing that and it bugged me. While I think it’s awesome to fight for what you believe in and I applaud her for her efforts, what I took from that story was that she chose the movement over her own family. You could get mad at the husband. You could say that it’s not fair or he had no right to do what he did. But it doesn’t change the fact that she chose the movement over her own family. 

That’s essentially what’s happening with a lot of the ladies of my generation. Over the family, they’re choosing to prioritize loving themselves, having fun, living their best life. City girling it up. Racking up debt to travel the world. 

When I was in my 20s, I saw this and I knew. I wasn’t even that mad. I was like, “makes sense.” When you’re young, you want to have fun. YOLO was all the rage. So, I told myself back then, it’s highly likely that the woman I get married to in my 30s will be a girl who got all the “fun out of her system” and is now ready to settle down and have a family.  

It sucks that I couldn’t get her in my 20s. But that’s alright. Them’s the breaks. This is the real world, there’s nothing you can do about it. Problem is. A lot of women in their 30s are still acting like they’re in their 20s! It’s incredible. 

They’re still spending money on frequent trips to DisneyWorld or some other place that squeezes the money out of you. They’re sleeping around with dudes who have no intentions on marrying them and they dress like they’re still in college. 

When I was on dating apps last year, almost every woman in their 30s was talking about “fun” in their profiles. So much so that I’m started to hate the word. Hardly anyone talked about values or family. Now, it could be because they’re afraid of “scaring off” the men who don’t want to think about families so soon. Either way, it’s unfortunate. 

The “fun” women are choosing to have over finding a good man and getting married to have children, it’ll cost them that family. That’s the consequence. This is a problem and I fear a lot of women will suffer. Already, ladies are taking to TikTok to vent their frustrations. 

And eventually, they’ll call on the government to step up and take over the duties that used to be handled by the family. In places like South Korea, it’s already happening.  


We need to go back to the time where Men and Women admit that we need each other. We don’t just “want” each other, we need each other. Awareness and understanding, as with every entry, is critical.   

For my fellow Christians, especially you who call yourselves “Christian Feminists”…I encourage you to pray for the strength to humble yourselves to the Word of God and obey the instructions left by Christ and his apostles.  

I know the world’s telling you to never submit to no man and to think of marriage of a 50/50 partnership, but what’s the Bible saying? 1 Corinthians 11;3. Ephesians 5:22-27. Colossians 3:18-19. 1 Peter 3:1-4 all reveal that the wife’s role is to submit to the authority and leadership of her husband.  

If you think that the man isn’t deserving of your submission then DON’T MARRY HIM! I didn’t write the scriptures. By openly refusing to humble yourself and be a submissive wife to your husband, you’re disobeying the word of God. Don’t worry, in my future post about the “Manosphere,” I’m gonna get on the guys who call themselves Christians. 

With all these issues, one can’t leave out how men like the Passport Bros have good reasons to start looking for wives overseas. For those who don’t know, this is a growing movement where men are encouraging each other to stop courting women here in the states or other westernized countries where Feminism has influenced women to stop being traditional.  

You’ll see push-back from women saying, “You’re just predators” or “Those other Women are just using you to take advantage of your money” or, my favorite is one black woman said, “Those foreign women don’t know you black men like we do.”  

To which, I had to ask, “So let me get this straight. You mean to tell me that you know what we want as black men, and you’re just deliberately just choosing not to do that?”  

To be clear, I’m not a Passport Bro, though I do have my passport. I’m not a Passport Bro because I traveled a lot when I was a kid. I know in places like Texas…damn, now that I think about it. The women I’ve encountered who were taught to treat men well and be wives, they were mostly 2nd Generation Americans or they came from abroad. I’ll let this guy explain.  

Ladies…if you like who you are, if you don’t see a problem with today’s Feminized society and how far we’ve “progressed” from the traditional values, if you’re still for Female Empowerment…that is your right.  

But at least now you’re aware that a lot of men aren’t on board with it. We won’t stop or belittle you for choosing to go the Feminist route, but we will defend ourselves when you try to shame us for exercising that same freedom of choice.  

I mean, if you think about all the women who hate the Passport Bros, they’re mad because these men are encouraging other men to do the same. But if you don’t believe in being submissive, nice, or agreeable, wouldn’t you be happy that those men are looking elsewhere?  

I’ve seen women belittle these dudes for having “little d**k energy” or not being masculine enough to handle a strong American woman. So, I’m like, what’s the problem? Sounds like they’re doing you a favor by leaving you alone. 

The corporations and mainstream media will pander and cater to you, telling you whatever you want to hear. But the men who aren’t on board, won’t be so open and honest because they run the risk of being labeled a misogynist or sexist. 

Society tries to brow-beat and shame us for wanting what our fathers and grandfathers had. They’ll say “times have changed” and we need to get with the program. But we’re men. We adapt. Men have the advantage of time in that we can reproduce well into our 50s and 60s. And all the insults and shaming tactics aren’t exactly enticing, making us want to draw close to you. You ever heard the saying you catch more bees with honey than vinegar?