2 comments on “The Truth About Good Girls Falling for Bad Boys – An Unpopular Opinion 

  1. As a woman who was always categorized as a “good girl” but who met, fell for and married a “bad boy” (who by the grace of God came to faith and is an excellent and faithful husband who has never cheated no matter what Eddie Murphy has to say about it), I want push back on your thesis.

    And no. I’m not going to claim that I really was a “good girl”. I truly was well behaved, right up until I met my husband, which put to death the lie that I was a “good girl”. So I agree with you.

    My push back is that you seem to be implying that there is anyone good, male or female. That is false:

    And Jesus said unto him, “Why callest thou Me good? There is none good but One, that is, God.~ Matthew 10:18

    To the extent that any one is able to withstand the temptation to whatever sin, it is solely the grace of God. I have virgin young adult daughters, and I admonish them to never think that their virtue is of their own willpower or fortitude. That it makes them “good”. No. No. No. It makes God good, It makes God faithful.

    I have a whole host of thoughts about why it seems as if “good girls” fall for “bad boys”, but I am not so inclined to go there. I just want to point out the reality of goodness, and how much of it is dependent upon grace, and the need for each of us to humbly thank God for the keeping power of His Holy Spirit.

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    • Awww Come on, Ms. Els! Lol, you know what I mean. I agree with everything you’re saying and I considered it, but left that point (about what’s truly good) out intentionally…mainly because I don’t want people (especially Christians not as well-versed to the Scriptures as you and I) to think they have no control over their own actions. I wanted to encourage accountability and self-control (which can easily roll into a fun convo about free-will 😄)

      That being said, you are right. It is by the Grace of God. But it reminds me of a convo I had with a Lutheran pastor when I talked about being judged by God and if he finds me worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. The pastor corrected me with, “No one’s truly worthy”…I was like, yeah, but you know what I mean. If he judges me and blesses me with living in the Kingdom of Heaven, how else would I describe it? “Grace of God” is accurate and true, but it’s also vague and relates to a broad spectrum of blessings. Right?

      One more question, if I could get your thoughts on this. No rush. You mentioned admonishing your daughters if they think their virtue is their own willpower or fortitude. I agree that my own strength and discipline is a blessing from God, but how do I explain this to those who have the attitude of “well, I don’t have the strength, so it’s God’s fault for not blessing me with it. And therefore, the fact that I’ve given in is clearly because God wants me to give in. Because…you know. God makes no mistakes!”


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