7 comments on “60-Year-Olds Marrying 18-Year-Olds: My Unpopular Opinion

  1. I definitely don’t think a man that’s emotionally mature with a sound mind, secure in himself and has the right motives wants a woman decades younger than him.

    However, it could be argued that technically it is legal. True.

    Okay. I’m sad for the girl. She may not have had the right healthy relationship with her earthly father. I think some men want youthful beauty on their arm to make themselves look good and to feel good about themselves.

    If men are attracted to fertility and youth, in many cases it would not be for the right reason, since many of them are sperm donors who abandon and neglect and abuse their children and the woman anyhow. It is not wise for her to marry a man who may likely be dead before her child is 10 years old. It is just the truth and reality. I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m talking about wisdom.

    Many women are attracted by what they hear, are captivated by words. When women are young, they are typically naive and add to that any kind of father wounds and a woman could end up in a situation like this.

    If this is the case, it is not healthy. So technically, while legal it could still not be the right thing for her.

    So motive here is key. That said, technically no, it’s not illegal since she is an adult, but I do believe something is VERY wrong with the dynamics.

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  2. You seem to be on the cutting edge of all the scandalous news events happening in the black community and church. We are so removed from that stuff that I only run across it in the occasional article such as this one. Our general take is that the overall zeitgeist of the black church leaves a lot to be desired theologically, from the music to most of the sermons, so we cut our losses a while back. Appreciate the inside peak, though! 🙂

    My general take on this specific story is that -with the exception of your point about the young woman having children in wedlock- this is going to end badly for almost any 60+ men. with a wife more than 30 years his junior. They are at more risk of hearthbreak than the young women are. It is rare the man who enters his 70s without experiencing drastic turns on health markers. And there will be their 20-something year old wife, young and vibrant and no doubt frustrated on multiple levels with having a grandfatherly husband. I’m not averse to May-December marriages, but I think one generation (18-20 years) is about the maximum where the man and woman can manage to have a relatively long and happy marriage.

    To the greater theme of your post, you’re right that the whole “do what you want, no such thing as right or wrong” immediately undercuts any objections people have to these men marrying these recently adult women. What is a woman, anyway? And if we’re excusing pedophilia and bashing anyone who tries to stop the stealing of childhood innocence, then how do we explain any aversion to this? It’s not coherent.

    As for the 91% of black women voting democrat, you’re right, and it’s abhorrent. But so is the fact that 75% of black men vote democrat. Of course, black women vote in much larger numbers, so they do much greater damage with their votes.

    Lots of thoughts about the Kevin Samuels clip, but no time. Love the Delano Squires clip, but I usually do like what he has to say.

    Good job provoking thoughts.

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