4 comments on “The Hidden Truth About Today’s Dating Culture – What Wise Men See

  1. Very well said Rock. Sounds like you have your head on straight. My advice would be out of generation. I do have two nieces (young 30’s) who haven’t found a Godly man. They don’t exist in their particular 9-5 world (so they say). I have the privilege of 45 really good years of marital hindsight. From that I would say “always honor God in everything, including the specs of a future mate”

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  2. Rock, up until today I have NEVER read a blog post as long as this one, but once I saw your wisdom (beyond your years), I couldn’t stop reading. I am of your Dad’s generation, married to the same man for nearly 50 years. My heart goes out to your generation. Things ARE different, but some things never change, like the blessings of a commitment to Christ. What you said about divorce – that one or both parties have ceased to put God first – so true! Granted, things are complicated, but at the end of the day that IS the bottom line, isn’t it? I can think of people I wish would read this, but they have turned their anger towards God, and I doubt they’d read to the end. I pray God blesses you with a godly wife, but if He doesn’t, I know you will live out whatever amazing life He has for you.


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