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  1. Great write up! I married at 20 and I do think it helped that I trusted and still trust, my husband so much. I can see the transformation of going through what Rollo called the Epiphany phase, and realizing all kinds of things (even different ways my life would have or could have turned out – as well as my husband’s!), once you get past 30. Traveling through that phase, *successfully*, and still wanting to stick it out and make it with your man, has been amazing for both of us (because he really could have possibly done greater and more things if he’d waited and not married as young as he did. He’d deny it, because he thinks I’m a wonderful catch, but I know in some ways it hindered his career advancement, granted he’s been able to largely and exponentially make up for that, so it’s hard to tell….).

    One thing you may find interesting that my husband and I have been looking at together with our kids, is the age at which a lot of the first men married. Some were in their hundreds before taking their first wife… lots of time to grow, educate themselves in all areas, and accomplish things… and we discussed how odd it was that they probably *still* married relatively young virginal women… it just makes sense with how it describes Sarah later on as being, “too old,” to bear children.

    So these ancient biblical men were old, and probably very fit still obviously, but marrying women so much younger. Just something to study and ponder for yourself.

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    • Edit – second paragraph is referencing the ancient Biblical men of the past. Look into the ages at which it says they married and had children, it’s surprising and revealing.

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    • Nice! Good points. I knew about the matter of Abraham. But I didn’t know it was so wide-spread. I imagine their health and vitality might have been a bit different than what we think of now as a person nearing 100. lol, if I’m not mistaken, Moses was 80 when he went back to Egypt to lead Israel.

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      • It’s odd for sure, and yes, I believe they had a totally different kind of health and body system than we have now.

        “Adam was 130 yrs old when he fathered a child in his likeness, according to his image, and named him Seth… lived another 800 yrs and he fathered sons and daughters after Seth.

        Seth was 105 yrs old when he fathered Enosh… lived another 807 yrs after the birth of Seth, and fathered sons and daughters.

        Enosh was 90 yrs old when he fathered Kenan… lived another 815 yrs after Kenan’s birth, and fathered sons and daughters…

        (Keep in mind Adman and Eve virtually started over after Cain and Able… and the Bible tends to name the firstborn, so it’s possible these really were their firstborn kids being born into these men’s later lives).

        Jared was 162 yrs old when he fathered Enoch… lived another 800 yrs and had more sons and daugthers.

        Then Enoch has the strange life encounter of being taken up without death… he’s the first to have a child a lot younger, at 65 yrs old he has Methuselah (Noah’s grandfather).

        Methuselah was 187 yrs old when he fathered Lamech…. Lamech is 182 yrs old when he fathers Noah….

        And finally, Noah only has those 3 sons. We know this because of who gets saved on the Ark. The Bible literally states Noah fathered them when he was 500 yrs old – the oldest yet in having a first child.

        Just so odd LOL, but very interesting in how much time the men had to prepare for their lives (and kids).

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      • Re: Stephanie’s comment about the ages of the patriarchs

        After the antediluvian period, aging was accelerated by a factor of 10. For example, instead of living to the age of 800, men only lived to 80. So when you think of aging in this way, an antediluvian man who reproduced at the age of 130 would be like a 13 year old boy getting his girlfriend pregnant by todays standard.

        From a scientific view, I believe the accelerated aging could be caused by the reduced cloud cover in the atmosphere after the flood, which allowed a significant increase in the amount of UV light reaching the Earth’s surface. UV light is known to accelerate aging. God himself put the age limit at 120, and there’s only been a couple Japanese men go one or two years beyond that.

        It’s nice to see Stephanie’s comments again.

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  2. Interesting food for thought, Rock. What you said about the woman’s trusting the man … That’s easier to do when the woman knows God and can trust HIM. When I let go of what I fight for and let my husband take the lead, it usually works out well. Either he’s right and knows what he’s doing, or he realizes I was right and changes his mind, or God works around the mistake, no big deal. (Can’t tell you what works for an unbeliever…)

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