3 comments on “Being Tricked and Lied To: Single-Mothers and Picking the Wrong Guy

  1. So much wisdom here!

    So sad that many guys fall for the “you’re not a real man if you don’t wife me up, raise my kids, and address all my financial problems” nonsense. Run away!!

    Too many women — even self-proclaimed Christians — violate God’s law on both sides of the wedding. They have sex before marriage to “sex-nap” the guys, then they withhold it after marriage to manipulate the men. And the men have no legal recourse. What other contract lets the violator sue the victim and profit financially?!

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  2. As a long term, happily married black woman (and a stepmother whose husband is NOT nor was EVER a stepfather), you said a lot of true things. Blended families are an added stressor. From either direction, even when you weather it well. Very balanced post.

    Next time though, you might consider breaking something this length up into multiple posts.

    Just my .02

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