4 comments on “Apparently Women Want Tall Men…Just Not You

  1. Generally speaking, many women do like tall men, but it’s not that simple. Women have so many other things that they desire that it doesn’t come only to being tall.

    I think that tall is one of the basic things that women want. Some women are rather strange. Of course, none of this may apply to you and your situation but I’m speaking in general. If a man is not cocky and doesn’t appear toxically masculine, some women aren’t impressed.

    Some women are seriously attracted to men that pose an element of danger to them. If you are a gentleman; if you don’t seem “exciting” enough to some women, they won’t pay attention, even if you are tall.

    When I say exciting, I am referring to basically being trouble or at least questionable. Some women are subconsciously or unconsciously attracted to men who are bad to them and bad for them.

    Some are attracted to men who they think they will have to work on and fix up like a project. Not all women are this way of course. Some women seem to like men who are jerks.

    There are women who seriously like playboys / players, jocks, drama Kings, Etc. Yeah, some women like bad boys and they are bored by normalcy.

    In addition, even though some women chase men, many women are still traditional in that they desire to be pursued and wooed by a man and they want to respond to him.

    So if you are a man who is confident in yourself because you know who you are in Christ, and you’re not putting yourself out there (although you may be open to meeting someone), the ladies may not notice you, because they may be looking or waiting for a man who’s very forward.

    Some women go so far as to think that men who are charming and no good for them are “exciting.” So if you’re not devilishly charming and no good, then these types of women may not notice. I suppose what matters is when YOU notice the right woman and go for her.🙂

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  2. I’m attempting to respond again because I responded yesterday and it seems like my response just went into space.

    I was stating that some women can be quite strange. If you are not a jock and don’t act cocky or don’t give off bad boy vibes, or some vibes as if there is an element of danger to you, some women may not notice as much.

    In addition, there are some women who are still very traditional in that they expect a man to pursue them and if he is kind of laid-back and not seeming to notice them, they won’t notice him as much or at least they may appear not to.

    In your case I believe your confidence is in Christ which is great! Validation is not in chasing women or seeing how many women want can get. I think that since you know this you may have a different approach toward women.

    Generally, women do like tall men, but they like other things along with the man being tall. I think what matters most is when YOU spot the woman that you want to pursue, that you (prayerfully) go after her.

    As far as what women like, sometimes they don’t make it known and sometimes women are more responsive than anything. There are women out of order today who are very bold and throw themselves at men and chase men, but there are still women who will not do that.

    So it may appear as if they are not noticing you but it could be because they’re more receptive than assertive in that regard.

    When you find the right lady and pursue her I think you will find out clearly that she not only likes tall men, but she likes you in particular.

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