One comment on “Can You Be Red-Pilled and Christian?

  1. ROCK!,They think us loner christians are bad?You know they think were insane!They think were crazy!I DON’T LIVE for music!I LIVE FOR GOD!!!!Thats mostly THECHOIRBOYS from australia in ’83!
    I was redpill before the waschowski brothers/sisters were even in high school!I also know that jehovah witnesses have one of the lowest incarceration rates of all christians how many know that ROCK?Why does people think red pilled means dating or having sex with all these WIMMINZ like donovan sharp above, or worried about money also?Like those black brothers with the cash above!You also know the original GBFMtm was a big dal’ supporter before dal’ kept not ”EXALTING THE WORDS OF MOSES&JESUS” right?Thats when he lumped him in with all the PUAGAMERS like GBFMtms ARCH-NEMESIS Roissy!I heavily read the bible between sept’97 until late ’99, when I had read about 98% of it for the first time,I have such a good memory,I lightly read it now!Does most know that at least 95% of in the church every sunday morning christians, have never read any of it?Yet a loner CHRISTIAN-MGTOW has?But they and all their heroes in the news media &hollywood&washingtonD.C. are Good?Does DON’T JUDGERS speak on ”don’t judge by mere apperences but judge correctly”KING JESUS in GOSPEL OF JOHN7:24 said that!Not the ”rise of the servant-kings” by Ken harrison, that make me laugh like they did dal’ also on his ”out: servant king”! thats what ”they” always leave out right?P.S.My EX-VEITNAM 68 year old black buddy in physical rehab in 2018 was a jehovah witness!He also never talked to myself about any of it, he knew I don’t belong to the world nor an abuser of it either!I don’t play church or house with anybody!I knew what a kingdom hall was when his preist? came into visit him thats how I knew he was a jehovah witness!You also know I still want to get married too right rock?But I know most of the rules,especialy a certain book that first came out in the00’s, that had nothing to do with GAME,GAME?(I never needed it just my blood-bought salvation, that told me about jehovah witnesses&other ”them” christians that were more dedicated than the mainstream ones ever are!Also you know I’m a white dude right?

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