5 comments on “How the Gynocentric Worship of Women Ruined Millennial Dating

  1. Insofar as the critique of today’s men is involved, I would refer anyone to C.S. Lewis’ famous essay “Men Without Chests.” Our culture, and especially our women, shame, denigrate and abuse men on a daily basis for being men… and then act surprised when a man won’t step up and protect her from a mugger on a train. After all, she’s a strong, independent woman, and anything a man can do she can do better; besides which if he does intervene and the mugger is hurt, the odds are she’ll be the first one to throw her rescuer under the bus when the cops show up.

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  2. Even aside from that its about entertainment (women’s entwrtainment of course). Dating ceased to even be about finding a spouse and became just a way for women to get a free dinner and show. And even the women looking for a husband judge potential husbands on how exciting an entertainment he takes her to on the first date. The non-seriousness of women about life and religion is manifest here: they don’t care to know a man’s beliefs and philosophy, only how “spontaneous” he is at generating expensive entertainment options for her.

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  3. “There’s nothing special or ridiculously hot about Bella, and yet Ed and Jacob pine and fight over her like there’s no tomorrow.”

    This one actually makes sense for white men living in border areas you could go months without seeing a white woman because its all hispanics down here so when you see a plain white woman she looks like a goddess.

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  4. Boomer perspective here, mid 60’s in age.
    I came of age during the 70’s when second wave feminism (the called women’s lib) was in full swing. I was supportive of feminism then, for the same reason that other straight men were feminist. I wanted to get laid.
    A big trope then was ‘Don’t treat me like a sex object, respect me for my mind”. Now in 4’th wave feminism, when asked, “What do you bring to the table?”, women reply “I am the table!”. They don’t mention intelligence, sympathy, home, wife, child rearing skills, just being a woman, which means sex. They come right out and say, that it is all they have to offer.
    Well a young man hearing that knows that their faces will get wrinkled, their waistlines will grow, their boobs will sag, and many will develop thighs like thunder. Those natural results of aging can be accepted if the man keeps his wife goggles, but I hear few women who can describe their wifely characteristics.
    The youngest Millennials are in their late 20’s. The oldest Millennials are in their early 40’s. I have heard that almost half of all Millennials are unmarried, and the rest are passing out of their fertile marriage age. A young Millennial man who would like to be a husband and father can see that so many Millennial women are sexually experienced and jaded, have little concept of what they should offer a husband and father, except sex. The young Millennial man can hear his married male friends complain of lack of sex, or at least read it on the internet, knows that almost 40 % of marriages will end in divorce, and they will be thrown into the meat grinder of family court.
    Young Millennial and Zoomer men have my sympathy. I wish I had some useful advice.

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  5. Spot-on about the plague of Selfish Fathers in the feminist nations of the anglosphere . . . otherwise known as Bitchdom.

    Daughter-daddies are the hidden weapon of the gynocracy, and nobody talks about it except Dalrock and yourself. And ESPECIALLY Christian and ‘conservative’ men deny the reality that when men have daughters, they become Instant Feminists and all that stuff about God and Truth and the Constitution just fades away. He will still call himself a conservative and a Christian, but he ain’t.

    Anglo women were co-opted as a collective or Hive long ago. And then there are the weak men hiding behind ‘chivalry’ as an excuse to accept subjugation in the anglo gynarchies, as that makes their lives easier.

    As Dalrock exposed so expertly during his series on the millennium-long Cult of Romanticism in the Western World, chivalry perverts and inverts the proper position of the male and the female,as God created them, and turns the male and his leadership into a tool of women, subjugating boys and men beneath women, who in turn are then easily controlled by satan and the fallen angels. As in the Beginning, man exchanges God for the approval of the woman, and listens to her voice, not God’s. Chivalry is the prime weapon of the enemy. Worked on Adam and still works on his male descendants, even as the female still covets the power and authority of men, and even of God Himself.

    You are also correct that the human male and female were created — in that order — as complements to one another. Modern Christians interpret that to mean that Scripture asserts that men and women are equal, which they absolutely are not. I would be glad to cite Scripture on this point if you wish.

    God the FATHER set the male in authority over the female, in the same hierarchical manner in which Christ rules in authority over men. Equality is another chief weapon of the enemy. In truth, there is no such thing as Equality or Egalitarianism anywhere on Earth or in heaven. It is an abstract fabrication designed to excuse, and indeed to glorify, rebellion against God.

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