6 comments on “How Political Scandals and the Weaponization of Women Ruined Dating

  1. Obviously false accusations against Justices Kavanaugh and Thomas, etc, will not stop until two things occur:
    1) The smears fail to accomplish their goal
    2) False accusers face genuine consequences for their actions
    As things stand now, even when charges are obviously false it is still a “free shot”. The accuser has everything to gain and nothing to lose by taking the shot. Until that is no longer the case this will continue to happen.

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  2. Women should have been making the first move all along every since the industrial revolution because men don’t have the time. And there is no point to trying as a man because you’d have to interview 50 billion women to find one that is not woke. So women will have to go out of their way to differentiate themselves from the woke mass of whores and will have to make the first move. That they’re too stupid to realize this is hilarious. Also women will have to support the death penalty for their whore sistren because I would never date a woman who does not.


  3. ‘To be clear…I don’t think you’ll find a single guy who refuse to acknowledge that there were some positives that came from the #MeToo Movement.’

    There were NO positives resulting from the $MeToo Movement. Ever. So you are wrong that everybody accepts your assumption that this predatory hate-movement against men and boys somehow was necessary and righteous. Stop qualifying yourself as a Good Female Protector and apologizing for speaking the truth.

    When $MeToo broke, I recall commenting at Breitbart to the ‘conservative’ and ‘Christian’ American men that $MeToo was just another tool of a totalitarian gynarchy that ALREADY had been established throughout the anglo world. I was alone in my assertion, and the commentariat both male and female excoriated me as a misogynist, a probable perpetrator, an unattractive man who was angry because women did not like him . . . all lies. But what it revealed is that the supposedly trad and conservative U.S. men were subjects of female command and dominance. Weaklings. Cucks who didn’t have the groceries to stand against the fem-influenced Hive.

    I remember telling these MAGA true-believers that they didn’t have enough actual men in New Amerika to make ONE STATE great again . . . much less the whole country. Again, the supposed conservatives and Christians raged at me.

    U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia and NZ, and much of western Europe are ruled by women. ALL the institutions. In New Amerika, women control the schools, colleges, media, corporations, courts and judiciaries, governments, entertainment, and even the churches. Yet men still cannot get over the urge to virtue-protect the very group that is destroying them, their brothers, their sons and families, freedom, and national sovereignty. They would rather signal their subservience to women rather than have God or a country. So be it.


      • No Rock, I certainly do not. At outset of the initial salvo of $MeToo, I pointed out on ‘conservative’ sites that the Deep State backing open borders, feminism/persecution of masculinity, LGBTQ and all the rest very carefully chose the ugliest, most egregious example of ‘toxic masculinity’ and quid pro quo ‘abuse’ of females they could find to roll out an agenda they already had fully in place.

        This feminist pogrom was carefully, cynically prepared-for and executed. It was not because the gynarchy had ‘had enough of perpetrating rapist men’, it was because the gynarchy and its allies sought to consolidate the control of the nation that they already had. They made sure at roll-out that a monster of masculinity was presented, so there would be zero resistance from the only enemies they feared – – conservative and Christian men. They need not have been concerned in the least. They are all Good Feminists now.

        Once again, I was shouted down by all and told I was a misogynist, lived in my mother’s basement, was unattractive to females, was myself a rapist like Harvey . . . all of it. I responded that they would have a very difficult time finding women in my life who would describe me as an abuser, a misogynist, etc. But these men — and of course the female commentariat — were very sure I was all the things described.

        They had to believe that because to accept the truth — that their instincts to virtue-signal and protect females no matter the facts, overrode all concerns of justice, fairness, obeying God, or societal health. They were all just SURE that Horrible Harvey was a slavering monster and all the women who serviced him sexually had been drugged, coerced, terrorized etc. It is absurd. Those wannabe starlet women were using him just like he was using them.

        Make no mistake, Harvey was and is a scumbag. That does not invalidate the reality of the situation that I described above. Indeed, Harvey’s character and appearance were necessary elements designed to ignite the false chivalry of men either too lazy, too conditioned, or to weak to discover and accept the truth.

        This said, your article was quite good, a nine outta ten. Also, you demonstrate strength of character by permitting my comments. Well done.

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