3 comments on “A Loving Response to “Baby Momma” Culture

  1. Shame was something that was a negative reinforcement for certain actions.
    People don’t seem to have much of it and when people starting recognizing certain bad things as a flex, (baby collecting), it was done away with.
    Its bad where I am from and family structures turn into “weak alliances” real quick.

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  2. I have never been bitten by a venomous snake, but having observed the effects of such a bite on others I have no need to experience it myself to know it’s a bad thing.
    The single greatest predictor of juvenile and adult criminality is boys being raised without their biological fathers in the home. This is true across ALL ethnicities and social strata. The problem of violent crime in Black neighborhoods is not a matter of genetic determinism, it is a matter of culturally supported lifestyle choices, specifically baby mamas raising boys without their fathers in the home. As the rate of illegitimacy grows in other ethnicities, so too does the rate of violent crime. The one thing the Black community desperately needs, intact nuclear families, is ironically the thing the “Black Lives Matter” vowed to “disrupt.”
    Our social safety net/welfare policies are also at fault, but not in the way social conservatives believe. The specific failure is that for a woman to qualify for assistance (shelter, food, medical care, etc.) she must first kick her children’s father out of the home. She can have a parade of boyfriends coming and going and still receive benefits, but if she is married to her children’s father and they live together she loses all benefits. This is a Satanic inversion of how things should be.

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