2 comments on “Have Black Men (or Single Men in General) Abandoned the Church?  

  1. “Meaning…Pastors know what the Bible says….But since a lot of women”

    Pastors also tended to get married young, to pastor groupie women whose dream was to control a pastor. So now they control a pastor. Its one of the reasons the RCC came up with celibate clergy. But there’s a danger there too. Two. One is it attracts homos. The other is too much time out the dating pool and you forget how vile women are. A perfect solution to keeping pastors from being controlled by women is yet to be invented.

    “I haven’t seen anyone else address or mention the MAIN reason why I personally don’t go…So here goes… ”

    I’ve seen Christian MGTOWs express your first reason (the churches bowing to feminism and wokism rather than biblical truth). Your second, usually the opposite, and that is the case for me: people at church are busibodies who want to pester you on why you don’t have a gf or want to set you up with a hambeast.

    My 3rd, 4th, 5th reason would be (3) undue emphasis on endtimes theories, (4) judaization with insistence that political support of Israel is required by God telling Abraham “I will bless those who bless you” which was only about his personal self in his lifetime but they want to make about supporting a pseudo-jewish secular state that supports homosexuality and bans the preaching of the gospel (I don’t support the Palestianians either, End ALL foreign aid!), and (5) what was 5 again? perhaps that all sermons are intended merely for emotional effect, to either rile you up against so-called heretics or make you feel crappy about yourself, because pastors have embided feminism to such a degree they are women now and might as well identify as such.

    (6) a repeat of 1 perhaps but not really. Its one thing that they bow to feminism but this is different although connected. They have in practice redefined original sin to masculinity. They teach that women are sinless angels and men are saved by marrying them, the civilizing effect of women and all that. A wife will make a man better and save him from his sins. But why don’t they say a husband will do that to his wife? Its a marriage cult, with the theology that women are the Christ not Christ. This is why although in Jesus’ parable of the foolish virgins or wdding party, the wedding party was waiting for the groom to arrive and rejoiced with music and such when he did. But in their weddings the man stands there an hour or two waiting for the bride to come in and everyone stands and worships her and music plays. See, the man is the savior financially of the wife as Christ is the savior of the church, which is why in Jesus’ society they waited for the man to show up, which is a picture of Jesus’ second coming. But they want to picture women as saving the man from masculinity by taming and cucking him, and thereby theologically they put forth the image of the church being the savior of Christ the filthy sinner whose sin was that he was against sin.

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  2. For most guys I know who did their best to keep a clean nose, many churches are the last stopping place for women that made mistakes in their lives, finally feeling sorry about it. Or they are feeling forgiven and think that they can find a man there.

    Most guys I know don’t bother with it or they are dragged into church. (I do know a few that are in it for good and in good standing, but they are a minority).

    I think that most guys that are interested in the religious experience are more “orthodox” than most religious offerings or at least that they feel “differently” than the effeminized church these days.

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