6 comments on “The Impact of Kevin Samuels – A Brief Tribute

  1. Yes.
    I agree that some stuff KS said was alright. He also mixed in a lot of error.

    Kevin Samuels needed to be balanced. Black women indeed should not be let off the hook. I can see how something happens one time and a black woman becomes a single mother, but for some reason, many mothers become a single mother over and over again.

    This needs to be addressed. And there are actually true man of God such as coach Rod and Tony Gaskins addressing these things in the right balanced way.

    It also needs to be addressed that the man equally helped create the baby and the men abandon. It is false that a woman will not be desired because she is a single mother. It depends on the man. So a sweeping generalization cannot be made.

    There are plenty of men who don’t want single mothers and plenty men who do date and marry single mothers.

    So using it as a manipulative and fear tactic to scare women about being single mothers is not good and they did not get themselves pregnant by themselves.

    At the same time, being realistic with women and telling them to be responsible and be accountable for their own behavior and the situations they get themselves into is a good thing.

    A lot of black men are just sowing wild oats and they look to promiscuity as a form of false glorification and false affirmation maybe even more so than other men, because they often do not succeed as well in the corporate world.

    In addition, rap/ hip-hop culture glorifies male promiscuity and demeans women. So the whole thing is messed up.

    Telling a woman she loses value after 30 or 35 is not of God. Telling a woman that she loses value for being a single mother is not of God. So this man was a mixture of things and one thing about the adversary is he will always mix error in with truth.

    That is how deceptive he is and that’s how he baits people in to a damaging message. Just because he states some truth, it doesn’t mean the whole thing is not tainted by error.

    It is quite unfortunate he passed away and I was shocked to hear it. I’m not celebrating and rejoicing in his death like some people are. However, this means he cannot produce new poison for the people. Any old poison and any truth he mixed in with it will still circulate. And there are other influencers like him.

    Surely, there has to be some other well-balanced people out there who tell the truth and hold both men and women accountable such as Tony Gaskins. Tony Gaskins is not favored by many of the black men because he tells the truth and holds men accountable as well as women.

    Kevin Samuel’s advice kind of feeds the flesh more while mixing SOME truth in, is my opinion. He encouraged men to weaponize their money through his message.

    He helped them to not focus on integrity, but to focus on their material possessions and money and think that they are entitled to sleep around because of it and think that they are entitled to get a pass on good character because of their money. This message was not of God and is very damaging.

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    • As I mentioned, I may not have agreed with everything Samuels said…but to say he was producing “poison” is a bit too far in my book. I disagreed with a lot of what you wrote in your comment, so much so that I’m tempted to write an essay about each point. It’s true that Kevin Samuels did belittle a lot of people about their life choices. But in my opinion…They needed that harsh criticism. Too many people in today’s culture sugar coat things, especially for women. They’re too concerned about hurting people’s feelings that the truth is watered down, when it should be hit hard. The person goes away thinking all is good when it’s not good. Being a single mother is not good. They NEED to hear that, not so they feel bad, but so they understand their situations because a lot of people are delusional. This leads to frustration because reality isn’t matching that delusion they have of themselves.

      And Samuels telling women they lose their value after 30…every time I’ve heard Samuels say that, it was in relations to their Sexual Marketplace Value. Meaning, her value in what men find attractive, such as a woman’s youth, beauty, and fertility. She’s still valuable in God’s eyes, but to us Men as wives…come on Petrina…honestly, it’s understandable why a lot of women would dislike the guy. But to guys like me, as I mentioned in my post…he was doing us a solid favor. So in short, I disagree with about 85% of your comment and really don’t appreciate it. Very ill-timed. It’d be like if some figure you appreciated just died, you wrote a tribute, and I took the time to list all the things I disliked about the person on your blog.


  2. Great points. So sorry to hear he died! Sure, he had his gaps, but on balance he did a great service to men AND women. I loved his line to one lady: “You’ve watched too many d*mn Disney movies!” Entertainment has absolutely distorted women’s expectations and desires and ruined many of them for life. Kevin gave them the tough love that their friends and family rarely did.

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  3. My feelings about Kevin Samuels are mixed. I believe he gave voice to a lot of uncomfortable truths about the state of things in the black community, and in particular among black women. A majority of seem to be in the “Yasss, Slay Queen, you are fabulous!” camp when in reality they are sitting in lives of rubble.

    Often Mr. Samuels gave out hard to swallow, but much needed medicine to black women. I find the fact that all the black media outlets resorted to name calling such as “misogyny!” and “grifter!” very telling as it exposes the fact that the black elite has sold out to the matriarchy. AL Sharpton is the biggest grifter in black recent history, and they continue to give him voice. Samuels is being treated harshly for saying the things that many men think but won’t say. Although I have to say, just about every black man I grew up around said many of the same things and it was regardedas common sense.

    That said, and I believe this about anyone, not just Kevin Samuels; when you preach a message you do not live, you open yourself up to be disqualified. That’s not me being a hater, that’s me quoting the Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 9, can’t recall the exact verse). If I have any issues with Mr. Samuels, it’s that he seems to have gone out doing the very thing he passionately preached that other men and women should not do.

    Nobody’s perfect, I guess? And I really don’t like it when people dance on the graves of those they disagree with, and black women (and quite a few black men) seem to be doing this on Twitter.


    • Actually…something you mentioned is perhaps one of the few things I didn’t like about Samuels. I don’t think I’m on board with the idea that being a hypocrite discredits the message. Ravi Zacharias immediately comes to mind for all the work he did in Christ’s name despite it posthumously coming out that he was an adulterer.

      In Samuels videos, one thing I disliked about him (aside from the pedestalizing of his version of what a high-value man is), is that he did seem to condone the hook-up culture. There’s one video where he interviewed a woman he called “Canada Dry” where he scolded her for wanting to wait until marriage to have sex even though she’s no longer a virgin.

      That’s why it bothered the crap out of me when he sometimes propped himself up to be a Christian with time spent in legit ministries. Because fornication and sexual immoralities are the wicked ways of the world, not Christ. And even IF a woman had sex before, if she chooses to repent and do things the right way from here on out, a Christian shouldn’t be like, “Nope. You already had sex. So you need to continue to put out.”

      So when I heard he died in circumstances that suspiciously sounds like he was either hooking up or engaging in a one-night stand…it wasn’t surprising to me, or a lot of his listeners.

      The man wasn’t without his flaws, for sure. But in this day in age…beggers can’t be choosers. I think there’s a lot of men who would like to be more open, honest, and vocal about what we want in a wife, and what we find attractive…but just can’t risk it. We needed someone and Samuels filled that role, despite his flaws.


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