3 comments on “Why I Vowed to Remain a Virgin Until Marriage (Age 35) – Confession

  1. I wish more people thought like you. The hook up society is very unappealing to me and so I have just been focusing on other parts of my life. I wish I knew better than getting sucked in to society’s beliefs when I was younger because it would have saved me and others a lot of heartache. Even now in my fifties I have friends that tell me I should get a friend with benefits. That just doesn’t feel right to me and I don’t understand how people can do it but to each their own I guess. I did go four and a half years celibate and then I met someone I really liked but it turned into a disaster not only because of sex, but that was what started the problem of a very toxic relationship. Kudos to you and I hope many people read this because maybe it will influence them.


  2. I’ve never understood why people should find someone’s virgin status shameful or shocking, even if they are well into their 30s. I was a virgin for a pretty long time, less for religious reasons and more because I hadn’t met the right person that I could really trust and I really didn’t feel comfortable or even want to have sex before that point. There were downsides to waiting so long (it gave me very unrealistic expectations), but I still feel like it was the right decision for me to wait, because I just never would have felt comfortable losing my virginity when I was younger.
    Dating is hard. It’s really hard to meet the right person. Good luck with it


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