4 comments on “The “Betrayal at Attica” Documentary – My Review of Evil

  1. Although society (including me) needs law-enforcers to protect the law-abiding and vulnerable people, I believe that to have a reasonable idea of how law-enforcers will behave, one must understand what underlying nature/desire motivated them to their profession to start with. Maybe many law enforcers target/acquire such authoritative fields of employment mainly for ‘power’ reasons, though perhaps subconsciously.

    Many, if not most, of us as children have fantasized about, and even planned for, a future as law enforcers in some form or another. But almost all of us, probably sooner than later, grew out of that dream, as it wasn’t reflective of our nature. Those who deliberately get into such professions of potential or actual physical authority might do some honest soul-searching as to truly why. (As an intensely focused/self-critical introvert, I know I definitely would.) Although that may sound cynical, I believe there is much truth to it. It must also be kept in mind that there are people who leave law-enforcement professions after witnessing serious misconduct within.


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