5 comments on “The Truth about Arrogant Christians – I May Be the Worst

      • Slow going here. Thanks for asking. Cancer is in remission, which is great, but the treatment has nuked a lot of my blood levels so I’m slowly recovering from that. And one side effect begets another — treatment resulted in a blood clot, and the medicine caused all sorts of depression and anxiety issues, which are unusual for me.


      • Damn, man. Well, I’m glad it’s in remission. If there’s anything I can do to cheer ya up, let me know. My mom had to have knee replacement surgery and she’s…it sounds like her complications are similar when it comes to the treatments and unstable blood pressure. Sounds like the doctors are experimenting with telling her when to get on or off her blood thinners, so…that’s kind of nerve racking. I plan to see her in August.


  1. (former) Small children are humble in the sense that they can accept that Isaiah 7 is really a prophecy of Christ and not overthink it. (latter) They are not humble in the sense of not being judgemental. Kids will walk up to a fat person and straight up say “Hey lady, did you know you’re fat?” So clearly when Jesus said be humble like a little child he had the former and NOT the latter in mind. I added former and latter markers for anyone with reading comprehension problems, and I say that totally humbly, just like a child would say it.


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