3 comments on “Top 10 Ways the Bible Changed My Life: #8. The Bible Changed My Priorities

  1. Thank-you. When I was trying to be published, one of the Big Five was interested in a book, but wanted me to make an impossible change. I knew that person simply wouldn’t act in that way.

    Now – free to publish online – on nobody else’s terms, , I’m writing about a character who gives everything away – and trying to make sure they stay believable..

    We just lost a holiday – UK new lockdown – and had a great idea for what to do with the refund.


  2. One Hollywood depiction of Christ (and his disciples, for the most part, including Mary Magdalene) that I really enjoyed watching is the 2018 film ‘Mary Magdalene’. Before watching it, I wrongly thought the producers couldn’t have resisted including a cheap shot (e.g. The Last Temptation of Christ) at the Jesus figure.

    The first scene with Jesus (well-played by Joaquin Phoenix) has him urging his will-be followers—and all of humanity, really—to let go of their physical world material ties, etcetera, with an emphatic voice and facial expression that authentically reveal the weight of the world on his shoulders.
    Mary Magdalene is also well-played, by Rooney Mara (Joaquin’s fiancé and mother of their infant son, River).


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