3 comments on “The Most Difficult Year of My Life – Writing “The Pierce Syndicate”

  1. That seems to be a common struggle for many of us. Even when I showered in compliments, I still doubt if my work is truly good enough. I hope you do eventually reach that point however where you stop caring about other’s opinions and put more focus into your craft. The beautiful thing about writing is that whether someone likes it or not, they have to take it for what it is because once it’s out there it’s out there. The book sounds pretty interesting–I may have to check it out. As I like to tell my fellow writers, “Keep writing–don’t you dare stop–and continue to do you.”


  2. Thanks Jssberry. I think I will come to a point when I stop caring. That day will come when I’m finally published with my books sitting on the shelves. At that point, all the doubt and skepticism from others (especially loved ones) will be trumped by what I see with my own eyes.


  3. Hello cuzzin. I can’t wait to read the finished product. Being a consumer, I have to take what I can get. I know that it takes much more for you to write it than it does for me to read it.

    You as an author, I pray that you find a balance between real life and book life. I want you to be happy in the moment and find joy everlasting.

    So…..where do I get my grubbies on this book!


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