4 comments on “Top 10 Ways the Bible Changed My Life: #2. The World Starts to Make Sense

  1. “More and more people are distancing themselves from Christian principles. Trusting more in the logic and wisdom of human beings, than God. They’re seeking the approval of humans, more than God. ”

    So which version of the Christian god do you follow? In that Christians can’t agree on what “Christian principles” are, why should we think that any of you have the right set?

    And here we go “In the end… I won’t say you’re no longer upset or angered by the injustices going in the world, but more so it’s easier for you to relax and let go of the injustices of the world. Explain what’s happening to others, sure, but deep down you take comfort in knowing everything is going according to God’s plan.”

    What kind of a god needs to kill children with cancer for its plan? You demonstrate a classic reason why people cling to religion: it means they can do nothing at all to actually help humans and declare that everyone deserves what they get.

    How petty and selfish. Indeed, what king or emperor would declare that it needs a blood sacrifice to make itself happy? Rather than forgiving Adam and Eve and starting again, we have a god that is nothing more than a vicious twit, just like most of the other gods invented by humans in the bronze/iron ages.


    • I respectfully disagree, but appreciate you reading. The idea that you think Christians need to agree, I think is in error. Romans Chapter 14 teaches us that we’ll be judged as individuals. God knows that we’re going to disagree on the interpretations of the scriptures, but he judges what’s in our hearts. Are we using the scriptures for selfish reasons, or out of genuine love and worship of Him?

      Your question about what kind of God needs to kill children…I’m a bit confused by that statement. Are you saying that you believe in God and think that he needs to kill children for his plan? Or are you a non-believer who assumes that Christians think God needs to kill children for his plan. Either way, I think the statement is all wrong. Christians believe that God does indeed create both the good days and the bad days (bad things and good things)…by that statement, what we’re saying is that we put trust in Him, that there’s probably a good reason why something’s happened, even if it isn’t explained to us humans.

      If I get hit by a drunk driver tomorrow, as horrible as that would be, trusting in God, my death could influence dozens, if not hundreds to look into the kind of person I was, leading them to this website and my love for God, and thus, inspired them to repent and become Christians themselves. We don’t know for sure. But we have faith and trust that God’s ways are just. Better than what we think is right or wrong.

      This is humility and meekness of heart. To know that we are just humans. He is God, who created heaven and earth. Where were we when he filled the oceans with water? Who do we think we are that we should demand answers from the living God. Already he’s provided a Bible with thousands of pages of explanations and answers and people can’t even be bothered to read that. I’m sorry but I think “petty and selfish” is pretty much what your comment amounts to. It’s okay that you don’t understand. I’d be just as frustrated and angry if I didn’t have the answer or if I didn’t believe either. But the Bible provides those answers.

      You mentioned “forgiving Adam and Even” and starting over again. How do you know Adam and Eve wouldn’t have children, and great-grandchildren…only for one of them to disobey and now we have a world where half of the population is full of descendant of sinners, and the other half is the descendant of a perfect population? What kind of world would that be? Already, we have people killing each other for being different and having different beliefs. Can you imagine how worse it would be if one sect of society was sinless and the other was full of sinners?

      And lastly, why did you comment? What were you hoping to accomplish? Was it just to vent, or something else? You don’t have to answer me, if you don’t want, but I encourage you to ask yourself. All I can do is point you in the right direction. Seek the answers. Question all day, sure. But seek the truth. That’s what I did. I read the entire Bible and I believe.


      • humans might be judged as individuals. The problem is when you all have different ideas of what morals your supposed unchanging god wants.

        your bible says that this god kills children. The bible says this god has a plan. So, if this god kills children, it is for its plan. You seem to be excusing your god, who can’t have a plan without causing harm. How does that work with being omnipotent and all-good. Or do you not think your god is all good or that it is not omnipotent?

        It seems you are willing to say that genocide is okay as long as your god does it. Is this the case? Then we have quite a subjective morality on your part.

        as for this god providing the bible, how does that work when Christians don’t agree on what it says e.g. how to interpret it? Each Christian claims an “answer” but those answers contradict the next Christian’s version. How does one tell who has the “true” version? I’ve read the entire bible, as a believer and as not so your attempt to falsely claim that the bible has “answers” and I dont’ know them is wrong.

        Your response to my point about Adam and Eve is curious. If Adam and Eve were allowed to konw how things work by this god and not kept in the dark about what good and evil were, the chance of their descendents doing something to offend this god would be quite lowered. But that isn’t the biggest problem with your claim. If one of A&E’s descendents did something wrong, then it would be only their problem, not the silliness of “original sin”. How you get from one descendant to half of the population is rather bizaare and this also implies your god can’t do anything about this one person, despite this god killing all sorts of people in the bible.

        Yep, we do indeed have a world where people do kill because of differing beliefs. how does that work with a god that supposedly wants everyone to come to it when it can’t make itself clear? Each religon already tries to claim that they are the saved ones aka sinless and everyone else is sinners. Alas, they can’t agree on waht this god considers a sin.

        I commented because I stand against theists making false claims that harm people. Your rather pathetic claim that you can happily ignore things is one of those harmful bits of nonsense. I also enjoyed where you want to pretend that Jesus Christ would be against social justice, because you are. So many Chrisitans certainly love to make up their god agreeing with what hates they personally have. Even if no one else reads this, you know that your claims aren’t accepted without question.

        I read the entire bible and know better than to believe its nonsense or any Christian who claims that their version is the only version.


      • That is interesting! I think it’s so cool that you read the entire Bible too. I have to ask, why did you read it? (honestly, I love these conversations) Because I’ve heard of people reading the Bible and yet, they don’t believe. I think it’s awesome that they’ve read it in the first place, but curious as to why they still don’t believe.

        So let’s break this down. 1. You say that the problem is we all have different ideas…how/why is that a problem? I think it would be a problem for children raised in a household with parents of differing ideas…which is why I’ve committed myself never to marry any woman who’s not a Christian. But for you and I, two strangers on the internet, why would it be a problem that we disagree considering my point about Romans 14?

        2. You say that God kills children, which scripture are you referring to exactly? I’m not denying what you’re saying. I’m just not sure what you’re talking about. There was the incident where forty-two boys were mauled by a bear in 2nd Kings. And I do know there are instances where God ordered the genocide of people like the Amalekites, (which there is a damn good reason for that) But perhaps if you told me specifically, I can give you better context.

        3. Right, so my point about Romans Chapter 14…it hits on your issue with Christians not agreeing. Because you make a good point. I grew up in a household where JW’s believed Jesus Christ died on a stake and not a cross. That differs from what other Christians believe. The beauty of Romans Chapter 14 and our loving God, is that he knows us as humans (a future essay will hit on this). Name one entity or organization on earth where everyone agrees on everything. I dare say, it’s impossible. But with Christians who know the true God, that’s alright. Knowing we’ll be judged on an individual level an not as a whole group, absolves one Christian from another bad Christian profaning the name of God and making all Christians look bad in the eyes of man.

        4. When it comes to telling who has the “true” version…I haven’t read all of the types of Bibles out there. But I have read the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (JW bible), and for the past 3 years, I’ve been reading the MacArthur Study Bible (English Standard version). I like the Study Bible because it provides in-depth context for each individual scripture, perfect for beginners. When it comes to picking which is the truth, you have to pray and humble your heart. If you’re a believer and earnestly seek the truth, God will see that and bless you with it. It’s all about your heart. Are you using the Bible to conform to your life, or are you conforming your life to Bible scriptures?

        5. The point about Adam and Eve, the Bible explains that the reason we have sin today, is because it was passed down to us by our parents. Our first parents were Adam and Eve. So if they didn’t sin, yet their grandchildren did, then by that logic, the sin those grandchildren brought into the world, would be passed down to their offsprings. That’s why Jesus Christ died for us. To atone for that sin. We still have it, but it has been forgiven, which is why we have the hope of life after death.

        6. The tone of your comment about Adam and Eve being kept in the dark is not good. It’s the opposite of humble and meek, and seems stereotypical of today’s entitled behavior. Who are we to think we deserve not to be kept in the dark about things? Recall God’s servant Job. He never learned why such hardships befell him. God never explained to Job the conversation God had with Satan. But he maintained the faith and still put his trust in God. His existence was a good example for us who might have all kinds of sufferings and losses in this world. No matter what, and regardless of our explanation or not, we still put trust and have faith. And we, here and now, have the luxury of those answers Job did not receive.

        7. The point about differing beliefs, I believe I explained in an aforementioned point. But just to add, it’s all about conviction. Being a Christian is a voluntary choice. I choose to believe and stake my life on the belief that God is real, the Bible is his word, and Jesus Christ died for our sins. There’s only one person I have to prove myself to and that’s God. Having a congregation or fellow Christians around you does help if you are confused or seek clarification. But at the end of the day, it’s the individual’s choice to believe.

        8. Your stand against theists making false claims that harm people…I can respect that to an extent. If you don’t believe the Bible, I can see how it might “seem” harmful. In an earlier essay (about tolerance), I wrote about having watched an interview between prominent Atheists. It was very enlightening. But I confess, I got a bit hot under the collar when one of them said that teaching children about Christianity was child abuse.

        Because while he may believe that it’s child abuse, I say that encouraging and condoning behavior that God explicitly disapproves of and will decrease their chances of everlasting life, that’s what’s really harmful.

        9. You’re being deceptive (lying) by asserting I think Jesus Christ would be against social justice or that I think it’s cool to happily ignore bad things. But that’s typical, to make arguments against points I did not say. For instance, I know I would never assert that my version was the only version. I’m against anyone who puts forth that false-dilemma fallacy.

        What I think is happening is you want me and other Christians to agree with your mindset about the world. Yes, you could say I’m trying to do the same thing…But I AM a Christian. Are you? Because you’ve already demonstrated a deeply disturbing trait, you seem to disagree with God, suggesting what you think God should have done better. My friend…that’s absurd. Being a Christian is about completing submitting yourself to the Word of God. When we question, it isn’t to interrogate God, but to understand him better, fully believing that no matter what he decided, it’s the right way.

        In the 1970s there was a man named Jim Jones who started out as a Christian preacher. But somewhere along the way, he felt he knew better than God, took up the Bible and told his congregation, “we don’t need this!” Before tossing it into the nave. This man led to the deaths of over 900. You want to talk about false claim, that was a false claim. Saying we don’t need God in our life, is a false claim.

        But enough about me. More about you. If you don’t believe in the Bible, or maybe you do and I’m just misinterpreting what you’re writing here, what do you believe in?


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