5 comments on “Honest Thoughts from a Single Christian Man in America

  1. Do you equate Jehovah’s Witnesses with orthodox (small O) Christianity? I only ask because everything I have ever been taught indicates that there are bedrock Biblical truths that JW reject outright, ergo JW are not Christians. I wasn’t sure listening to your video where you stood on that.


  2. Sorry if that was confusing. I tried to specify “small o” orthodox so that you wouldn’t get side tracked by the faith as espoused by the Orthodox Church.

    By orthodox I just mean the basic beliefs of Christians as held through the generations based on an agreement that the Scriptures are inerrant. In other words orthodox meaning, “conforming to what is generally or traditionally accepted as right or true; established and approved.”

    It would be if I asked you what is the most orthodox method for losing weight. You would say something along the lines of eat healthy, cut out junk, and engage in regular exercise. That is the most orthodox approach to weight loss.

    My understanding of the JW faith is that it rejects many of the most orthodox Christian teachings, such as Christ as fully God and fully man.


    • I think I gotcha. So, I’ll stay away from using the word orthodox since I don’t fully understand it. Instead, there is the notion of “Arianism,” if you’ve heard of that.

      Arian theology holds that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who was begotten by God the Father with the difference that the Son of God did not always exist but was begotten within time by God the Father, therefore Jesus was not co-eternal with God the Father.

      “Jehovah’s Witnesses differ from Arians by stating that the Son can fully know the Father. And by their denial of personality to the Holy Spirit. The original Arians also generally prayed directly to Jesus, whereas Jehovah’s Witnesses exclusively worship and pray to Jehovah God (God the Father) only through Jesus the son as a mediator.” – wikepedia

      Personally, I embarked on a two year journey to come up with my own conclusion. I wrote about it here – https://stageinthesky.com/2020/04/12/is-jesus-christ-really-god-himself-incarnate/


  3. Hey Rock, I’ll give you a thumbs up on the video. You covered a lot of territory but the biggest take-away is we know where your heart is.
    I have a couple of nieces your age (and I am not match making here as they have careers entrenched in Minnesota) who could almost echo you in their disappointment with looking for a Godley guy. One that can hold his own in easy conversation to Biblical lifestyle and the theology behind it in todays culture.

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