3 comments on “Respectfully Disagreeing with other Christians – Baptisms 

  1. I guess the thief on the cross didn’t stand a chance.
    Anyway…my 3 cents: You are right he is wrong. I have learned to keep my mouth shut and my composure (at least 50% of the time with some believers).

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  2. I grew up in a church that taught “if you’re not baptized you’re not saved.” And after many arguments with Baptists who argued that baptism is evil and if you do it you’re going to hell because its a work….I came to a different position, i.e. If you refuse baptism alll your life then you are a liar who doesn’t believe in Jesus and is going to hell. Because if you word it “if you’re not baptized you’re not saved” then inevitably the objection is “what about the thief on the cross?” Dude was on a cross, he couldn’t just have the Romans let him have a break to get baptized. But these ironically named “Baptists” who teach baptism is from the pits of hell and avoid it like the plague, they’re calling Jesus a liar their whole life, and teaching heresy, so they are certainly going to hell.


  3. You like opening cans of worms, don’t you? I have thoughts, lots of them, but I’m not willing to go there publicly, which says a lot coming from the likes of me, LOL!

    I admire your boldness to question and search the Scriptures for the truth. Great job, Rock.

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