6 comments on “Redemption: Why Should Millennials and Gen-Z Care about This?

  1. So many are stressed and pressed to get the latest and greatest, always looking for the next best thing, worried that they’re missing out. Working hard to get more, never satisfied which means they’re really happy. Even when they do succeed and accomplish what Society’s told them to do, that sensation is ephemeral. It doesn’t last long.

    Think about everyone who says they like to travel. You go to a place, like Mount Everest, you take your picture, and you come back home to your apartment in the states. Now what? Was it worth it? Why? The “experience”? Just to say you did it?

    Don’t get me wrong, if you like to travel, explore, and try new things…that’s great. What I’m addressing is my generations current obsession with all these things, as if that’s the main reason why we’re alive.

    Good observation. This is something a lot of young people are paralyzed by. It keeps them from accomplishing good, lasting things. Increasingly, older folks are succumbing to it as well.

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