4 comments on “Is “Self-Love” Really so Bad? – A Theocratic Essay

  1. “I never told anyone this, but one night that year, I went into a dark empty conference room and cried down on my knees. I prayed to God and told him everything. I was dealing with so much. Things I just couldn’t tell anyone else. I had reached a breaking point that night and instead of taking a route that would turn me into a statistic…I poured my heart out to my Heavenly Father.”

    Rock, that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing that and for another well-thought-out post.

    Just a tangent: Some people have a little too much self-love, if you know what I mean. But others can be too hard on themselves. When my 87 yr. old Mom was being hard on herself for some small thing, I texted her and said, “Please be more kind to my Mom.” I use the same type of line on my wife when she’s too hard on herself for something.

    Be blessed!

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