One comment on “Discovering the Sigma Male – We’re Not All Betas and Alphas

  1. I can totally relate to this because i existed in survival mode in early life my adopted narcisistic parent obsessed with “molding” me. My will was forcefully removed or manipulated in some less obvious way.initially i resisted but i was smart enough to stop resisting in order to survive and exist in the abusive environment in survival mode but maintained knowing deep down i preserve my authentic self to thy authentic self be true ( created by a loving God who experienced intense pain and shed blood on behalf of human beings includig me)
    part2 i left home but as an adult i had already been autoprogramed by the abusive authoritarian molder , i was the “molded”person so i gravitated to what i truly hated most ( people places cliques or cults who try to force others to be their creation even if it means misrepresenting the meaning of jesus)
    Part3 Today i am creating the life I love.
    How i reached part 3. To reach me authentic, i had experienced
    Suicidal ideation it became a constant companion. Beautiful, ultimately it liberated me from the mentally ill “molder” and moldees. Liberated me because similar to bullemics, suicide ideation was the only way i could break free from the forced enmeshment.the damage done to me was so severe that suicide was the only thing that gave me back my God given authentic self and will. It gave me my power back that had been stolen initially by the authorian narcisistic molder adoptive parent and then later by
    ( moldees, moldees are the type of people my molded self gravitated towards )I turned the corner and walked away from everyone and everything that resembles the molder and moldees . During the liberating process i received harsh cristicism and hate mostly from the devout conformist , robots and fanatics. Today? ultimately i am liberated and live by the code to thy authentic self be true. Suicide ideation is still my best friend due to its liberating power. The reason i like what you wrote is because you are expressing your autgenic self right where you are right now. I dont have life to waste associating with copies of copies. Furthermore a lot of people i know are not willing to go deep into authentic self soul so their is little if any interest. Their are many people i know who have no clue what i am talking about or are too unwilling to work on self and choose to exist as some copy of a copy or not even aware that they are still operating in a role forced on them many years ago.they still live by unspoken rules that were made up in a clique they were once a part of. For some they appear pained when speak about authentic self. The terms you used i am not familar with. My best intimate relationships were always about me and my girlfriend being open and honest to one another.flexible and playful.roles? We never forced each other or expected each other to be anything other then honest. Playful we never allowed ourselves to be rigid and stuck instead we could interchange. We each had unique could be vulnerable while the other the comforter, interchangable. I am comfortable because whenever i am in an environment whereby the intelligence level is predominantly lower nature i dont comprehend it in the literal sense simply because their is little to no depth. Superficial is a part of life but has verly little value other then entertainment. Its for no one else to define for another the value one places on varied things in life yet people do it all the time. To anyone i say.
    You be you.
    To anyone ” molder” type people i say stop killing children because you are an adult and can. You kill a child as illustrated in the movie prusuit of happyness when he tells his son ” dont let no one tell yoy cant do something just bexause THEY cant. In other words stop projecting your misery on others.


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