2 comments on “Big Bang vs. DBSK – Two of the Greatest Battle It Out

  1. I don’t know if getting into KPOP quite late is a blessing or a curse but I’m glad I haven’t discovered KPop yet during the time Bigbang and DBSK were being pitted against each other. I love both group and for me, they have different styles with totally different music. Although I have to admit that I’m more of a Bigbang fan, I have tremendous respect for DBSK, especially Yunho and Changmin, who managed to make TVXQ stay afloat despite three members leaving. Music wise, I prefer the songs of Bigbang but both groups’ charisma and stage presence are incomparable to other idol groups. Aside from Mirotic, I barely know any song of DBSK. But I tried to watch a performance of TVXQ’s The Chance of Love and I was completely blown away. Now, I know what they’re talking about. TVXQ deserves to be called legends, same with Bigbang, and I mean, the whole group, not just G-dragon. I’m okay with idols not being able to compose their own songs, because for me, their job is to perform so I won’t take song composition as an edge of Bigbang over DBSK/ TVXQ. For me, they are both legend and they both deserve to be called kings of Kpop. I haven’t seen any kpop groups, 2nd or 3rd gen. perform like them,( I love 2PM though :D) And it’s sad how new fans do not want to acknowledge their contribution to Kpop. You’re lucky you were able to see them at the peak of their career, even witnessing Bigbang’s debut. I hope we can see them again on stage someday. Maybe, it’s possible since G-dragon’s already released from his military training. And I just want to correct the people who were telling that Bigbang were not good looking enough. It actually depends on which type of guy attracts you, and I prefer Bigbang’s style over flower boys.


    • Nice! When I first got into Kpop…I saw it as a blessing. I think you will too, even if you didn’t see things happening in real time, the cool thing is you don’t have to wait for the latest release from your favorites. I’m a huge Big Bang fan, but number one in my heart are the predecessors of TVXQ, H.O.T. I have a chapter about them. I describe it as stumbling across buried treasure. Once you found a favorite like Big Bang or TVXQ, there’s literally so much more than just their latest stuff you can keep discovering. Thanks for the comment!

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