One comment on “Do Some Black People Fantasize About Slavery?

  1. Fantasise, no, but compelled by DNA results less than two and a half years ago to honour my unexpectedly close link to African Americans – and slavery.. Apart from people I knew already, one of my new closest links is an African American woman. Sharing a great-great grandfather means almost in living memory. Side by side, we prove how shallow racism is…

    Now I understand the intensity of my mother and grandfather’s anti-slavery, anti-racism position… My parents denied having any connection whatsoever with Ireland – raised when UK landlords could say ‘ No blacks, no Irish, no dogs. – and get away with it, They feared white English racism so much, they changed their last names, made up a new family ‘ story. – to protect us from anti Irish racism – and their Irish family included Jewish exiles…
    Slavery, feudalism ? On UK TV, several years ago, the late Terry Jones tried to explain that the life of a medieval peasant was;’ t all brutal oppression… True, they had to work for the lord of the manor – but more of the year was spent working for themselves. Rather like us – paying tax…


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